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Decoding Q3 2023 Email Threat Trends
Email, while an invaluable communication tool, has become a playground for malicious actors in today's increasingly interconnected world. VIPRE's AV Labs, well-acquainted with the ever-evolving landscape of email threats, has released its Q3 2023 Ema… - 10/26/2023

Agile Practices in Nearshore Software Development: A Game-Changer for the Industry
Do you operate in the area of new technologies, or is it strategic for the development of your business? Then you certainly know the challenges. First and foremost, In today's fast-paced and complex technological landscape, the software development i… - 09/07/2023

Data Detection and Response (DDR) and SASE
In today's interconnected digital landscape, organizations must remain vigilant to protect their sensitive data from an evolving array of cyber threats. As data breaches become increasingly sophisticated and pervasive, new cybersecurity strategies ha… - 08/23/2023

Protecting against data loss with zero trust principles/framework
Information plays a key role in today's data-driven landscape, analogous to an invaluable treasure. As such, it becomes essential for institutions, regardless of their magnitude, to build a strong fortress around their data treasure, guarding against… - 07/27/2023

Exploring the Scalability Options for Dedicated Servers
One of the key advantages of dedicated servers is their scalability, which allows businesses to easily add more resources such as RAM, storage, or processing power as their needs grow. - 05/16/2023

What Web Design Trends Can Businesses Employ in 2023 from 2022?
Web design is an ever-evolving field, with new trends and techniques emerging each year. As we look ahead to 2023, businesses must stay ahead of the curve and incorporate the latest web design trends into their online presence. - 05/01/2023

The Rise of No-Code/Low-Code Platforms: What It Means for Developers
In recent years, the rise of no-code/low-code platforms has been a hot topic in the software development industry. These platforms allow users to create applications without having to write code manually, making it easier for non-technical users to c… - 04/11/2023

How to Reissue an SSL/TLS Certificate on Your Website
Reissuing an SSL/TLS Certificate can be a complicated and time-consuming process. You can manage digital certificates with Keyfactor or other brands that offer this service for efficiency. Still, if you want to know how to do it on your own, this art… - 01/23/2023

The Importance of Live Chat For Businesses
Customer support is an absolutely vital part of business, both online and offline. Getting customer care options optimized and answering any queries in an efficient, helpful & timely manner can be the difference between making a sale and turning some… - 01/16/2023

Mark Stiffler Explains No Code Platforms And The Rise Of Low-Code Development
In recent years, the development of no-code and low-code platforms has been on the rise. These platforms allow businesses to build applications without having to write any code, saving time and money while still producing high-quality products. In th… - 01/04/2023

What Is The Difference Between Data Observability And Data Quality?
Data observability and data quality are related concepts that involve collecting and managing large amounts of data. While they are both critical aspects of any data management system, there are distinct differences. To learn more about data observab… - 12/28/2022

The WebRTC Market Is Rocketing. Which Sector, Which Region?
Experts predict the WebRTC market to grow at 41.2% annual growth rate. It will reach more than 38 000 million dollars by 2027. The technology is in constant growth and its future seems promising. - 12/21/2022

Best Practices For Interactive Displays And Smart Panels
Smart panels and interactive displays have revolutionized how people engage with events and brands. They bring an entirely new interactivity to your next event or presentation, making it more immersive for your attendees. But most events need to lear… - 12/09/2022

Everything You Need to Know About WebRTC
The web has become increasingly popular over the last decade and a half. More and more people are online and this trend is only continuing. This has led to a rise in the popularity of web-based applications and the need for better ways to communicate… - 11/28/2022

Top Tips For Business Owners Looking To Invest In Data Governance
Data governance is a critical but often overlooked component of any business. Poor data governance can lead to decreased productivity, siloed information, and lost opportunities. On the other hand, a well-run data governance program, like Profisee's … - 10/27/2022

5 Reasons To Be Transparent With Your Enterprise Data
Many companies have a wealth of data at their disposal but are hesitant to share it with employees for fear that it will be misused or misunderstood. However, there are many benefits to being transparent with your enterprise data. - 10/19/2022

How the Online Casino Industry is Changing
The online casino world has changed so much since it started in the mid-1990s that it is almost unrecognizable. This is because of technological changes that have revolutionized how game designers work and how players interact with their favourite ga… - 10/10/2022

4 Real Life Application of WebRTC
WebRTC is a low-latency, encrypted connection between two devices. It can be used for file sharing, video calling, and in-app messaging. The technology, webRTC, is based on HTML 5 and is poised to one day replace existing plugins from services such a… - 08/31/2022

DevOps Talent Market in Dach: Alternate Ways to Hiring Locally
There are a lot of modern tech companies that still fail right now. It is not only because of the more intense competition. It can also be because they are ignoring the DevOps business model. The DevOps business model shows that development and opera… - 08/15/2022

6 Ways Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) Reduces Identity Access Risk
Organizations are constantly adding their enterprise resources to cloud accounts and sometimes deleting older ones. In striving for a sharper competitive edge, more businesses continue to shift their business processes and operating systems across mu… - 08/12/2022

Field Service Management: control your mobile workforce and equipment
We live in the times, when more and more companies are using different kinds of field services from lcal beverage suppliers to transportation across the seas. The Field Service Management software can help optimize the performance of such services an… - 07/27/2022

The Ultimate Guide to WebRTC
Real-time communications between web browsers and devices are possible by WebRTC. Communications include speech, text, and video. JavaScript-written APIs are available to software developers via WebRTC. If all this seems too complicated, take a break… - 07/08/2022

WebRTC Audio in the Metaverse
The internet is considered one of the most important innovations of our times, on par with taming fire and the invention of the wheel. It is a tool with incredible uses, from sharing information across continents to keeping in touch with loved ones w… - 06/21/2022

How Choosing the Right eCommerce Platform Makes a Difference?
Choosing the right eCommerce platform to help move your online business to new heights is one of the most significant decisions you'll need to make as a business owner. If you want to get it right, read on. - 06/08/2022

Why Does Your WebRTC App Need a Better Network Connection?
Research demonstrates that the foundational network may restrict the performance of WebRTC, which powers most of today's streaming flood of real-time communication services. WebRTC analytics and forward-looking demands might affect the quality of ser… - 06/01/2022

The Future of Next Generation Virtual Wallets
Nowadays, while we are all used to working at home with many gadgets, having a digital tool to show ID and other papers is a great bonus. The digital wallet is an app that scans actual cards and stores payments. It also saves other confidential info … - 05/31/2022

The 3 Most Common VPN Problems and How to Fix Them
There's no doubt that VPNs (virtual private networks) are becoming increasingly popular across the globe, with demand having risen markedly in developed countries ever since the coronavirus pandemic took hold in 2020. - 05/13/2022

Why Artificial Intelligence Is The Future Of Cybersecurity
As the world becomes increasingly digitized, so does the landscape of cybersecurity threats. In response, security professionals are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to help them keep pace with the ever-changing threat landscape, automate repe… - 05/13/2022

How To Use a Histogram Graph
Business data is an important asset for any company, and business intelligence is the best way to make the most of it. By understanding your business data and using it to make informed decisions, you can improve your business performance and achieve … - 04/22/2022

4 Ways To Improve Machine Learning Accuracy
For a data scientist, one of the most frustrating things that can happen to them is to spend hundreds of hours optimizing data that can be used for developing and training a machine learning model, only to end up with a model with a large error range… - 03/10/2022

10 Ways to Improve the UX of Your Web App
When you design a user interface, it's not enough to make it visually attractive. It must also be convenient to use and provide a pleasant user experience. Every dollar invested in UX results in a return of one HUNDRED dollars, which is 9,900%! And h… - 02/24/2022

The UI of the Future: What Is a Dialogue Interface
User experience today is of utmost importance. And the user interface (UI) is a fundamental component of it because it serves as an intermediary between the user and the product itself. Moreover, developers are testing all innovations and inventions … - 02/18/2022

Digital and Graphic Design from a Business Perspective
With the rise of the Internet and digital media, graphic design has become synonymous with digital or web design. In fact, it is not true. And we are ready to prove to you that. In this post, we will delve into a distinction between graphic and digit… - 02/16/2022

Top 5 Reasons To Use AI To Improve Your Business Processes In 2022
Artificial intelligence (AI) systems have various applications across sectors and industries, and it is vital to remember that AI might replace certain professions soon. However, when it comes to company application, you should invest in the best AI … - 01/31/2022

