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January 30, 2013

Vidtel Embraces WebRTC

Vidtel has learned the benefits of WebRTC, and has added native support to its MeetMe and Gateway cloud services. Thanks to this, users can access cloud or premise-based video conferences from a Web browser with no fuss or trouble.

Vidtel MeetMe is a any-to-any video conferencing service, based in the cloud. With it, users can collaborate across any endpoints, using Google Talk or Skype, or on WebRTC-powered browsers.

As for the Vidtel Gateway, it does the same for existing video conferencing bridges. The Gateway expands ones bridge, allowing attendees from other SIP or H.323 devices to contribute, as well as users using any of the aforementioned programs or browsers.

"We're thrilled to announce the public availability of WebRTC with our MeetMe and Gateway services," says Alex Doyle, Vidtel’s VP of Marketing.

"With Vidtel's WebRTC support, attendees will be able to join video conferences as easily as visiting a web site, with no bulky downloads or plugins, and Vidtel partners can build compelling new video applications rapidly. We expect WebRTC to stimulate innovation, accelerate the adoption of video conferencing, and to expand video conferencing to entirely new markets."

With the addition of WebRTC, the Vidtel MeetMe and Gateway are now capable of providing better video conferencing services to even more people across a variety of endpoints. It’s a great touch that’ll make the services even better, and provide more connectivity to everyone.

Vidtel’s CEO, Scott Wharton, will be speaking at ITEXPO Miami. Stop by his panels, “The Future of Desktop Communications and Collaboration” and “Why Enterprise Video Will Explode in 2013” to learn more about WebRTC and where the industry is headed.

Edited by Brooke Neuman


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