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April 04, 2013

WebRTC Continues to Evolve, Change the Face of Communications

A Web initiative supported by popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, WebRTC (Real-Time Communications) allows users to utilize their browsers to talk, text or chat or even video conference.

According to WebRTC.org, WebRTC is an open framework for the Web that enables real-time communications in the browser. It includes the fundamental building blocks for high-quality communications on the Internet, such as network, audio and video components used in voice and video chat applications.

Why is this groundbreaking technology needed and becoming one of the fastest growing technologies today? First, WebRTC heightens customer Web engagement by opening the door to pop-up chat windows. Imagine not having to use the phone and press prompts to call a customer support center; a user can simply have a conversation immediately. No more annoying wait.

Further, the evolution of WebRTC can allow a conversation with a colleague or coworker to take place by just looking at your computer through the WebRTC technology, yielding higher worker efficiency.

While WebRTC continues to evolve, becoming a technology that holds great promise since its implementation in 2011, there are still challenges. At one of TMCNet’s latest WebRTC conferences, a panel articulated WebRTC’s goals and its trajectory to become the “crème de la crème” in user’s voice and video chat, but there have some disappointing results.

The various browser implementations of the current WebRTC specifications are the first go-around, with some of the implementations not even complete. For instance, Opera 12 currently only supports the UserMedia WebRTC API, leaving out two other important APIs – RTCPeerConnection, which enables peer-to-peer voice and video calls; and RTCDataChannel, which enables peer-to-peer data transfer.

Hungry to learn more about this cutting edge technology? In a few short months, WebRTC Conference and Expo will head to Georgia and allow companies, Web application providers and developers to learn more about this new wave of voice/talk technology, and how it will change the landscape of communications.

WebRTC Conference and Expo will chart your course with the technology from its economic impact to institutional changes it will make to businesses.

Edited by Braden Becker


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