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May 29, 2013

WebRTC Training Now Available

WebRTC World and The WebRTC School just announced a comprehensive program of both online and in-person WebRTC training and certification. The training is designed to enable Web developers with a typical JavaScript development background to understand how to use WebRTC to enable real-time communications management from a website. The training will include extensive hands-on use of the WebRTC PAIs and training on how to develop and deploy real-time apps. The programs will include a certification test process to assure that certified WebRTC developers have met training criteria for this new technology.

The training will be available two ways: directly from the WebRTC School as a Web-only training with modular Web-based training and optional certification, or through WebRTC World/ITEXPO as in-person on-site training that includes a full day of instructor-driven training as well as access to the Web materials and certification included in the program cost. This allows potential WebRTC developers two distinct paths to getting the training and certifications in this new technology, either through self-paced Web training or through intense focused in-person courses led by key WebRTC individuals.

While the WebRTC School site is now up and available for review, the first Web programs will be available at the end of June. The first on-site event is sponsored by ITEXPO in Las Vegas on Monday, August 26. 

This is an exciting next step in the evolution of WebRTC; the move from a developer sandbox to an accepted technology with certified developer skills. The combination of Web and on-site training will give a broad range of developers access to the WebRTC capability set and accelerate the adoption and use. The inclusion of certifications criteria and testing assures that this new technology has a measurable value and reward structure.

While WebRTC is still a new technology/standard/implementation, these new support infrastructures are a big step in moving the overall market forward.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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