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Ericsson Labs has developed several WebRTC solutions that provide communications and file sharing in browser-to-browser applications without requiring plug-ins. It recently released a WebRTC development platform that allows any device with Web capabilities to become a communications device accessible by a mobile phone number.
For those who needed a little more convincing that Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) was a concept rapidly gaining ground, prepare to get that little extra shot of evidence in the form of Saypage, a service set to launch tomorrow, January 29. When it does, it's going to provide a whole new way to carry out meetings, and it's going to be powered, in part, by WebRTC.
The free, open project, WebRTC, continues to gain support and following from different industry verticals. WebRTC may very well be the future of Real-Time Communication (RTC) due to its powerful capabilities of making Web-to-Web and Web-to-phone calls. By releasing the open source code to the world, Google is hoping to see more tools being developed around the technology. Voxeo Labs, the creator of Phono, is certainly one of these companies.
With constant movement going on in the Web-based real-time communications (WebRTC) market, it leaves a lot of room open for potential competitors to enter the field and show off just what they can do. The folks at AddLive are looking to not only provide a powerful new solution, but also throw in a little extra information about the idea of WebRTC as a whole, and what forces are impacting this constantly changing market.

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