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January 30, 2013

Programmable Web Adds to its API Directory with AddLive WebRTC API, 10 Others

Programmable Web today added a total of 11 new APIs to its API directory. The functions of these APIs are pretty varied, including a shipment tracking notification service, a document converting service, a big data analysis platform, an online game-based advertising service and WebRTC video and audio services.

The WebRTC API, called AddLive, is a service designed to supplement and extend vanilla WebRTC, enabling support for browsers that don't currently support the real-time communications standard. It also provides WebRTC support for native applications, multiparty conferencing, screen sharing and more.

Based on JavaScript, the AddLive API offers an easy way for developers to include live video and audio features in an application.

AddLive helps to extend the capabilities of WebRTC, providing the infrastructure necessary for multiparty conferencing, connection establishment and firewall traversal. Furthermore, the API is reliable, scalable and high performance as it is located in different geographies around the world.

As for the other APIs uploaded today, MediaSpike enables brands to place relevant targeted ads in any social or mobile game, while the OpenMedia.io API is an entertainment content service that provides access to movies, TV shows and Podcasts by way of webhooks.

Meanwhile, the Signature.io API is an online digital signing platform that enables the digital signing and storage of documents and PDFs.

In other recent WebRTC news, RCR Wireless recently named the standard among its list of seven mobile trends for 2013. The site stated that WebRTC, along with other browser-based communication technologies, will start seeing deployment "in a meaningful manner" before the end of the year.

Still, RCR went on to detail challenges for the technology, citing security threats and the need for interoperability with current technologies including SIP clouds and PSTN for voice and multimedia communications.

Considering the strides being made by companies such as Ericsson to make WebRTC achieve broader use, it's hard to see much slowing it down.

Edited by Braden Becker


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