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January 02, 2013

Samsung Launches ChatON 2.0 with Big Changes

ChatON has long been one of the top text messaging offerings from Samsung and now the company is apparently going to be spending some more time and money to make the application that much better. Samsung has unveiled ChatON 2.0, a global communications service that can work on all kinds of connected devices and from any Web browser, just a few days ahead of the biggest tech showcase in the United States, CES.

The company is still making sure that the text messaging service is synonymous with Samsung's efforts to do away with SMS on their phones.

The big news with ChatON 2.0 is that Samsung is looking to make the text messaging application more of a social networking platform that can be used right there in the palm of your hand. While Facebook and Twitter have smartphone applications, ChatON got its start on smartphones and therefore understands the landscape a bit better than its competition. The service is available in more than 200 countries and is usable in more than 60 languages, so there are no limitations there either.

ChatON 2.0 users can now create personal profiles inside the application and post status updates that any friends that are on the network can comment on. This is different than sending text messages to multiple people, because even if you forget to include someone, they will still be able to see and comment on the status update. Users will also find it much easier to post photos and videos in the ChatON “Trunk.” The Trunk is described by Samsung as sort of a waystation that users can take advantage of before they send their stuff onto Facebook and other social networking sites. Using the new multiscreen function, that allows people who don't have a Samsung device to still take advantage of features such as accepting invitations to chat on ChatON from inside Facebook and Twitter.

If Samsung plays its cards right, ChatON looks set to grow far beyond just being a better text messaging service and could become the next big social network.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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