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It's that time of year: when cyberspace is chock-full of articles from technology writers about what 2013 might hold for all of us on the technology front. We know you're getting sick of them. If you take away only one thing from this avalanche of prognosticating editorial, however, learn this word: WebRTC.
Ever been on the bad end of a Netflix outage? Losing the streaming services in the midst of movie night--or worse, on date night--can have disastrous repercussions for not just an entire evening, but for an entire website. Get enough of them together in a short enough span of time and canceled memberships and lost revenue follow. But VictorOps is looking to turn that around for a lot of companies by offering a way to get back on track, quickly.
Enterprises can expect WebRTC to become robust enough for use in communications applications and be used in browser-based unified communications and collaboration, making it ideal for integration with Google Apps.
There's little doubt that one of the big moves of 2013 is pretty much going to have to be the rise of LTE. It's already underway in a lot of places, and there are plans in the works to bring even more into play. Everyone wants higher speeds and more bandwidth, and in the comparison between 3G and LTE, there's little doubt that at least some of that is here. But LTE isn't easy to establish, nor is it cheap. That in turn means it's time to start looking at how to monetize LTE.
ChatON has long been one of the top text messaging offerings from Samsung and now the company is apparently going to be spending some more time and money to make the application that much better. Samsung has unveiled ChatON 2.0, a global communications service that can work on all kinds of connected devices and from any Web browser, just a few days ahead of the biggest tech showcase in the United States, CES.

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