The Technology That Is Changing The World Of Construction
Technology is changing every industry across the world, but what is it doing for construction? Click here to find out. - 01/31/2022

Video Content Creation: How to Create Effective Video Content for Popular Platforms
Everyone knows Instagram, the Meta-owned photo-sharing social media platform that started out as a square photo-sharing platform in 2010. Fast-forward 12 years and Instagram head - Adam Mosseri recently announced that the platform is evolving to much… - 01/31/2022

How WebRTC Provides Cost-Effective Customer Service Solutions
In the last decade, technology has witnessed revolutionary growth. With new applications and platforms to support interactions between businesses and consumers, there is no looking back. - 01/28/2022

10 Tips For Android App Development
For those who are just planning to start creating mobile applications for Android, there is a lot of information on the net. True, there is so much of it that head is spinning. Some of the recommendations are suitable for professionals to help them i… - 01/21/2022

4 Types of Apps Truck Drivers Must Have While on the Road in 2022
The US has over 3 million truck drivers. And according to the American Trucking Associations, they move about 73 percent of the US's freight by weight. A total of 38 million trucks registered in the US travel over 300 billion miles each year. Many of… - 01/14/2022

Top 7 Tools You Need to Write Emails Like a Professional
What is the email marketing industry going through in post-covid time and what modern software services are capable of - an overview of solutions to make your letters professional and effective. - 01/06/2022

How to accelerate digital transformation
As we move into the digital age, it has become very clear that every institution, company and establishment should get ready to do their work in the digital world. And if they fail to do so, they might not survive in the digital age. - 01/04/2022

Managerial tips when dealing with remote employees
Working remotely has become the new norm. People across the globe are working forty hour weeks from the comfort of their home or personal office space. With that comes incredible benefits and unique challenges. In-person communication is no longer on… - 12/22/2021

Smartphone Apps and Their Impact
When mobile phones were first launched, they were used just as a communication tool. However, mobile phones gradually gained powerful features and were then used to capture images, play videos, listen to music, etc. After that came the next big wa… - 12/20/2021

The Extrusion Process in Different Industries
The extrusion process isn't new. The first patent of this method dates from 1797 by English inventor Joseph Bramah. The original purpose of this process was to create pipes from soft metals. Nowadays, this process is used in several industries, from … - 11/10/2021

5 Best Coding Apps for Beginners
Coding is not just the building block of the technology that powers many modern devices, but it can also be a very useful life skill. Knowing how to code can help children build their problem-solving skills and logical reasoning, which are important … - 10/19/2021

Protection Security Software Pack For Safeguarding Business Networks
Data security is constantly becoming important as business data is a valuable part of any organization. If your business has something important, it is more likely that someone will still do it. Every day, lots of business data are being hacked and s… - 09/27/2021

Five tips for back-office support outsourcing
Several back office support tasks like record maintenance, clearances, accounting, and IT services can be time-consuming and stop you from focusing on more essential business practices. Although these tasks are crucial to the operation of the office,… - 09/02/2021

6 ways to prevent content theft from your website in 2021
How to protect your content from stealing? Some of the best methods include internal linking, Google Alerts, plugins, and watermarks. Get professional tips from SEO and content-making specialists. - 08/31/2021

What's the Difference Between Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting?
When first hosting your company's website, maintaining your own dedicated server is not the most cost-effective way to start. But while a shared server may be cheaper and easier to use, it's missing too many of the useful features a business needs th… - 07/08/2021

How To Become A Successful YouTube Vlogger
A successful blog or vlog takes care, effort, maintenance, work, and time. If you are ready for difficulties and continuous improvement, let's figure out how to become a popular YouTube vlogger. - 06/25/2021

5 Ways Technology Can Enhance the Performance of Your Business
Today modern technology has become an indispensable part of every business and how they work online or offline. Also, as technology is constantly evolving, a lot of businesses are reaping the benefits from implementing different technological innovat… - 06/25/2021

Digital Lessons From Online Casinos for Businesses
Online casinos in this digital age are at the forefront of success. Not only do they attract a global audience to their platforms, but also the online gambling sector is one of the most lucrative sectors, with a projected worth of 127.3 billion in 20… - 06/25/2021

How To Optimize Your Online Presence
Today every business, regardless if it has an online store or it operates as a brick-and-mortar store, needs to develop a valuable online brand. Thanks to the internet, the barriers for entry are low, and the competition requires a strong online pres… - 06/25/2021

Data Annotation: Why We Can't Take the Human Out of the Loop
So much of machine learning appears, from the outside, to be grounded within quantitative data sets and code, that those who exist on the periphery could be forgiven for assuming that this represents a wholly technical world of numbers and objective … - 06/16/2021

Five Keys to Growing your Blog Ranking
In the SEO-focused advertising world of today, search engine ranking is vital to the growth and success of your blog. Whether it is a personal or professional blog, it is important to ensure that it appears in the top results on the first page of sea… - 06/16/2021

A Brief History behind the Ever-Changing Tech in Online Gambling
Gambling was for a long time done in conventional casinos where you had to visit a casino to play physically. This is until technology started changing the way people would gamble. Modern tech has made gambling almost fully digitalized. Here is a bri… - 06/16/2021

6 Creative Ways to Improve Social Media Conversion Rates
Improving conversion rates on social media is vastly different compared to improving conversions on your website. After all, people who visit your website are already interested in your company, which makes them more likely to convert. But wit… - 06/09/2021

A Brief Guide on Car Tracking Devices
In this day in age, the safety and security of you and your family need to come first. Investing in a car tracking device should be a standard addition to your kit. Click here to find out why. - 06/03/2021

How To Transform Your Business To The Digital World?
When running a business, you want to make sure that you are ranking well on Google and achieving your goals when it comes to ranking on Google. Not only will this improve the amount of organic traffic you are seeing, but it can also improve conversio… - 04/22/2021

Top-7 WebRTC Companies to look out for in 2021: The Best WebRTC Service Providers
WebRTC companies allow real-time communication capabilities to be added to your applications. Developers can create powerful customized solutions for your web conferences, customer messaging, and document-sharing needs. This article will show you how… - 04/22/2021

Three Keys To Growing Your YouTube Presence
The world of content is fractured. You can thank the Internet for that. Decades ago, millions used to sit and watch the same network television show in unison. Today, consumers latch onto their own interests - no matter how miniscule it may seem. - 04/20/2021

Web Hosting And Its Types
When a hosting provider allocates space on a web server for a website to store its files, it hosts a website. Web hosting makes the website (code, images, etc.) available for viewing files online. All your websites are hosted on the server. The am… - 04/07/2021

7 Reasons Why Your SEO Ranks Slinked After Redesigning Your Website
Are you planning to redesign your website? Probably, you have been postponing the idea. The reason for this is the fear of losing you're your SEO ranks. Making it to the top positions in the Google search results is an achievement. Each website owner… - 02/23/2021

SidesMedia Review: Is it Legit?
With so many social media platforms out there these days, it can be so challenging to divide your attention between them all and make sure you're seeing real growth on each one. In fact, it's dizzying just thinking about it. - 02/16/2021

Uniswap as a Leading Gas Guzzler on Ethereum
Decentralized exchange Uniswap, is considered today is considered to be the primary and the most popular today gas guzzler on Ethereum. It deals with more than 30% of all the transactions that have been started on the network - in the previous 8 hour… - 02/16/2021

5 foolproof ways to know if an app is safe to install
Between banking, social media and online shopping, apps have made our lives easier - but how do you know if an app is safe to download? Since our phones contain huge amounts of personal information, hackers often try to get people to download malicio… - 02/09/2021

How Real Time Communications Aid the Printing Industry
The printing industry has seen a steady growth in the past five years at an average rate of 2.1%. According to IBISWorld report, the revenue generated from the global printing industry is expected to reach $814 billion by 2022. - 02/02/2021

RTC technologies behind live casinos
All the technological developments over the years have contributed massively to many industries, and live online casinos are no exception. Security is one of the vital parts of a casino, and so are all the means to easily interact with the clients… - 01/22/2021

Simple Tech Apps Making a Difference
Today, applications are the spearhead of progress. They not only make life easier, they also empower individuals to reach those who are miles and miles away. Digital technology is a significant player in this transformation, but without the advent… - 01/20/2021

