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November 29, 2012

Hookflash Unveils Open Peer iOS SDK, Supporting Cloud Services Suite at WebRTC Expo

Hookflash, the company that created the peer-to-peer (P2P) communications and social media app of the same name for the iPad last year, made available two new offerings: the Open Peer Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS, and Hookflash Cloud Services (HCS).

The company announced Open Peer SDK and HCS at the WebRTC Conference and Expo in San Francisco, California.

In the case of Open Peer SDK for iOS, the company pointed to a Steve Jobs quote from the 2010 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, at which he stated "we’re going to the standards bodies tomorrow and making FaceTime an open standard."

While this never happened, Hookflash aims to make open, P2P mobile voice, video and messaging a reality.

Being an SDK, Open Peer allows iOS and desktop developers to incorporate voice, video and text communications into their applications. Best of all, while the SDK allows developers to integrate real-time communications into iOS and desktop applications immediately, it can also enable P2P signaling for WebRTC in browsers sometime in the near future.

As such, Open Peer truly is open, as it enables seamless high-quality, low-cost communications between almost any Web-enabled device.

Hookflash Cloud Services, meanwhile, is a suite of cloud services that support Open Peer deployments based on the Open Peer SDK. Featuring affordable, scalable plans, HCS is suitable for large enterprises and carrier deployments, as well as small, independent developers and everything in between.

The Hookflash iPad app was released around this time last year and excited many with its fully realized communications suite, as it made the iPad almost a suitable replacement for the desktop phone. Indeed, the app offers group video conferencing, group messaging and participant profiles automatically created from information gathered from business and social networks. In this way, the Hookflash iPad app is sort of like a more business-oriented version of Skype.

With the power of WebRTC, it's exciting to see how much further Hookflash will go.

Are you interested in learning more about WebRTC Communications? Then be sure to attend WebRTC Conference and Expo in San Francisco, Calif. from November 27-29. Stay in touch with everything happening at WebRTC Expo: Follow us on Twitter.

Edited by Braden Becker
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