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Ed Silverstein is an award-winning reporter and editor, who has written for newspapers, national business magazines and online news sites. He has covered technology, business, legal issues, national politics and several other topics. He received a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard.


Latest Articles

11/17/2014 What Does WebRTC Mean to Business? WebRTC Evangelist from GENBAND Will Tell All
09/22/2014 Truphone Makes it Easier to Call Globally
09/05/2014 CafeX Looks to the Future with Innovative Solutions
08/16/2014 WebRTC Solutions Week in Review
08/04/2014 Videotion Demonstrates How Conversation Can Take Place with Many Options
08/01/2014 Priologic, Pioneer in WebRTC, Offers New Products
08/01/2014 Vidyo Teleconferencing Includes WebRTC Option
08/01/2014 Weemo Allows for Easy, Quick Addition of Real-Time Video
08/01/2014 WebRTC Improves Patient Healthcare as Seen in Demo
07/21/2014 Consumers, Business Customers Say 'Wow' Over Wow!
07/18/2014 Videotion Provides a Lively Conversation with Real-Time Communications
07/18/2014 Voxbone WebRTC Option Now in Beta Version
07/18/2014 Verint Customers Find Out What Their Customers are Saying on the Web
06/03/2014 AT&T Uses Real Time Tech to Track Luggage
05/30/2014 Larger Businesses Take Advantage of UC Federation
05/30/2014 Twitter Partners with Billboard to Offer Real Time Music Statistics
04/11/2014 Tuenti VoIP Service Now Compatible with Web
03/25/2014 2014 is the Year of WebRTC for Contact Centers
03/06/2014 Ecrio Demonstrates Nimbus, Cloud-based Solution for VoLTE, RCS
01/24/2014 Video Conferencing, Video Chat Services Create Demand for WebRTC
12/24/2013 IOCOM Visimeet Video Conferencing Software Offers Integration into Third-party Applications
12/18/2013 Dialogic PowerMedia XMS Media Server Has Many Conferencing, Contact Center Uses
12/13/2013 Firefox Gets Support for Google's VP9
11/14/2013 WebRTC Promises to be 'Dominant Technology' for Real-Time Voice, Video: Radisys
11/14/2013 OnePgr Provides WebRTC-Based Video Conferencing
11/13/2013 OnePgr Provides WebRTC-Based Video Conferencing
11/02/2013 WebRTC World Week in Review
10/31/2013 Mozilla Adds H.264 to Firefox as Cisco Moves to Make it Default Codec for WebRTC
10/17/2013 WebRTC Developers Use Select Tools as API Moves Forward
10/16/2013 Telecommuters Now May Use a Robot to Meet with Colleagues in the Office
06/20/2013 Teledini WebRTC Solution Provides Instant, Valuable Online Interaction between Visitors and Businesses
05/16/2013 Hookflash Ports WebRTC Libraries to BlackBerry 10
03/26/2013 Conversat.io Makes it Easier to Use WebRTC
02/21/2013 Web Design is Improved through Responsive Typography, Many Compromises
02/04/2013 WebRTC Continues to Offer Enterprises, SMBs Major Changes in Communications
01/22/2013 Jive Software Provides New Opportunities for WebRTC Market
12/18/2012 WebRTC Expected to Greatly Improve Social Apps
12/11/2012 Yahoo Acquires Startup OnTheAir
11/28/2012 Savings Predicted in Healthcare by Switching to WebRTC
11/08/2012 WebRTC Now in Firefox Nightly and Firefox Aurora
09/14/2012 Carriers May Find New Opportunities with WebRTC
09/14/2012 WebRTC Promises to Bring Major Changes to Web


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