Casino Streaming and How it is Growing in Popularity
A lot of people like to play games with their friends and online with people across the world. But the latest trend is streaming. This is when you record yourself playing your favorite game and allow an audience to watch you live. This is becoming in… - 12/28/2020

How to get real Twitch followers and viewers
Gaining a following on any platform can be tough at first and Twitch is no exception. When creating an online persona on any platform, the most important rule is to be authentic. That way your true personality can shine through easily and you will ga… - 12/03/2020

Protect Your Android Phones from Viruses with these Methods
Gadgets nowadays are susceptible to viruses. Even with absolute meticulousness, your phone may still not be safe online. Oftentimes, the websites that the phone visits contain different kinds of harmful viruses such as adware, malware, and the like t… - 11/25/2020

Is Video Conferencing the Future of Communication?
Since the dawn of the internet, we've been turning to technology for insights into how to communicate better with the people around us. Originally, it started with forums and basic social media sites, then companies started offering instant messaging… - 11/17/2020

I Tried Growthsilo. Here's My Review
Managing an Instagram account is a full-time job. You need to continually update new content while at the same time keeping an eye on follower growth. Therefore, you need a strategy that will help you nail your content game while getting relevant fol… - 11/11/2020

The Role of WebRTC in Online Casino Streaming
Live dealer casinos have gained huge popularity recently. By video streaming games in real-time, they are a perfect solution for those who want to experience the atmosphere of a brick-and-mortar casino from the comfort of their home. Therefore, WebRT… - 11/09/2020

The Impact of Connected Vehicles
Connected vehicles are a scientific breakthrough that is starting to become very popular nowadays. The automotive industry is no stranger to innovation, and that is obvious with the introduction of self-driving cars and other things that at one point… - 10/28/2020

Is it Efficient to Order Background Checks Online?
One of the most significant functions of Human Resource (HR) is recruiting new employees. It is typically a time-consuming process, taking the average Australian company about 28 days to complete. During the screening process, employers need to sort … - 10/13/2020

How Can WebRTC Advance the Changing Face of the Gaming Industry?
WebRTC has already demonstrated a high value for the new era of cloud based gaming services - but what does the future hold? Click here for more. - 09/30/2020

10 Benefits Of Using A Digital Work Order System To Enhance Productivity
The necessity of a digital work order system has become clear with the massive market place competition & fluctuating economy. With tons of high-tech wizardry, the work order system has evolved over the years. Before we jump into the process of boost… - 09/28/2020

Basic tips for editing PDF files
PDF is one of the most popular formats for creating, distributing, and printing e-books, letterheads, forms, documents, etc. The main advantage is that it allows you to display documents in the same way on all types of devices and avoid compatibility… - 08/26/2020

Effective SEO Strategies to Boost Your Site's Organic Traffic In 2020
In the past few months, thousands of businesses all over the world have folded due to the pandemic. Majority of the businesses that survived were those who have adapted by taking their business online. The importance of online marketing has never bee… - 07/29/2020

Use these four video conferencing techniques to boost remote employee engagement
It's no news that employee engagement notably improves productivity in the workplace, which in turn results in better service offering and increased revenue. However, keeping the staff involved and emotionally committed has never been as easy as flic… - 07/28/2020

How to Be Innovative in Your 2020 Marketing Strategy
It's never been so important to create a digital footprint than it has in 2020. With the whole world trying to make their mark online, businesses need to be increasingly innovative, so they aren't drowned out in the crowd. Here, we will run through s… - 06/17/2020

WebRTC for Live Casinos
It may be difficult to fathom that online gaming has been around almost as long as the internet itself. It was one of the first online services that launched in the mid-90s as the activity became legal via Antigua and Barbuda's Free Trade & Processin… - 06/11/2020

Break into Freelance App Writing
Is it really possible to make a living as a freelance app writer? Sometimes it seems like all the good ideas have already been taken, so it's easy to get discouraged. Lots of prospective writers of application software assume that two things stand in… - 05/28/2020

How to Make Business Meetings Interactive
You can make virtual meetings productive and engaging. Using mobile video conferencing is an effective and inexpensive way to meet with your employees or clients. It saves in travel costs, as well as, and you can schedule meetings quickly, it does no… - 05/06/2020

Online Casino Software Providers that are Leading the Game
When it comes to online casino gaming, some software providers are ahead of their time. Creating innovative content with unique features and theming is a goal of many software providers such as Betsoft and NetEnt. To engage players in exciting conten… - 04/27/2020

What Makes TikTok One of the Fastest-Growing Social Networks in the World?
TikTok is currently one of the fastest-growing social networks in the world that could shake up Facebook, Instagram, and other older social networks with its popularity. In fact, it already has. Although TikTok became more active in Europe and the US… - 04/24/2020

How Has Tech Changed the NFL and Where Will It Take the Game Next?
Perhaps it's not surprising that with its bulging rule book, huge rosters and multiple timeouts, the NFL was one of the first sports to adopt technology. - 04/24/2020

Tools Everyone in the Node.js Program Industry Should Be Using
With the emergence of Node.js, it is now more convenient for software developers to generate a simple, stable, and adaptable web application with far lesser lines of code. Ryan Dahl developed Nodejs program in the year 2009, by use of the runtime env… - 04/23/2020

Go Offshore: Why You Should Choose Ukrainian Developers
Businesses often reach a point in their development when they have to hire remote experts to fulfill their needs. The larger a company becomes, the more clients it has and, consequently, the more products it needs. Often for these new projects compan… - 04/17/2020

10 Best Construction Management Software Solutions
For most the project managers or person-in-charge in the construction project, the construction management software can be a great game changer. It is not a new thing that the construction management software is considered important by the profession… - 04/13/2020

Great Tips to Build a Successful Ecommerce Store
Creating a profitable ecommerce venture takes time that not everyone has. But if the dream to start a personal business is still strong, and you cannot afford as much time, taking the efficiency route is a good piece of advice. - 04/07/2020

Best Games You Can Play on Mobile Right Now
The gaming industry has been pushed into the mainstream by video game fans from all over the world. It's safe to say that video games are no longer just for "geeks" as they're currently a massive part of pop culture, having quite the reach in the ent… - 03/27/2020

How to Push Your Small Business Toward Success
It can be unfortunate how many small businesses end up failing to realize their potential due to a single bad business decision. While many companies might be able to weather the storm when it comes to common pitfalls, startups do not have such a lux… - 03/18/2020

7 Steps to Go Through Before You Choose Your Hosting Plan
Choosing your hosting plan is an essential step before you start your website. The type of hosting plan will have direct implications on your website performance as well as the way you run it. It is important to understand a few of the important char… - 03/11/2020

Why you should be using Infographics in Your Content Strategy
Choosing the right content is crucial for maintaining a successful business. However, it is also essential how you present that content to viewers. Even if you have high-quality content, you might face a problem of transferring that information to re… - 03/05/2020

Why SSL? The Purpose of Using SSL Certificates
SSL is what facilitates secure internet as it protects sensitive user data. Regardless of whether or not a website handles sensitive data like credit cards, SSL is tasked with protecting a website. It provides high levels of privacy, and data integri… - 02/27/2020

The Best Mobile Apps for Soccer Fans
Soccer is without a doubt the most followed sport in the world. The number of fans has always been on the up, and so is the growth of football leagues around the globe. It has become almost impossible keeping track of whatever is happening on differe… - 02/27/2020

Pros and Cons of Using Video on Your Brand's Website
You've probably heard a lot about the power of video marketing - but is it right for your website? When it's done right, video can take your brand to the next level and offer a second-to-none engagement experience with your customers. But it needs… - 02/18/2020

Oculus VR GO Headset Sales Made Up Largely of Adult Users
Technology is moving things forward nowadays. How we perceive the world around us can soon be changed with virtual reality (VR) technology. This technology is continuously expanding and showing no signs of slowing down. Its application has been teste… - 02/12/2020

Types of Modern Communications Devices
The advancements in modern technology allowed people to communicate with each other no matter where they are in the world, regardless of the time zone differences. Apart from simply keeping in touch, this paved the way for an efficient and immediate … - 02/10/2020

