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October 22, 2012

OpenClove Adds Support for WebRTC to OVX

Provider of cloud mobile and video solutions, OpenClove, has added support for WebRTC to its OpenClove Video Exchange (OVX), a cloud-based Media Resource Function (MRF) that provides real-time audio and video mixing and processing. Combining OVX's native capabilities with that of WeRTC will enable practically any application to embed a multiparty video in Web services and mobile apps across any device or network.

“WebRTC accelerates our vision to embed communications within any web and mobile application," said OpenClove CEO, Pulin Patel. "OVX makes WebRTC practical and powerful by bringing together the benefits of telecom, cloud and Web technologies for any embedded communication use cases. OVX supports multiple audio and video codecs in a single video session, such as VP8 for WebRTC and H.264 for IMS, to assure seamless delivery of real-time communications across heterogeneous clients.”

Video communications is an area that has received much attention as it is suitable for enterprise application providers looking to increase social engagement within their user communities as well as for social networks, gaming, retail and infotainment app providers. WebRTC creates a "zero-touch" environment of sorts to enable this as it eliminates the need for end-user software for both voice and video.

However, in terms of multiparty communications with peer-to-peer networks, the WebRTC project could use a little help — this is where OVX steps in. OVX addresses technical deficiencies with multiparty communications, while also moving complex operations such as managing video mixing, transcoding and layering to the cloud. Meanwhile, dynamic compression technology allows high quality video to be transmitted at little bandwidth cost — a primary consideration for mobile apps.

WebRTC is a free, open project which aims to provide Web browsers with real-time communications capabilities with Javascript application programming interfaces (APIs).

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Edited by Brooke Neuman


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