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Technology improvements to enhance real-time communications are hot topics as of late, especially given the progress WebRTC has made in the market. The concept is getting significant attention in the development world and the media, especially given that Google Chrome now supports it, enabling the cloud-based browser to become a native and universal client to support real-time communications.
The clean integration of technologies always ensures better performance and user satisfaction, especially when it comes to communications. For WebRTC, the support of real-time communications, especially video, is a priority. With the latest advancements in this space, users are about to experience a whole new way to communicate across the miles.
For those who regularly conduct conference calls, WebRTC is especially exciting. Real-time communications over Web browsers makes life simpler, cheaper and more efficient. On the road to WebRTC, Voxeet provides a solution that comes close, for now. Voxeet is a provider of natural conferencing technology that offers high-definition audio, high speaker recognition and high mobility.
Real-time peer-to-peer communications is hardly new, so most people would imagine that there's little to get excited about when it comes to new developments in this area. They'd be wrong. The promise of an up-and-coming standard, WebRTC, is indeed worth getting excited about.

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