Webinar software platform - a great way to gain attention of new customers
Nowadays, the company which wants to sell some goods need to be well-prepared and use out of ordinary selling and presenting methods to meet the customers' attention and encourage them to be owners of your goods. Luckily, there is one solution that c… - 01/27/2020

SEO Taking Law Firms To The Next Level
Every company or firm needs to have a strong online presence that can attract more people and potential clients. Law firms are no different when it comes to making themselves known in the digital world. There should be various strong SEO strategies t… - 01/27/2020

How to Make the Most of a WordPress Webstore?
If you have a small business with a website and webstore, the chances are you use WordPress as your content management system (CMS). However, simply having a website is not enough, you need to make the most of it by reaching as many customers as you … - 01/27/2020

How to Monitor Website Rankings Effectively
Once you've set up your website for search engine rankings success, it's important that you are able to tell whether or not you are achieving the results that you want. Marketers and business owners need to understand the best ways to monitor and tra… - 01/10/2020

Know Who Should Use Cloud Hosting and Why?
When you add your business online of course, you are hoping for great things, all of which essentially come down to traffic. Visitors bring money so if your site is down or running poorly, it quickly translates into lost revenue. That could be awkwar… - 12/30/2019

Technology advancements in Online Gaming
Online gaming involves an interactive aspect that not only makes them entertaining but also realistic. Today, the best online games allow you to interact with other gamers, making real-time communications a crucial factor in the gaming world. While a… - 12/23/2019

Why Keyword Research is So Important
If done right, SEO can benefit your business. You should, therefore, keep up with SEO strategies that offer a good return on investment. Keyword research is one of the white label SEO services you should get for the best SEO results. Just like market… - 12/10/2019

Common Mistakes in Cloud Migration
For good reasons, you will want to migrate your data to the cloud as soon as possible to reap the benefits. It is a great thing to determine the way to improve your business efficiency and productivity. However, just like any other process, there are… - 12/10/2019

How Modern Technology Has Changed the Betting Industry
We live in the most dynamical era of human history, at least when it comes to the development of new technologies. There are constant leaps forwards and the world is changing as we speak. Many industries have benefited from the latest innovations and… - 11/26/2019

Is WebRTC as good as it seems?
WebRTC is an HTML 5 specification that is considered one of the best by top developers. It comprises of components that make the job of a developer easier. However, they are several arguments that it may not be as good as it claims. Nonetheless, a ve… - 11/25/2019

This is how you run multiple webshops at the same time successfully
Many people generate extra (passive) income by running a webshop. But what if you take it up a notch? Can you make more money running multiple websites at the same time? Sure you can! - 11/08/2019

What Should a Great Mobile App Look Like?
Since the arrival of smartphones and mobile devices such as tablets, phone applications have become one of the most important tools for businesses to use. There are currently over 2 million apps on the Google Play and App Stores, and a recent study b… - 11/04/2019

3 Tips for Marketing a Product or Service to Generation Z
As any semi-experienced marketer can tell you, there are different marketing techniques that are effective for each demographic you choose to target. Of course, the same advertisement isn't going to equally impact all age groups the same, as a teenag… - 10/18/2019

Humans - The Weakest Link in Any Security System
For the entire history of humans we have been developing systems to protect our property from others. The Egyptians built the pyramids, many European civilisations built castles, humans the world over invented safes, vaults, doors, locks, CCTV, and a… - 10/11/2019

Effects of the U.S. Stock Market on the Japanese Economy
Financial markets in the global economy influence each other. Considering the advanced trade relations of the modern-day world, the effect of big corporations and multinationals on economies around the globe is huge. The stock market of one major eco… - 09/25/2019

The New Foldable Samsung Phone now Has a Name
A lot of news outlets reported that there was going to be a new Samsung phone brought out. The phone itself would be foldable and it would also be in a clamshell design. The phone is going to be released in the year 2020 and it is going to look very … - 09/24/2019

8x8 Launches WebRTC-based Meeting Rooms Solution
8x8 launched its WebRTC-based 8x8 Meeting Rooms solution to take the complexity out of business collaboration and conferencing solutions. - 09/23/2019

TMC Announces 2019 WebRTC Product of the Year Award Winners
TMC today announced the recipients of the 2019 WebRTC Product of the Year Award, presented by INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine and WebRTC World. - 09/23/2019

Bitdefender: Best Anti-Malware Software
One of the Maslow's Hierarchy of needs is safety. Humans need to feel safe and secure in their surroundings at all times. It's the reason why thousands are spent on top of the range security systems for their homes for those who can afford that luxur… - 09/20/2019

Voyant Acquires Acrobits to Drive a Truly Integrated UCaaS Experience
Voyant acquires Acrobits to enhance mobile experiences and integration for its UCaas and CPaaS customers. - 09/05/2019

Hodusoft Announces Pay-as-you-go PBX Subscription Service
Hodusoft, a unit of VoIP software provider Ecosmob and a business VoIP solutions provider, is now offering a pay-as-you-go model. Company officials say this isexactly what start-ups need to get around the high costs and investment required to have to… - 08/29/2019

Why You Should Outsource Your Call Centre Services
Many businesses today, especially as they grow from a small business into a larger enterprise, will need to expand their communications infrastructure. Ensuring that customers are able to easily reach out to and communicate with your business is an e… - 08/29/2019

The Best Website Niches That Will Skyrocket You to Financial Freedom in 2019
Looking to boost your earnings and enjoy financial freedom? Focusing on niche websites can help skyrocket you to a whole new level of success. - 08/22/2019

Start-Up Business Management: Hassle-Free Ways to Improve the Odds of Success
There is no denying how challenging it can be to maintain a start-up company and try to keep it afloat in a competitive business landscape. While it might have taken a lot of time, effort and resources to start a company of your own, trying to keep y… - 08/14/2019

Edify Labs Revolutionizes the Contact Center
Edify Labs has taken the complexity of the contact center and smashed it with a rock, and then took the rock and broke apart the way we used to pay for contact center solutions. - 08/12/2019

VirtualPBX Unveils Web Phone 2.0
VirtualPBX announced enhancements to the Dash Business Phone System with the release of its Web Phone, Version 2.0. All Dash users can now access the WebRTC-based solution via mobile and desktop browsers. - 08/12/2019

Beware: Your Home May Be Hacked
We all want to feel safe in our homes. Today, with technological advanced modifying all aspects of reality, houses are filled with electronics. So-called smart devices, like high-tech baby monitors or pet cams, have been designed to boost convenience… - 08/12/2019

The World of Torrenting and the Most Important Things to Know About It
Internet users and movie lovers have heard of internet piracy and copyright infringement… if you're not too familiar with it, you've at least seen the FBI Anti-Piracy Warning Seal that's displayed before a movie comes on. Piracy and copyright infring… - 08/02/2019

This Tech Uses Cell Signals to Help Drivers Not Run Over Pedestrians
Present-day car safety technology is right about warning drivers before they hit other cars. The startup has added new tech that warns drivers before they hit people. This tech is as valuable as having a bonus for online casinos in NJ, though in a di… - 08/02/2019

New Tech May Allow People To Live On Mars
According to Nasa's scientists in Pasadena, Mars is the next best planet for human life besides earth. However, high ultraviolet radiation and low temperatures on the planet's surface currently impede life's survival anywhere except in controlled sub… - 08/02/2019

How to Make Your Online Business Stand Out
There are three things every online business needs to stand out from the competition. Find out what they are here. - 07/31/2019

How do you grow a marketplace?
It all starts with the idea to connect producers or service providers with the people who need those goods and services. Then comes the part where you have to work out the ways to bring sellers and buyers together. At this stage, you have to use prov… - 07/30/2019

8 Necessary Steps to Take When Building a Website
When it comes to building a website, it can feel like a task can be difficult for some. There are many people who struggle with understanding the concept of building a website and what it takes to do it. There are different types of websites out ther… - 07/19/2019

Tips to Optimize UX Using Web Chats on Mobile Devices
The internet is nearly ubiquitous nowadays, and that means many things. In regards to customer service, it means that people are using the web to interact with customer services specialists and find the answers to the questions they have. - 06/24/2019

5 Pure Ways Tech Products Have Improved Our Lives Today
Over the past couple of year, technology has changed the way we do things. It has revamped our lives for the good because it has created useful resources and tools which are handy. There are many technology revolutions such as smartwatches, the compu… - 06/21/2019

