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November 08, 2012

Bistri Joins the Ranks of the W3C

Recently, Bistri announced that it officially became a member of W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium. Bistri's membership in the Consortium allows it to bring its own specific brand of solutions into play, all working toward developing the central standards espoused by the W3C.

Bistri's membership in the W3C is specifically geared toward not only the support of open Web standards, but also to join in the work currently being done by the Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC) Working Group. Bistri makes plenty of sense to add on to this particular working group, as it has been pushing for a service that could be run as easily as clicking a link--without the need to roll over a variety of codecs and the like in the process, or install software outright--and it’s made quite a bit of progress in that direction.

In June of 2012, Bistri launched a service that allows for p2p video calling from a production platform, making it one of the first to do so and giving them a lot of credibility as far as WebRTC goes. In fact, running Bistri requires them to have experts in not only WebRTC, but also in a variety of other valuable fields to the W3C like JS, WebGL, WebSQL and XMPP, among others. Since Bistri also has a user base of more than 225,000 around the world, it further establishes its credibility in the field. After all, would it have nearly a quarter-million users if its service was buggy and useless?

Image via Calrec

Bistri sent both Aurelien Hiron and its CTO, Emmanuel Venisse, to join in as active members of the W3C and begin contributing to its working group. With those behind a service like Bistri, which goes such a long way in providing some of the things that the WebRTC working group was looking to accomplish, should be a big help. In general, it's axiomatic that many hands make light work, and when those hands are as experienced as Bistri's are, the chances for significant breakthrough increase to match.

Just what will ultimately come out of the W3C's WebRTC Working Group remains to be seen, but chances are, with Bistri on its side, what it would have found will be found much sooner, and maybe even better-refined, than it would have found without Bistri.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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