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June 17, 2014

Acision Launches New WebRTC SDK at WebRTC IV Conference & Expo

The WebRTC IV Conference & Expo is in full swing, down at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, Georgia, and will continue to do so until June 19. With the arrival of the conference comes plenty of new developments in terms of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC), and plenty of companies showing off these new developments. This year's round is no exception, as Acision brought out an announcement of a new launch, its WebRTC software development kit (SDK), which is geared toward helping to bring WebRTC functionality to a new field of platforms.

Available via Acision's forge by Acision application programming interface (API), the new SDK will allow for several major WebRTC features to be easily added to both Web-based applications and mobile applications alike. With the Acision SDK, users can add not only voice and video calling services, but also chat and IM sessions, and even content sharing directly to these applications. The tools in question can be added not only to newly-developed applications, but can also be brought into use on established applications as well.

The new SDK will be useful for both iOS and Android devices as well as common Web browsers, and can bring in a variety of benefits. With the Acision SDK, users get access to an array of communications tools, allowing for very specific additions that fit the needs of the business using the tools. Additionally, since WebRTC media has a set of inherent security measures—secure HTTP and WebSocket connections are both put into use—the end result is secure and thus useful for businesses engaging in proprietary information transfers. Better still, particularly for some businesses, the Acision SDK is in a public cloud that's multi-tenant in nature, but is also elastic-scaling and HIPPA certified.

Acision's executive vice president for enterprise, Matt Cockett, offered up some commentary about the release of the new SDK, saying “WebRTC technology will revolutionize the way businesses across all industries engage with their customers. With our solution, which is part of our forge by Acision portfolio, companies can integrate the latest click-to-call (voice), video-chat and IP messaging solutions, which can be built into or on top of websites or mobile apps, via a single SDK all in one place, which is unique in this market. Combining multiple pieces of valuable functionality into one SDK that can then be integrated into internal systems means businesses can launch differentiated services quickly while focusing their own development resources elsewhere.”

While at the WebRTC IV Conference & Expo, Acision will have plenty on its plate for users to see and experience. Not only will Cockett—referenced earlier in the quote—be part of the Plenary panel “Customer Service: The Killer App for WebRTC?”, but Acision's technical director Peter Dunkley will be on hand for “Native Apps versus WebRTC – Options and Performance”, and John Parr will be in for the “WebRTC Deployment Options” panel, allowing the company to cover an array of topics. There will even be a live demonstration in the “Getting Real with WebRTC Demo Event.”

Not only can this be functionally put to work in a variety of capacities, it can also be brought into several different platforms. That level of customization helps ensure that the best results will be had from putting the product to use. While Acision may not be right for every company, it's a safe bet that many will find something good to use here, simply because there are so many options contained within.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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