Top 10 Enterprise Related Benefits of ASP.Net That Is Driving Demand for Trained Professionals
ASP.Net is a one-stop framework for building robust, dynamic and feature-rich enterprise web applications. It combines proven web development models that have the potential of creating complex applications which can cater to the myriad needs of busin… - 06/21/2019

Top 7 Ways in Which Python Might Be the Best Career Move for You
Being a programmer, your linguistic kit is never complete without a language like Python. Python is one of the most popular programming languages which is free, open source and runs almost anywhere! Be it Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Unix, Android or… - 06/21/2019

Beginner's Guide to Starting an Online Business
So you have finally decided to end your 9 to 5 job job and start your blogging or e-commerce or any online business, but starting an online business is not that easy, especially if you do not have the right knowledge. I remember being confused and lo… - 06/07/2019

What Does Hostmonster Hosting Offer New Bloggers?
Hostmonster is a web hosting company that's been around since 2005. They operate out of Provo, Utah as one of several different web hosting companies owned by a single corporation. Under the same banner are familiar names like BlueHost and less famil… - 06/03/2019

4 Things You Should Know About ERPs
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software helps companies manage their businesses efficiently. It standardizes, integrates, and streamlines disparate business processes in a variety of departments, making managing people, buying products, and selli… - 05/21/2019

Are You A Tech Wiz? Try Working From Home
Have you always wanted to work from home? There are many advantages to working from home including the fact that you get to choose your own hours and save money on things like travel. For those in the tech industry, there are plenty of opportunities … - 05/20/2019

Search Engine Optimization Tips From A Social Media Marketing Agency
Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the art of using techniques to help your website reach the top search results of search engines. With the growing population of Internet users, the effectiveness of SEO has increased now more than ever. For your… - 05/13/2019

Effectively Handling Disputes in a Smooth and Professional Manner
The term dispute is quite common among business owners because it is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Customer disputes are quite normal regardless of if you have done a great job or not. However, part of your responsibility … - 05/10/2019

How to Get and Run a VPN
Encrypted surfing ensure added safety to your browsing and protects you from cyber attackers who want to bridge your secret browsing. You don't have to wait until your system is attacked by hackers so you can start using a VPN, no! Safety should come… - 05/10/2019

How to Block the Bot?
Fake visits not only can cause distortion of statistics but is also a source of problems with the site's reference profile, user experience, and even security. Why are fake visitors (bots) dangerous, and how to deal with them? Let's take a look at th… - 04/18/2019

Ensuring Cybersecurity in Your Interaction with Clients
As a result of the digital revolution we experienced in the last decades, many businesses started interacting with their clients in new ways that replaced traditional communication. Thus, virtually any serious business that needs to efficiently inter… - 04/15/2019

How can new technology improve health care?
Technology affects all industries and nearly all aspects of life, from customer relations to manufacturing. Once a new technology has become well-established, we barely notice that it's there and accept it as a standard part of society. It is without… - 04/08/2019

Five requisites your SMB can't do without!
Starting your own business is undoubtedly an exciting idea. You can create a name for yourself if your business flourishes, but it all depends on how smart and aware you are. Setting up a business requires patience to set up a business. A business wo… - 04/04/2019

5 Ways to Improve Customer Relations Through Tech
Your customers, both current and potential, expect more from you and your company every day… as they should. Constant technological advancements give your customers a broader range of choices when it comes to products and services, and while this inc… - 03/28/2019

What makes a visa service the best?
In the past decade, more and more countries adopted the electronic visa system. It allows travelers to apply online for their visa. Not only that it is more convenient, but the online process is always more accessible than a trip to the nearest embas… - 03/27/2019

Chief Information Officer and The Job Roles That Come With It
The roles of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) began with leading data processing teams and Information Systems (IS) departments. Advancements in technology offer professionals with this job position evolving responsibilities. Today's competitive b… - 03/26/2019

7 Reasons you should Implement a Kanban System in your Business
If you're already familiar with Agile project management, then you may have already heard of the Kanban System. While the system was first introduced by the Toyota company in the '40s to manage their assembly lines and improve their manufacturing pro… - 03/21/2019

Dropping Real Time Communications into Web and Mobile Web Applications, AT&T Leverages Ribbon's Kandy Platform for New API Marketplace
In our hyperconnected world, where we live on our favorite apps, shop on our favorite websites, visit our doctors on web-based telehealth platforms, and collaborate with global teams using videoconferencing, screensharing, co-browsing and more, who w… - 03/18/2019

SMEs Are Benefiting from New Enterprise Tools
SMEs used to find it hard to compete with big corporations. But thanks to new enterprise tools, SMEs are in a much better situation. What does the new ecosystem look like? - 02/14/2019

Technology and Manufacturing, the Perfect Partnership
Technology seems to be evolving in almost every type of business. When it evolves companies are more efficient and productive. Changes such as fast food outlets using mobile phone apps, sites such as Casinopedia.org changing the face of betting, or s… - 02/12/2019

How to Develop an Effective Office Relocation Strategy Using the Latest Apps?
Office relocation is a nightmare. It takes a joint effort from the whole team in order to pull one off. And once you set the machinery in motion, you are past the point of return. While it's true that an office relocation can never be one of those ea… - 01/29/2019

A Beginner's Quick Guide to Web Hosting
It seems you are finally ready to bring your business online. As soon as your domain name is sorted out, the next thing you need to do is build a website. But before you can even get it up and running, you need somewhere to host it. - 01/21/2019

4 Tips to Protect Your Business from Being Hacked Online
For businesses, a leak of valuable data such as financial information can cause severe financial setbacks to a point where recovery is impossible. According to a report by NBC, financial damages caused by data breaches spiked to more than 6% since la… - 01/17/2019

How cyber attacks impacts business.
Cybercrime is getting sophisticated each new day with the ever advancing hacking technologies and social engineering techniques. - 11/27/2018

Corporate Office Productivity Tools
Different platforms are exactly changing way the people interact and work. Some kind of companies exactly now required to look at something and may also have considered before and considering is the best. It might be procrastinating without noticing … - 10/29/2018

Trading and Investments Your How-to Guide
It is estimated that there are roughly 3.8 billion Internet users from around the world and this figure is only expected to increase. It therefore stands to reason that the number of online investors is continuing to grow in tandem. Countless individ… - 10/17/2018

How VR and Holograms will change business forever
In the next 20 years, business is going to experience some major changes in many forms. From the way we exchange business cards, to writing invoices, to employing new people. New apps and technologies will break down barriers for companies to functio… - 10/10/2018

Fonvirtual launches its call center services based on the WebRTC technology
The Spanish multinational known for their international numbering and PBX services integrated with WebRTC doubles its bet for that technology and launches the Call Center service based on the WebRTC. - 09/24/2018

The Main Differences Between Kanban and Scrum
When it comes to project management, there are a number of different software packages that you can use which use different project management methods as their basis. The two most common ones that you tend to find are Kanban and Scrum. Kanban and Scr… - 08/15/2018

5 Common WordPress SEO Issues and How to Fix Them
When you are working your WordPress site and not seeing the search results that you want, it can be frustrating to check the traffic metrics and see that it hasn't moved even one notch. It is possible that some common WordPress SEO errors have been m… - 08/10/2018

Enterprise Video Central to TokBox Acquisition
Vonage announced the acquisition of TokBox. The $35 million all-cash transaction delivers Vonage a San Francisco-based company wooing with its WebRTC programmable video. - 08/01/2018

The Most Sophisticated AI (You Could Own Right Now)
For many of us, AI and robotics can seem like technologies far removed from our own lives. When we do hear of them, it tends to be through news stories of scaremongering warnings or extraordinary new breakthroughs like the pioneering robotics venture… - 07/19/2018

How Real-Time Communications Have Improved Online Gaming
1991. This was the year Tim Berners Lee invented something he called the internet. He was able to write what he called HTML code, and, in the early days when he had to sell it to people, he said it was like lots of Microsoft Word documents all stitch… - 07/17/2018

How Real-Time Communications Have Improved Online Gaming
1991. This was the year Tim Berners Lee invented something he called the internet. He was able to write what he called HTML code, and, in the early days when he had to sell it to people, he said it was like lots of Microsoft Word documents all stitch… - 07/17/2018

WebRTC is the Future of Online Communication
Online communication has gone through major transformation over the years. What started with Yahoo Messenger has expanded and progressed to applications like Skype where you text, call and video chat. - 07/11/2018

