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November 27, 2012

WebRTC: The Next Big Thing in Cloud Communications?

Those in the communications industry are starting to hear a lot about WebRTC, which has to do with how people make calls using Internet-connected computers, tablets, smartphones and apps.

WebRTC is a new feature that will eventually be incorporated into most Web browsers, and will be leveraged in standalone apps where one element of the application is a real-time voice or video conversation using the Internet, a.k.a. VoIP, according to the experts at Obihai Technology.

WebRTC is built on top of HTML5, and allows for apps to access available audio and video capabilities resident on the local host device without the need to install any sort of plug-in or special application.

“In other words, you may simply, launch the web application from a link or bookmark on your Internet connected device, and instantly make a call to your friend or a business,” according to a recent Obihai Technology blog post. “With WebRTC, you no longer need to install a platform dependent soft-phone application, and then deal with a complex configuration in order to make a simple call.”

WebRTC is currently available in Chrome and Firefox, though other browser and Web application providers are also expected to soon support WebRTC.

“While WebRTC was conceived as a solution for browser to browser calls, a more versatile application is to let the browser make calls through a VoIP service with connectivity to any phone number in the world. Some service providers have built or have plans to build WebRTC-based applications to be used in conjunction with their services,” the post continued.

WebRTC will revolutionize how people interact and have major influences both economically and socially, according to Rich Tehrani, CEO at TMC and chairman of the WebRTC Conference being held this week in San Francisco.

The potential applications for WebRTC are limitless, says TMC’s Paula Bernier.

WebRTC could also allow one person or organization to send a URL linking to an RTC server to another individual as a means to allow for real-time communications directly from one person or entity to another. There is great opportunity for using WebRTC to enable communications in various business applications as well.

Edited by Braden Becker


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