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January 23, 2013

UberConference Integrates Box and Evernote

UberConference got ubercharged, thanks to its new document and file sharing features. Due to UberConference’s integrations with Box and Evernote, anyone can link their accounts on each to share several files and notes, which they can switch between viewing easily.

Box and Evernote are excellent tools for sharing files and business documents, or collaborate on personal and business notes, respectively. By integrating them with UberConference, users can access their accounts in either through embedded widgets and smart controls, while the Evernote Related Note functionality automatically finds notes that might be needed.

Every participant gets a unique view that they can control, allowing them to view different content at their leisure. The person sharing the files and documents can refresh or delete them at will, but links to all the documents and files are included in a summary of the call, so they can be accessed afterwards when necessary.

"UberConference integration with Box and Evernote makes conference calls much more productive while delivering an elegant and easy-to-use experience," says Craig Walker, CEO and co-founder of Firespotter Labs, which created UberConference. "We are committed to building great product experiences and are thrilled to work with two such industry-leading companies who share our passion for creating amazing products."

UberConference, mind you, is one of the earliest adopters of WebRTC technology. With it, you can create conferences directly through Google Chrome. It allows users to conference with anyone, anywhere directly through their browsers, thanks to WebRTC. With the addition of the Box and Evernote integrations, the conferences become even more convenient, and allow more sharing and better presentations than ever before.


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