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Paula Bernier is Executive Editor at TMC where she writes, edits and manages editorial content for INTERNET TELEPHONY, CUSTOMER and IoT Evolution magazine. She's also a regular contributor to TMCnet. Bernier was formerly editor in chief of xchange magazine, where she worked for more than 11 years. She’s also acted as a senior writer for Inter@ctive Week. Bernier got her start in telecom at Telephony magazine, where she spent nearly five years, leaving as the news director. Bernier also has been on the reporting staffs of various mainstream daily and weekly newspapers in Iowa, Minnesota and South Carolina.

Latest Articles

03/12/2018 Wildix Delivers Huddle Room, WebRTC Solutions
06/13/2017 CitrusTel Solution Demonstrates the Power of WebRTC
05/10/2017 How WebRTC Has Moved Forward
04/26/2017 WebRTC Powers Even the Most Stringent Applications
04/25/2017 New Version of Edge Supports WebRTC
01/13/2017 Ingate President Says SIP, WebRTC Are Hot Trends for 2017
10/25/2016 GENBAND, IBM Integrate UC&C Solutions
10/04/2016 Intelecom Leverages GENBAND WebRTC Gateway for Real-Time Communications
09/28/2016 Flowroute Co-founder Explains How APIs Are Impacting Telecom
08/29/2016 GENBAND, Exact Ventures Address V-Squared Mobile Carrier Challenge
08/15/2016 Primo Connect App Sees 1M Downloads Before Commercial Launch
08/08/2016 GENBAND Offers Mobile Carriers Guidance on Virtualization, VoLTE
08/04/2016 Enghouse, GENBAND Align for Omnichannel Contact Center Solution
07/27/2016 CafeX CMO Explains the Value of Real-Time Web Solutions
07/25/2016 Dialogic Talks Real-Time Communications in Action
07/20/2016 Voice4Net: 2017 Could See Real-Time Applications Tipping Point
07/20/2016 Frozen Mountain's Venema Emphasizes the Importance of Compatibility
07/20/2016 Temasys Offers Insight on Real-Time Web Solutions
07/08/2016 Temasys to Play Central Role at All About the API, Real Time Web Solutions Events
06/30/2016 CEO Explains Why Kandy is Better Than Twilio
05/10/2016 Telinta Rolls Out White-Label WebRTC Solution
05/09/2016 Parker's Airtime Aims to Improve with Help from vLine Acquisition
04/11/2016 HR VP Discusses GENBAND's Culture of Connectedness
04/08/2016 New Report Examines OTT Messaging Plays
03/10/2016 Simplification, Savings at the Core of Marcatel Choosing GENBAND, NetNumber
03/08/2016 Braidio Picks GENBAND Kandy to Bring Real-Time Communications to HR Platform
02/18/2016 Voxvalley Helps Businesses Address the Mobile Trend
01/26/2016 Delivers All Companies Need to Support Developers, Partners
12/18/2015 Duman of eZuce Predicts What's Next for UC
12/14/2015 Avotus CEO Discusses UC, Company Advancements & His Dream Business Scenario
11/25/2015 Fring Alliance Leader Revisits Istanbul Event, Explains What's Next
11/24/2015 GENBAND's Bhatia Offers Carrier Networks Virtualization Conference Preview
11/17/2015 KANDY Director Offers Update on the PaaS
11/12/2015 GENBAND Focuses on Making UC Even More Profitable for Service Providers
11/02/2015 Voice4Net Discusses 'The Flexibility Factor'
10/20/2015 Studies Offer Conflicting Views of near-Term Potential for the Smart Home
09/25/2015 WebRTC: It's Good for Customer Service
09/24/2015 APIs and Open Source are the New Direction for Communications
09/14/2015 Industry Giants Align to Create a Video Compression Alternative to HEVC
08/31/2015 ADTRAN Embraces APIs
08/13/2015 GENBAND, Wind River Demo Integrated vSBC, NFV Server Solution
07/18/2015 Transforming Network Infrastructure: No Limits Software, Oracle, Sphere 3D
06/22/2015 Quobis CEO Offers Update on WebRTC SIPPO Solution, Its Work with GENBAND
06/09/2015 Masergy Deploys GENBAND's Kandy
06/01/2015 How CSPs Can Address OTT Demand from Immigrants, Other Users
05/27/2015 NetNumber Tells Its Single-Platform Signaling Story at Perspectives15
05/22/2015 NetFortris Leverages GENBAND Smart Office Suite
