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WebRTC, or Web real-time communications, is an exciting new technology. It allows users to make voice and video calls directly from their Web browsers without the need to download applications or plug-ins. The technology is poised to revolutionize the way we communicate with one another, and many companies are making exciting inroads and innovations in the space. Those companies came together this week in San Francisco, California for the WebRTC Conference and Expo, for keynote speeches, collaboration and communication. As a culmination of the event, award winners were announced in several categories.
Thursday morning, WebRTC Conference and Expo kicked off with a keynote presentation from Google Chrome. Hugh Finnan, director of Product Management, took the stage to discuss the latest trends in Internet, from app development to mobility.
Among the sessions at WebRTC Conference & Expo, held in San Francisco, was "Extending 4G Communications With WebRTC." Hosted by Anne Lee, CTO at Advanced Communications Solutions Innovations for Alcatel-Lucent, it delved into the advantages of 4G LTE and how WebRTC can assist it.
WebRTC is likely to change communication in many sectors - and healthcare is no exception.
While the ability to make voice and video calls from a Web browser has been around for some time, they haven't exactly revolutionized customer service. While users of Internet-based voice and video media are quite dedicated when it comes to peer-to-peer communications, the impetus simply hasn't been there for the online consumer, largely because using these technologies required them to download something to enable them to work. Most consumers find it simply not worth it when they can pick up the phone and call a company's call center.
The idea of video calling has been a popular one for some time and more recently we've had the opportunity to see it come to light. With Skype, iMessage, and FaceTime among just a few such applications that power video calling, a new one is making an appearance thanks to a strategic partnership between Voxeo Labs and Solaiemes inked just today. The best part about this collaborative effort is the offering will be available to current mobile subscribers and will let them use their current phone number and address book.
Web real-time communications is an exciting new technology that is poised to make voice and video calling easier than ever. It will allow users to make calls directly through their Web browsers, without the need of an application or plug-in. But the innovation does not stop there, as Plantronics recently made an announcement at the WebRTC Conference and Expo, telling the world that the technology had just become wearable.
Acme Packet today announced a huge step forward toward the full potential of WebRTC. The company became the first to successfully complete a demonstration of a WebRTC-enabled browser, calling a mobile network subscriber by way of a multivendor IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) network and a session border controller (SBC), which provided secure, seamless interoperability between both sides of the call.

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