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April 27, 2018

Computenix Video Call Center Elevates Patient Engagement with WebRTC

An area much maligned for poor customer service is healthcare. From horror stories to HIPAA, the struggle to provide exceptional customer engagement and care is real for healthcare providers. E-health organizations are tasked with finding innovative and effective ways to improve the system in place, and this week WebRTC is showing the way.

Computenix announced the arrival of the Computenix Video Call Center. The agent-assist tool allows patients to connect with healthcare professionals, support staff and more, delivering a high definition visual experience to patient care.

Leveraging WebRTC, Computenix is able to deliver an inherently secure solution via SRTP encrypted video, audio and connection. WebRTC makes the act of engagement a click away for caregivers, capable of providing visual insight without the need for additional downloads. In addition to ease of use and elevated engagement, a healthcare organization sees a reduction in costs.

Agents can now perform triage in real-time via video, dig for additional resources and conference in additional parties when needed, if necessary. Whether it’s simply scheduling a new appointment or a major health emergency, the insight provided by the multi-channel solution offers an improved process.

The Computenix Video Call Center can be deployed as a pure cloud play or on-premises.

"This new level of e-health, or telemedicine, is designed around the needs of the providers and end users," explains Antonio Capodieci, Manager of Video Sales at Compunetix. "It allows healthcare providers of nearly any size to offer video health services to their clientele in a personal and immersive way.  Previous video solutions placed too many expensive technical requirements on end users to reach mass adoption.  The Compunetix Video Call Center enables higher definition point-to-point and multipoint video call capability through the simplicity of a supported web browser."

Healthcare is from the end goal of delivering top-notch service, but as an industry appears to be making strides in the right direction. Innovation will light the way to the end of this tunnel.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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