05/15/2015 Women in the Channel Leader Garners American Business Awards Designation
05/05/2015 GENBAND, HP to Jointly Demo NFV Solutions
04/29/2015 Communications Industry Readies for Another Perspectives Event
04/29/2015 Cloud UC Offers a Bevy of Benefits Over Premises-Based Options
04/10/2015 How Net Neutrality Could Impact Real-Time Communications, and What We Can Do to Protect Them
04/08/2015 How NFV is Impacting Real Time Communications
03/31/2015 WebRTC Gets Another Important Convert: Facebook
03/30/2015 Acision Offers Up WebRTC-enabled SDK at Orlando Hackathon
03/26/2015 How IoT and WebRTC Can Change the World
03/18/2015 UK's iHub to Sell GENBAND's Nuvia
03/17/2015 Enterprise Communications Trends, Challenges, and Solutions
02/06/2015 Voneto Talks About Open Source Communications, WebRTC at ITEXPO Miami
02/03/2015 How the Consumerization of IT, Evolution of Real-Time Communications and the Rise of IoT Are Changing Business
02/03/2015 How Real Time Communications is Making Farming & Food Distribution More Efficient
01/28/2015 Allahwala at ITEXPO: Carriers Are Leaving Money on the Table
01/20/2015 Bringing An Expert Eye to Your WebRTC Implementation
01/15/2015 Real Time Communications Gets into the Mix
01/07/2015 WebRTC Speaks to a Wide Range of Enterprise Applications
12/23/2014 GENBAND Helps Carriers Walk the OTT Walk with fring, Kandy
12/22/2014 BELIEVE: How RTC Could Make Our Holiday Wishes Come True
12/08/2014 GENBAND Extends NFV Activities with Membership in ALU Ecosystem
11/20/2014 HP: Partnerships Are Key to Support Telcos in their Move to NFV
11/18/2014 Aspect Accepts Early Adopters for WebRTC-based Platform
11/07/2014 Students Participate in HackNJIT to Develop & Innovate
11/05/2014 GENBAND's Kandy Helps Clients More Effectively Engage with Customers
10/29/2014 What's Now and What's Next in Enterprise Communications
10/29/2014 Voice4Net Launches WebRTC-based RTC Client
10/28/2014 Unify This Month Delivers Cloud-based Workspace Solution
10/22/2014 The Future of Mobile Multimedia Sales Assistants
10/21/2014 SpeechTrans Expands Translation, Transcription, Seeks Investors
10/17/2014 Sustainable Development & Network Transformation - Greening the Infrastructure
10/17/2014 Internet of Things is 'Caliente'
10/15/2014 GENBAND Joins HP's NFV Ecosystem
10/03/2014 Why NFV Matters in the New App-Happy Economy
10/01/2014 End-to-End Solutions, Process Development Will Help Propel NFV Further Forward
09/25/2014 Ray Ozzie Intros App to Unleash the Power of Voice, Better Collaboration
09/25/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Blackboard Buys Requestec
09/19/2014 WebRTC-Enabled Video Could Deliver Big Payoff for Contact Centers
09/18/2014 WebRTC-Enabled Video Could Deliver Big Payoff for Contact Centers
09/18/2014 Building Contextual Communications into Applications, IoT, and Workflows to Add Value: Changing the Real Time Communications Game
09/17/2014 Building Brand and Customer Loyalty with Rich, Contextual Communications
09/16/2014 GENBAND Takes the Wraps off Kandy
09/10/2014 Acision Helps Enterprises Embrace New Business Realities with the Mobile Gameplan
09/09/2014 Mobile Network Challenges & Solutions - How Mobile Service Providers Can Thrive as Demand Soars
09/05/2014 Real Time Communications Benefitting Higher Education and Recruitment
09/03/2014 GENBAND Aims to Simplify Mobile & Real-Time Communications
08/26/2014 The Mobile OTT Threat & How Some Carriers Are Responding
08/22/2014 ORTC Signals Microsoft's Embrace of WebRTC
08/05/2014 WebRTC: The Next Big Thing in Unified Communications
08/01/2014 Attack of the Grids
07/30/2014 UC Cloud Shoppers Should Weigh Multi-Instance Against Multi-Tenant Approaches
07/29/2014 SDN, SESSION GRID Simplify Communications in an Increasingly Complex World
07/21/2014 SPS Helps Businesses Benefit from the Best of UC, Real Time Communications


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