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May 28, 2014

WebRTC: Breathing New Life into Legacy Solutions

By TMCnet Special Guest
, Rick McFarland, CEO, Voice4Net

Many developers have looked at WebRTC as a simple video collaboration tool or a peer-to-peer function.  After all, that’s how companies like Google originally designed it. But frankly, there are thousands of collaboration tools out there.  Collaboration only skims the surface of what integrators can do with WebRTC—and how resellers can profit from this new technology.

Product development should focus more on the unique elements of WebRTC. This technology allows dealers to offer solutions with a rich, Web-based interface and a multitude of customized, specific features. Yet integration is so streamlined and scalable, these new business applications can be laid right down on top of existing solutions.

The profit for dealers and resellers comes when the functionality of WebRTC is leveraged not as a collaboration tool, but as a business application.  There are so many superb development tools available in a Web environment, and they are much easier and less expensive to maintain and deploy than in a standard operating system environment.  A browser-based client can deliver robust user experiences to business owners, without requiring them to completely revamp their systems and abandon their current technology investments

This approach gives dealers a terrific new reason to go back to their customers. Any provider can now walk into a customer—in any specific market segment—and offer a customized solution that serves their particular needs.   That dealer can then say that they have all the customization and state-of-the-art features that business needs to increase productivity.  It can fit right into the existing platform, and communicates with all backoffice applications, like CTI functions, soft phone functionality, and unified communications services.  As a result, businesses can take advantage of the latest and greatest software capabilities without a major upgrade. They can have it all.

That’s a hard offer to refuse.  It means resellers and dealers can start making money immediately on WebRTC—not in some theoretical way, or ten years in the future when end-users are ready to overhaul their age-old networks, but right now. The framework exists now to make these kind of solutions a reality.  It’s up to the dealer to get out there and make the sale.  



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