Qumu Gets 2018 WebRTC Product of the Year Award
Qumu won the 2018 WebRTC Product of the Year Award making the headlines. Qumu is the company to provide the technology behind the peer to peer video communication tool known as Qumu WebRTC extension. - 07/11/2018

Ediscovery Best Practices: Map All of Your Data Streams
There is always that period and time that a business will have to face a legal matter. So if you're a business how ready are you if you are faced with such a situation? The first thing ever to do to get ready for a litigation process is to map up all… - 07/11/2018

How E-Merchants Can Win Customers Without Tech
There's plenty of dialogue about implementing artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality into business strategies to improve customer relationships. However, the latest tech innovations aren't the only ways e-merchants can win customers. - 07/05/2018

Where WebRTC and the IoT Meet
WebRTC and an open source project created by Google earlier this month hosted a webinar sharing various use cases where WebRTC enhances the IoT and IIoT. - 06/26/2018

TMC Announces 2018 WebRTC Product of the Year Award Winners
TMC announced the recipients of the 2018 WebRTC Product of the Year Award, presented by INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine and WebRTC World. - 06/25/2018

WebRTC Ventures Unveils Expert Consultation Platform
To fill this market void, WebRTC Ventures announced the arrival of a real time video and audio expert consultation platform that can be marketed and licensed under a company's brand. Businesses realize they need to give customers what they want, and … - 06/22/2018

Important Details to Remember in Process Mapping
What is process mapping? It is basically the creation of a visual representation of processes. It can also be referred to as the creation of a flowchart, process model, functional process chart, workflow diagram, business flow diagram, or functional … - 06/22/2018

Why is Convectional EDI Bad?
Automated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is not just a framework for the exchange of business documents. It is a continuous process which enables the automated electronic exchange of documents between business partners. It is a mission-critical ca… - 06/18/2018

Why is Convectional EDI Bad?
Automated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is not just a framework for the exchange of business documents. It is a continuous process which enables the automated electronic exchange of documents between business partners. It is a mission-critical ca… - 06/18/2018

Computenix Video Call Center Elevates Patient Engagement with WebRTC
Computenix announced the arrival of the Computenix Video Call Center. The agent-assist tool allows patients to connect with healthcare professionals, support staff and more, delivering a high definition visual experience to patient care. - 04/27/2018

Wildix Delivers Huddle Room, WebRTC Solutions
The company leverages WebRTC technology to deliver audio and video communications directly within the web browser. Wildix sells a unified-communications-as-a-service suite featuring an attendant console, file sharing, live streaming to Facebook and Y… - 03/12/2018

AsteriskService Releases Enhanced Session Border Controller for WebRTC
The new SBC, a part of its WebRTC solution, comes from deep research into exactly what VoIP service providers look for in terms of security, call quality, and issues dealt with daily. - 02/23/2018

Expanding WebRTC Beyond Traditional Peer-to-Peer Voice and Video
WebRTC is transforming the communications world. It is being used in Contact Centers, Unified Communications, and a range of applications to provide voice and video directly on the Internet using IP. - 02/22/2018

Choosing the Right CPaaS Solution for Embedded Communications
The range of options for how to enable real-time communications in applications has created a new challenge: Deciding which platform or solution to use. - 12/15/2017

Will the End of Net Neutrality Impact WebRTC Operation and Adoption?
The FCC just voted to eliminate the restrictions on ISPs to arbitrarily limit internet traffic. There are a range of arguments on both sides and there will be court challenges for sure, but this should be concerning to those of us using the internet … - 12/14/2017

W3C Offers WebRTC Work Update
The World Wide Web Consortium has published WebRTC 1.0 as a W3C Candidate Recommendation. The group says that sends "a strong signal about stability of the API." - 11/24/2017

ReadyTalk Teams with Temasys to Replace Flash with WebRTC
ReadyTalk has selected the Temasys' WebRTC plug-in to seamlessly and safely deliver collaboration between ReadyTalk consumers across browsers that include Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. - 11/20/2017

WebRTC: The Answer to Scalability for Remote Video and Voice Services
As the technology commanded by the average web user improves - and as easy access to video and voice channels is culturally preparing us for ubiquitous face-to-face interactions - we may be looking at a renaissance in interpersonal communications. - 11/20/2017

Talk Fusion Releases Enhanced Version of Live Meetings
Talk Fusion has just released an enhanced version of Live Meetings, powered by WebRTC. - 09/06/2017

Frozen Mountain, Xirsys Partner on WebRTC
Developers who use Frozen Mountain Software's IceLink and LiveSwitch technology can now employ Xirsys hosted servers with just a single line of code. - 09/06/2017

What to Consider When Getting Started with WebRTC
WebRTC offers immense benefits for the modern contact center. WebRTC, which stands for Web Real Time Communication, is a technology framework that enables voice and video communication on a Web browser or in a Mobile/Web App without a plug-in, widget… - 07/31/2017

Tokbox Powers LUV's Live Video Chat
Level Up Village has introduced live video chat functionality, based on Tokbox technology, to its Global Communication Platform. - 06/29/2017

IPVideoTalk Earns Top Honors with 2017 WebRTC Product of the Year Award
As the WebRTC market continues to see a meteoric increase in adoption across industries on a worldwide scale, all eyes were on Grandstream Networks in early May following the news that their WebRTC solution, IPVideo Talk, had been announced as the wi… - 06/28/2017

SMB Demand for WebRTC Solutions Drives Growth
The latest WebRTC report from Research and Markets reveals that the market is set to reach $6.49 billion by 2022 as demand from SMBs drives growth - 06/21/2017

SwitchRTC Gives TellFree Enterprise Video UC&C Services
TellFree has selected SwitchRTC to start delivering enterprise video unified communications & collaboration (UC&C) services with an accelerated custom development program to introduce products to market faster. - 06/14/2017

CitrusTel Solution Demonstrates the Power of WebRTC
CitrusTel offers a new solution that demonstrates the power of WebRTC. - 06/13/2017

WebRTC Whitepaper Looks At Healthcare Value
A new whitepaper from WebRTC Ventures looks at the value of WebRTC in healthcare operations. - 06/09/2017

WebRTC Rising in Value
More and more people are realizing the potential value of WebRTC, resulting in a large projected market increase. - 05/31/2017

The Many Benefits of WebRTC
WebRTC offers a lot of terrific potential value, but there are some things to know first. - 05/23/2017

Businesses See Substantial Rise in WebRTC Use
Businesses all around the world are reporting a significant increase in the use of WebRTC video conferencing. - 05/23/2017

Grandstream IPVideoTalk Receives WebRTC Product of the Year Award
The recently launched IPVideoTalk platform by Grandstream Networks has received TMC's 2017 WebRTC Product of the Year Award for exceptional innovation in providing video, audio and Web conferencing. - 05/17/2017

How WebRTC Has Moved Forward
WebRTC has seen traction in its adoption within new and important applications, and by key tech leaders and other businesses. The list includes Google, Microsoft, and Snapchat. - 05/10/2017

Global WebRTC Market to Increase by Billions of Dollars in 2025
The global Web Real-time Communications (WebRTC) market is set to increase by tens of billions of dollars through 2025 as different projections have the technology growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of anywhere between 20 to 40 percent. - 05/10/2017

SwitchRTC Launches Partnership Program in WebRTC Development
SwitchRTC launches its SwitchRTC Technology Circle program, offering new support to fellow WebRTC developers. - 05/08/2017

Ecosmob Focuses WebRTC on Education
Ecosmob has released a WebRTC platform focused on childhood education. - 05/02/2017

WebRTC Powers Even the Most Stringent Applications
This solution, from GreenKey Tech, is voice software for teams. It prevents financial organizations from having to invest in new and expensive hardware. - 04/26/2017

New Version of Edge Supports WebRTC
Microsoft this month updated its Edge browser, adding support for Brotli compression, WebRTC-based real time communications and more. These new Edge features are offered as part of the Windows 10 Creators Update, and they illustrate how the long-time… - 04/25/2017

Grandstream Introduces WebRTC-Enabled Conferencing Platform
Grandstream announced that it is launching an innovative Web conferencing platform with a free meeting plan. The solution, called IPVideoTalk Web Meetings, leverages WebRTC technology to offer high quality Web meetings with HD video and audio using a… - 04/24/2017

