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October 17, 2012

OpenClove Video Exchange Now Supports WebRTC

Provider of cloud mobile and video solution, OpenClove, is the latest company to support the WebRTC standard, adding support to the OpenClove Video Exchange (OVX) platform. Combining WebRTC's ability to deliver communications natively in Web pages with OVX's cloud-based Media Resource Function (MRF) with real-time audio and video mixing and processing allows the developer to deliver a range of live video sharing and multiparty scenarios to users.

"WebRTC accelerates our vision to embed communications within any web and mobile application," said OpenClove CEO Pulin Patel. "OVX makes WebRTC practical and powerful by bringing together the benefits of telecom, cloud and web technologies for any embedded communication use cases. OVX supports multiple audio and video codecs in a single video session, such as VP8 for WebRTC and H.264 for IMS, to assure seamless delivery of real-time communications across heterogeneous clients."

Although WebRTC already delivers video in an extremely efficient and convenient manner to the user, eliminating the need for end-user software for either voice or video, there are still issues in terms of creating multiparty communications with peer-to-peer networks.

Fortunately, OVX addresses these technical issues, at the same time providing a number of benefits as it moves managing video mixing, transcoding, layering and all the complexity that entails to the cloud.

Meanwhile, dynamic compression technology delivers high-quality video over even mobile broadband connections, which is obviously of the utmost importance for service providers that focus on mobile strategies.

As such, OpenClove is releasing OVX SDKs for both iOS and Android tablet and smartphone applications to beta customers.

On its own, WebRTC is a free, open project which aims to give Web browsers real-time communications capabilities by way of simple Javascript APIs. The ultimate goal is to standardize embedded audio and video conferencing capabilities, enabling mobile devices to talk to Web browsers.

Edited by Braden Becker


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