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November 18, 2013

NewVoiceMedia Partners with Twilio to Modernize Contact Centers Solutions, Deployment Strategies

More and more customer service centers are leveraging on cloud technology to provide their clients with timely, efficient and cost-effective service. Cloud customer service solutions, in general, offer a variety of services for a monthly fee including easy scalability and system management, 24x7 support and training.

NewVoiceMedia is a U.K. vendor that provides contact center technology through the cloud. The company is currently providing the ContactWorld solution that works well with clients’ existing infrastructures. In fact, it is able to route calls through the existing phone lines of a business; in addition, it can provide a wealth of information on the caller on the agents’ computer screen.

In order to improve services to customers and modernize its offer, NewVoiceMedia (which has the goal of strengthening its position in North America as a leading cloud contact center vendor) has partnered with Twilio, a cloud communications provider based in San Francisco, Calif. This company provides the technology necessary to embed in Web, desktop and mobile software, all phones, VoIP, and messages for companies. Twilio will provide a modern cloud communication platform to NewVoiceMedia that will use it to create a better customer experience and to improve usability of their solutions for contact centers.

The partnership will commence on Nov. 20 and the companies are planning a world record challenge to celebrate the event and focus potential customers’ attention on the efficacy of the services they can provide. In fact, the two businesses will try to build a contact center in less than 30 minutes! This will include building the technical infrastructure, the intelligent call routing and all is necessary for the contact center to function in real life.

The challenge, which is scheduled for Nov. 20 in Twilio’s San Francisco offices, will show how quickly NewVoiceMedia will be able to deploy services to their clients. The company will showcase how it can integrate with clients’ infrastructure quickly and in a painless way. Its ContactWorld solution works perfectly with Twilio’s platform and the provider hopes to be able to strengthen its presence in North America with a system that is more flexible and reliable.

In fact, the company is already growing at twice the normal rate of growth of the contact center market and has been already conquering a share of the North American market thanks to $35 million in funding by Bessemer Venture Partners. It also serves agents in 40 countries throughout the five continents and serves clients like DHL, Parcelforce and Topcon Positioning Systems.

Bobby Napiltonia, chief revenue officer for Twilio, believes that through this partnership, NewVoiceMedia “is in the process of disrupting one of the biggest technology markets in the world” and is looking forward to support the effort. Jonathan Gale, CEO of NewVoiceMedia, is also excited about the partnership with Twilio that, he believes, is in line with the company’s goal to be “continually tapping into major technological developments to ensure every customer interaction is a great experience.”


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Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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