LTE Growth Means Big Gains for WebRTC
The rise of the 4G LTE market-particularly ahead of the commercial launch of 5G-means great things for WebRTC. - 04/19/2017

WebRTC Market to Gain Steadily for Next Decade
A new report from Transparency Market Research shows the WebRTC market is on a steady climb and should reach impressive levels by 2025. - 04/10/2017

TMC Announces 2017 WebRTC Product of the Year Award Winners
The WebRTC Product of the Year Award honors solutions that support browser-to-browser applications for voice calling, video chat, and P2P file sharing without the need of either internal or external plug-ins. This award recognizes vendors who are adv… - 04/03/2017

BlueJeans Rolls Out WebRTC Product Upgrade
BlueJeans is looking to improve its real time meeting room experience by rolling out WebRTC upgrades. - 03/29/2017

WebinarJam Adds WebRTC With Temasys
WebinarJam announced that it has integrated Temasys's WebRTC into its platform. - 03/28/2017

Big Growth Ahead for WebRTC
The market for WebRTC solutions is set to grow in rapid fashion from 2016 to 2023, according to word from Credence Research. - 03/22/2017

ShoreTel Deploys Temasys WebRTC Plug-in
Temasys has announced the ShoreTel Connect Unified Communication (UC) solution is going to be powered by its WebRTC Plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari browsers. - 03/22/2017

Northeast Blizzard Brings Cancelled Flights, Ruined Business Plans
The storm is a stark reminder about the need for business continuity, particularly in the Northeast where the weather can be severe and unpredictable. From an enterprise communications standpoint, one technology that can help is Web Real-time Communi… - 03/14/2017

Firefox 52 Improves Complex App Performance
The latest edition of Firefox is going to improve complex app performance, but support for Google Hangouts won't be available as of now in the 52nd iteration of this browser. - 03/13/2017

SwitchRTC Announces WebRTC SFU Platform
SwitchRTC announced that it is delivering an SFU platform for a range of applications. - 03/10/2017

Ecosmob Offers WebRTC Client Software for Various Industry Verticals
Ecosmob has announced the availability of WebRTC client software to its local and international customers for different industry verticals so they can implement real-time communications with greater ease. - 03/07/2017

Flashphoner Brings WebRTC to YouTube Live
Flashphoner's latest Web Call Server update brings WebRTC video streaming to YouTube Live, offering new options in live video. - 03/06/2017

BBVA Teams Up with Oracle for WebRTC
As we are all well aware, the WebRTC edge is coming. Companies all over the world, both large and small, are looking at ways to integrate WebRTC technology into their every day operations in the hopes of simplifying processes and getting the most out… - 02/28/2017

AudioCodes' WebRTC Now Part of Radisys Lineup
AudioCodes and Radisys get together with joint certification and interoperability testing that should bring AudioCodes' WebRTC lineup to Radisys systems. - 02/28/2017

Telinta Brings Together its WebRTC and Virtual Office Solutions
Telinta announced at ITEXPO last week that it has added its WebRTC offering to its Virtual Office solution. - 02/13/2017

Microsoft Edge Sharpens Up With WebRTC
The latest version of Microsoft Edge incorporates some extra WebRTC tools to improve communications. - 02/07/2017

The WebRTC Edge is Coming
Today, Microsoft announced that "the preview availability of the WebRTC 1.0 API, and support for the H.264/AVC and VP8 video codecs for RTC in Microsoft Edge, enabling plugin-free, interoperable video communications solutions across browsers and plat… - 02/03/2017

Temasys Taking Its Talents to South Florida
For about five years running, Temasys continues to wave the WebRTC flag proudly. Real time communications can today be easily integrated into apps of all types, creating interesting and innovative use cases, which is also driving adoption of this bur… - 02/02/2017

Avaya Snapp Store Could Add WebRTC Influx
A growing slate of third party apps in the Avaya Snapp Store means a new influx of WebRTC and other content. - 01/31/2017

What's on the Horizon for WebRTC?
We have reached a turning point in the Web real-time communications (WebRTC) industry, as businesses are now looking beyond traditional use cases and finding creative ways to leverage this dynamic technology. - 01/26/2017

Vidyo.io CPaaS 2.0 Cloud Embedded Video Solution Announced by Vidyo
This week, Vidyo announced a new cloud delivery solution for embedded video, Vidyo.io. The new video solution is based on all the core capabilities of the routed Vidyo core for delivering high quality video over the inconsistent networking in the Int… - 01/26/2017

WebRTC's Market Ahead Continues Upward Track
A new Future Market Insight report details the rising fortunes of the WebRTC market through 2025. Sessions at ITEXPO will reflect these upward trends. - 01/20/2017

Ingate President Says SIP, WebRTC Are Hot Trends for 2017
TMC interviews Ingate Systems President Steven Johnson on the eve of ITEXPO. - 01/13/2017

Dive Into the World of WebRTC at ITEXPO
At the head of PKE is Phil Edholm. Phil is the organizer of the WebRTC World Conference & Expo, the global eco-system event for WebRTC. He also has over 30 years of experience across the development of Ethernet, IP, VoIP, SIP and now collaboration an… - 01/10/2017

Real Time Web Solutions Conference Joins ITEXPO in Fort Lauderdale
Trumbull, CT - January 10, 2017 - TMC, Systemwide Media and PKE Consulting have announced that Real Time Web Solutions has joined ITEXPO, being held February 7-10, 2017 at the Greater Ft. Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale… - 01/10/2017

WebRTC: One of 2016's Biggest Technologies No One Has Heard Of
The term "WebRTC" is rarely seen in mainstream tech headlines and product launches. Does that mean WebRTC is just a fad for the niche telephony market? - 01/03/2017

GENBAND Looks Back at 2016
Communications are evolving the way we do business. Even today, as we've already adopted so many leading edge solutions, new communications offerings continue to influence change and create new demands from service providers. - 12/26/2016

Kandy Lands Real Time Communications Honors
GENBAND's popular Kandy system takes Best Cloud Provider (Vendor) award from Telecom Review at annual event. - 12/19/2016

Contextual Communications Add Value in the Omnichannel Communications World
An increasing number of communication technologies and devices need to interoperate and collaborate in the business and customer-facing technology realms. Contextual communications add value and enhance productivity for RTC and UC solutions. - 12/19/2016

Kandy Talks RTC, Predictions for 2017
Kandy, GENBAND's platform as a service offering, has been weaving rich communications services into business and consumer applications via mobile and the Internet since its inception. So what's next? - 12/13/2016

UCC Drives Demand for Real-Time Communications
The demand for real-time communications in the enterprise is very real, especially with a growing access to UCC platforms. Decisions surrounding platforms will depend upon integration and intuitive use. - 12/06/2016

Inside Real Time Communications' Charitable Side
GENBAND shows us how real time communications is about more than people talking by taking on a new charitable giving project. - 12/02/2016

GENBAND and TelcoBridges Alliance Improves Global Operation Deployments
A strategic marketing alliance between GENBAND and TelcoBridges will provide the scalability needed to deliver operational customer deployments and real time communications. - 11/22/2016

Making Business Process Outsourcing Work: Firms that Right Shore Get it Right
In the real time communications space, telecom expense management company Avotus looked to outsource some of its business processes, hiring a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm. We caught up with Avotus CEO James Martino recently to understand t… - 11/15/2016

GENBAND Makes Adding RTC to Skype for Business Easy, Affordable
GENBAND offers a cost-effective way to add video and voice to the free IM and presence capabilities of Skype for Business via its GENBAND real time communications client for Skype for Business. - 11/15/2016

Ingenuity, Speed and Collaboration are Driving the Imagination Economy
The imagination economy is being fueled by real time communications such as brand currency, social networking and the innovation electricity derived from constant global connectivity and communications. - 11/14/2016

It's All About the Experience: GENBAND Intros GENView Analytics for Service Providers
There's probably nothing more important on the to-do list of service providers today than enhancing network efficiency and improving the customer experience. That's because with these elements, success is possible. - 11/09/2016

Get Your Hack On! Kandy Teams with Collaborizm and myDevices for Event
Hackathons have seen a recent surge in popularity. Maybe it's because they are cool and fun - or maybe it's because what comes out of them has the potential to change our future. Kandy, the communications platform as a service (PaaS) created by GENBA… - 11/03/2016

