WebRTC Promises to Bring Major Changes to Web Google Apps, Hello Facebook Integration
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Are Browsers That Do Not Support WebRTC Holding Chrome Back?

By TMCnet Special Guest
Google appears to always be at the forefront of technology advancements and life changing concepts. WebRTC is also a revolutionary technology within the communications industry. The technology allows us to communicate from browser to browser-using video and audio for free. The technology is set to revolutionize not only the customers shopping experience but it also aids sales agents to upsell products.

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What is WebRTC? Why is there so much excitement about a technology and concept that did not exist a year ago? Why are so many leading technology companies and web gurus getting excited about WebRTC? Should you be paying attention to WebRTC?

Simply, it is because WebRTC is going to be a major game-changer in how the World Wide Web and the Internet enable people to work and play. WebRTC is, at its core, putting a standard media engine into a browser or other elements of the client devices. It is an open framework that enables real-time communications (RTC) browser, including the fundamental components for delivering high-quality communications via the Web.

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