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Unlike many new technologies, WebRTC isn't about new features and functions. Rather, it's about making communications between people and groups easier and simpler. The idea is that by integrating communications capabilities directly into the browser experience, parties can be connected simply by providing and clicking on a URL that immediately adds them to the communications experience.
Business grade audio conferencing has come a long way since its inception. Participants are no longer limited to simply sit and listen, hoping for a pause in the conversation to get a word in; technologies available today like Drum allow users to not only create meetings, but share documents, assign tasks, take notes and manage meetings in one, centralized location.
The ability to stream real-time communications without downloading additional plugins or applications is in high demand as new devices and hosted solutions bring collaboration into the next generation. WebRTC is an Opera, Mozilla and Google-backed open project designed to enable real-time communications (RTC) with the use of a simple Javascript API instead of downloading a separate application or software. The foundation provided by WebRTC enables high quality communications regardless of the device, network or carrier.
Those in the communications industry are starting to hear a lot about WebRTC, which has to do with how people make calls using Internet-connected computers, tablets, smartphones and apps. WebRTC is a new feature that will eventually be incorporated into most Web browsers, and will be leveraged in standalone apps.
In science fiction movies, the future of communications always looked so simple. You sit on the bridge of the Enterprise and you ask the computer (voiced by the lovely Majel Barrett Rodenberry) to put the Klingon Cruiser or Starfleet officer on the viewscreen. Then, voila!, you have real-time voice and video communications. Here in the 21st century, however, it has not been quite that simple.
Phil Edholm, conference chair of WebRTC, and I had a great discussion about what changes as a result of WebRTC. Some of our friends are convinced that the legacy will remain unchanged. That the carriers are not going to feel the competition. And if you look at the history, it's easier to see the changes that happen at the edge. That's the point that Phil made to me in our discussion.
Will WebRTC make interactive voice response (IVR) obsolete? First, you might ask...what's WebRTC? It's an acronym that stands for "Web Real-time Communications," and it's actually a standard.
Thrupoint is now in beta with its WebRTC development program. Thrupoint Juice, as the program is known, focuses on simplifying the integration of WebRTC and SIP. Thrupoint Fusion Web also allows for the integration of WebRTC with legacy IP PBX and PSTN infrastructure, which enables organizations to leverage their existing assets while adding new capabilities.

WebRTC Expo kicked off in San Francisco yesterday with a standing room only crowd.

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See a demo of our industry first at WebRTC Expo:

Vidtel's native WebRTC gateway to enterprise video conferencing systems (H.264)

Exhibit area Wed & Thurs
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Now you can natively connect WebRTC-enabled browsers to enterprise video conferencing infrastructure with Vidtel's groundbreaking approach. Let us show you how, without any plugins, you can seamlessly connect a WebRTC-enabled browser user to:

existing Cisco Codian, Polycom RMX, or Vidtel MeetMe sessions
SIP, H.323, Skype and Google Talk endpoints
service providers' own bridging service
an enterprise system, point-to-point

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