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Tara Seals has over 15 years experience as a journalist and editor in the communications and technology space. She is also a regular contributor to a range of industry publications and has deep background in mobile networks and infrastructure, devices and applications; and video infrastructure, content and broadcast models.

Latest Articles

04/04/2016 Office Spaces Gain Flexibility Along with UC
03/29/2016 WebRTC: An Important Key to Operator Relevance
03/21/2016 New-School UC and Appification Will Define the Future Enterprise
03/01/2016 Mobile CDNs Aim to Optimize Mobile Video and Content
02/19/2016 mHealth Users to Triple by 2020
02/18/2016 Wheelings & Dealings: Orion Snags $9Mn for Voice-First Comms
02/12/2016 Building AR Apps with WebRTC (and More)
01/18/2016 Cloud-based UC and Hosted PBX Set for Notable Market Disruption by 2020
01/08/2016 State of the Market: 2015 Was a Big Year for WebRTC
12/11/2015 Mobile Multitasking Becomes Ubiquitous
12/07/2015 Mind Commerce: WebRTC Poised to Become a Content Powerhouse
12/07/2015 Ericsson Updates its WebRTC Mobile Browser
12/04/2015 Get Back to Basics for User-Friendly WebRTC Apps
11/30/2015 Avotus Achieves Break Through with ITAM Robot Platform for Managing IT and Telecom Assets
11/23/2015 OTT Messaging Apps Face Monetization, Uptake Challenges
11/20/2015 SAP Integrates GENBAND Collaboration Platform into Cloud CRM Suite
11/20/2015 Smart Cities and IoT Face Looming Challenges, Along with Opportunity
11/12/2015 Get Ready for the Rise of the Enterprise Digital Assistant
11/11/2015 Digital Partnerships and the Real-Time Enterprise
11/05/2015 WebRTC Boosts Customer, Employee Collaboration
11/04/2015 Workday Flexibility Offers Both Challenges and Opportunities for Employers
10/28/2015 Team Collaboration Market in a State of Flux
10/14/2015 Intel Debuts WebRTC SDK for Developers
10/01/2015 Enterprises Fall Down on Mobile Apps
09/18/2015 Mobility, Specific Features Lead Channel Sales for UC
09/17/2015 Wearables, Robotics and Haptics to Transform Physical Rehab and Patients' Lives
08/14/2015 AT&T Goes Live with WebRTC for Integrating Voice and Video into Browser Apps
07/31/2015 Wheelings & Dealings: Twilio's 'Unicorn' Funding Round Worth $130 Million
05/21/2015 Wheelings & Dealings: Twilio Debuts $50 Million App Development Fund
05/07/2015 Comcast Embraces WebRTC with Xfinity Share Livestreaming for TV
04/13/2015 MaskedChat Allows Random, Anonymous Video Roulettes
03/20/2015 Comings and Goings: HTC's CEO Transition Marks a New Era for the Company
02/25/2015 5G Begins to Take Shape as Mobile Vendors Make Strides
02/19/2015 Network Operator Apps in the Spotlight at MWC
02/18/2015 Startup Temasys Targets WebRTC for IE and Safari
01/23/2015 Kim Dotcom Soldiers On with 'NSA-Proof' Skype-Killer
01/21/2015 Google Translate Preps Instant Speech-to-Text Translation
01/20/2015 Meet Ito, the WebRTC Bot for Slack
01/16/2015 Mozilla Updates Firefox Hello
01/13/2015 WebRTC Headlines Top 2015 Business Phone Trends
01/09/2015 Acision Kicks Off WebRTC App Development Contest
01/09/2015 Video Collaboration Boosts Productivity of Workers
12/05/2014 LogMeIn Goes Multilingual with Real-Time Chat Translation
12/03/2014 Peer-to-Peer Architecture Could Save Streaming Video
10/28/2014 FCC's Chambers Focuses on Fiber for the Underserved
09/26/2014 Cable's Looming Millennial Event Horizon
09/25/2014 Real Time Communications Set to Supercharge Triple Play
09/23/2014 Rabbit: The Next-Gen, WebRTC Version of Mystery Science Theater 3000?
09/23/2014 AT&T Opens the Business Broadband Throttle to 300Mbps
07/14/2014 'Spin' App Offers Mobile Video Collaboration with a Twist
07/11/2014 Vidyo Clenches $20 Million with Dreams of Making Video Conferencing Ubiquitous


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