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Mae Kowalke is a TMCnet contributor. She is Manager of Stories at Neundorfer, Inc., a cleantech company in Northeast Ohio. Mae has more than 10 years experience in journalism, marketing and communications, and has a passion for new tech gadgets. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Thomas Edison State College.


Latest Articles

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12/27/2013 PubNub Powers Real-time
12/27/2013 Bistri Makes Video Conferencing as Easy as Sharing a URL
12/24/2013 vLine Enables Easy, Seamless Video Communication Over a Browser
12/24/2013 OnePgr Simplifies Collaboration, Data Collection
12/23/2013 Vidyo Delivers on the Promise of Easy Video
12/02/2013 Developers Hope VP8 Will Soon Be Mandatory for WebRTC Clients
11/18/2013 VP9 and Other Innovations Help WebRTC Reach Its Promise
11/18/2013 WebRTC is the Future, But For Now it Needs an App
11/15/2013 Don't Worry; Apple Will Soon Support WebRTC
11/15/2013 Don't Worry -- Apple Will Soon Support WebRTC
10/21/2013 WebRTC Could Make Video Conferencing Ubiquitous
06/13/2013 WebRTC is Here and the Future is Now
06/13/2013 WebRTC Does Change Everything
04/29/2013 Will Google Voice Die?
01/15/2013 WebRTC One of Top Mobile Trends in 2013, Analysts Predict
10/30/2012 WebRTC Delivers on the Dream of Plugin-Free Video Chat


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