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November 27, 2012

Bistri Unveils New Sharing Capability, Participates in WebRTC Conference & Expo

As a Gold Sponsor of the WebRTC Conference and Expo currently underway and wrapping up on November 29 in San Francisco, Calif., Bistri knew that its attendance was needed at this not-to-miss event due to the fact that WebRTC is guaranteed to completely revolutionize current communications environments. By giving users capabilities at their fingertips that they never imagined, the expo was designed to highlight an array of technical obstacles WebRTC must work in conjunction with such as regulations, security and SIP integration, as well as the business applications it will be alter.

Founded in 2010, Bistri is a “dynamic” startup that was founded by Arnaud Budkiewicz who holds both the co-founder and CEO positions and Emmanuel Venisse, who also wears dual hats in the roles of co-founder and CTO. The company differs from others currently in the space as it enables users to seamlessly integrate both social media and instant messaging services found on platforms including Facebook, MSN, Gtalk and Yahoo Messenger, thus changing the communication landscape moving forward. It also powers video chats that come complete with great effects that can then be shared via social media. One of the most unique elements of this product is that because Bistri runs in your browser, you aren’t required to install any additional software or even a plugin.

According to Pauline S., “Bistri is intuitive, fast and reliable. It works even with low connection speed. We also like to have fun with the different video effects.”

The application is available for both iOS and Android and its newest feature, coined the Gallery, allows you to share any type of file up to 100 MB, no matter if it is an image, video or music with more than one contact simultaneously. The company’s website adds, “From now on, you can visualize all the files shared with your contacts in a gallery of media. The gallery is showing you all the files you sent or received via Bistri.”

If you are looking for a really easy way to keep all of your beloved files organized in just one place, turn to Bistri for its growing portfolio of next generation mobile apps.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli


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