WebRTC Promises to Bring Major Changes to Web Google Apps, Hello Facebook Integration
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UC And Clouds Brings HP And Avaya Together

By Art Rosenberg
As we at UC Strategies have long been saying, UC is not just about person-to-person communications, but also about interactions between people and business processes. Now that those business process apps are becoming mobilized and rapidly moving into "clouds," UC-enabled communication applications are joining them there as well, in the form of UCaaS. This convergence was bound to affect the vendors who offered separate solutions for communications and business process applications and yesterday's partnership announcement by Avaya and HP is a first indication of major industry consolidation between communication and business application vendors.

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Simply, it is because WebRTC is going to be a major game-changer in how the World Wide Web and the Internet enable people to work and play. WebRTC is, at its core, putting a standard media engine into a browser or other elements of the client devices. It is an open framework that enables real-time communications (RTC) browser, including the fundamental components for delivering high-quality communications via the Web.

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