At The Intersection of IoT and RTC: How Do We Secure The Digital Conversations Between People and Things?
Earlier this month, the Mirai and Bashlight botnet attacks flooded Dyn, one of the largest domain name service providers in the world, causing Internet outages affecting Twitter, Box, GitHub and more. The attacks happened so fast it was initially har… - 11/01/2016

How Real Time Communications is Benefiting the Banking World
The customer experience is becoming more complicated. It's not enough to have what customers need, when they need it. Today, you must be able to create the personalized experience that evolves along with the customer. At the same time, you have to do… - 10/26/2016

GENBAND, IBM Integrate UC&C Solutions
Such solutions provide employees and partners with the tools they need to get their jobs done without relying on insecure applications they access individually over the Internet, as GENBAND explains in a video on its website. - 10/25/2016

Want to Add Communications to an App? Check Out This Webinar!
When it comes to simple ways to improve value in an app, one of the best of these is to add a chat function. It can be comfortably added to just about anything that could be a conversation starter-from a restaurant payment app to a weather forecast a… - 10/19/2016

Avaya Launches New Business Communications Platform
Earlier this week, Avaya announced that they will be launching a new platform for mobile business communication that will allow users access to real time communications software from any mobile device. This platform, called Avaya Equinox, is availabl… - 10/19/2016

GENBAND's Nuvia Cloud Platform Chosen by CCNA
The communication needs of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are the same as any large enterprise except on a smaller scale. And as the world we live in continues to get more connected, even the smallest of businesses will need a platform that allo… - 10/18/2016

RTC and Telemedicine Help Healthcare Providers Deal with Overwhelming Workloads
Healthcare providers are scrambling to gain their footing in this competitive and bleak environment, and fortunately, technology is becoming a major asset and helping them meet demands on all fronts. While technology certainly can't replace the time … - 10/12/2016

Agora.io's New Interactive Broadcasting Tool Means Easy Distribution
Agora Interactive Broadcasting is an applications programming interface (API), which allows businesses to better incorporate live video and audio into mass distribution operations. The current setup allows for seven broadcasters to send content to a … - 10/12/2016

Fuse to Resell, Install GENBAND Communications Services, Apps
Fuse 2 Communications offers U.K. businesses voice software and services such as unified communications and contact centers. It works for the needs of its clients, whether those needs are internal or customer-facing. - 10/11/2016

Three Countries Where WebRTC Is Developed
Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) development is taking place all around the globe. Countless organizations-particularly healthcare providers and contact centers across verticals-are now turning to the browser-based, open source WebRTC standard to… - 10/10/2016

Communications Development: Getting the Math Right
In communications development, like any business, there is a convergence of ideas and talent to create a successful end result. While a development team is most likely made up of experienced developers, management in a lot of cases is composed of peo… - 10/07/2016

Delivering the Real-Time Web: Real Time Web Solutions China 2016
While Web 2.0 was all about social, groups, and crowd-whatever, it certainly appears that Web 3.0 is going to be about real time: real-time chat, real-time video, real-time audio, and real-time data. - 10/05/2016

Oblong Brings More Features to Mezzanine
Oblong, one of the leading providers of next-generation real time communications services, announced today that they are adding even more features to Mezzanine, their visual collaboration solution that goes way beyond simple video conferencing. With … - 10/05/2016

Intelecom Leverages GENBAND WebRTC Gateway for Real-Time Communications
Intelecom is leveraging the WebRTC Gateway from GENBAND to bring real-time communications to its cloud-based contact center solutions. - 10/04/2016

Two Years of Kandy Arrives at GENBAND
It's been a sweet two years for GENBAND, whose Kandy offering has delivered a lot of impact to the market by offering a communications platform that allows for a variety of functions to be routed through it. Such sufficient functions, in fact, that G… - 10/03/2016

Telemedicine Helps Solve Night Coverage Problems
Keeping a hospital staffed can be difficult, particularly when the overnight hours roll around. Most people are predisposed to sleeping at night, so staying awake through those long hours can be especially difficult. Compounded by the difficulty of t… - 09/30/2016

Flowroute Co-founder Explains How APIs Are Impacting Telecom
Use of messaging is on the rise. WebRTC has great potential. And new APIs now make it possible for newcomers to leverage telecom resources in new and efficiency-enhancing ways. That was the message from Sean Hsieh, co-founder and chief product office… - 09/28/2016

VoLTE and Virtualization: What Mobile Operators Need to Know
The ongoing challenge for mobile operators is how to leverage this mobile-first mentality when OTT services, like WhatsApp, Skype and others are beating operators at their own game and out-innovating them during this all-IP transition and the migrati… - 09/26/2016

CoolDoctors Uses GENBAND Kandy as Voice, Video, Texting Conduit
A staple of reporting in the communications market, GENBAND has made a name for itself with the Kandy cloud-based service that allows clients to join voice, video, and texting into their mobile and web applications. The latest integration of Kandy wi… - 09/26/2016

DN Telehealth and Temasys Offer Revolutionary Telemedicine Solution
Real-time communications capabilities are revolutionizing several industries, including healthcare. Patient care is no longer confined to a hospital room or doctor's office. Instead, doctors, patients and other caregivers can now meet in a fully HIPA… - 09/21/2016

How to Eliminate the On-Site Customer Care Call
What do we, as consumers, mean when we request something in real-time? Do we truly want something immediately, or are we willing to wait? Given that many of us live in an economy where our Internet is powered by Fiber, our food is ready when we pull … - 09/20/2016

Learn How to Effectively Compete in a Market Dominated by Skype
Skype - it's one of those words that took on its own personality, especially when it became a verb. Like Google, it became part of the online experience and changed the way so many of us stayed connected. When Microsoft decided it wanted to be a bigg… - 09/12/2016

Three New Programming Languages Offer Promise
Programming languages - they can do amazing things, yet most of us would cringe at the thought of trying to understand them. In support of real-time communications, however, the possibilities are virtually endless. But not all languages are created t… - 09/07/2016

Sweet! Kandy Awarded Product of the Year 2016
GENBAND's communications Platform-as-a-service offering, Kandy, has been the market to new heights since its introduction a few years back. Both the company and this innovative offering continue to receive industry recognition as a result. - 09/01/2016

GENBAND, Exact Ventures Address V-Squared Mobile Carrier Challenge
But there are many things mobile service providers should consider for best results in virtualizing their networks and introducing VoLTE. That includes employing the best processes and selecting the ideal solutions to ensure end-to-end IP connectivit… - 08/29/2016

GENBAND Promotes Steven Bruny to COO of Network Transformation
GENBAND, a developer of communications software for enterprises, is perhaps best known for its development of Kandy, a cloud-based service that allows clients to add voice, video and other communications features into their own applications. The othe… - 08/23/2016

Agora.io and Lingoland Offer New Alternative to Rosetta Stone
Most people likely think "Rosetta Stone" first when considering tools to help learn a new language. It's worked for a lot of people before and it will likely work for them too. There are other alternatives, however, and Agora.io and Lingoland recentl… - 08/18/2016

Talk Fusion Video Chat Receives Award from TMC
Founder & CEO Bob Reina is thrilled at the recognition from TMC, and is looking forward to the future as he promises more big things from his company: "This is just the beginning…our talented IT team has big plans for the future of our All-in-One Vid… - 08/18/2016

Nationwide Turns to Cutover to Improve Project Management Operations
The Fintech Innovation Lab at Accenture is kind of like an iceberg; most people may not know it's there, but there's quite a bit going on below the almost-invisible surface. Nationwide Building Society is illustrating this point well, turning to Fint… - 08/17/2016

WebRTC and OTT Innovator GENBAND Looks Ahead
WebRTC has been steadily evolving and has become a key component of most unified communication and collaboration offerings. But while many industry players were skeptical about RTC and its place in the broader communications realm, some have champion… - 08/17/2016

Xura Award-Winning Platform Handles Simultaneous Video Feeds Efficiently
Xura announced recently that it had received an award on the strength of its forge by Xura (FBX) platform. FBX is used in the social media fitness app, Weqool, which allows users to communicate with each other through SMS and video calls while workin… - 08/17/2016

Primo Connect App Sees 1M Downloads Before Commercial Launch
The public beta version of Primo Connect's over-the-top communications app has seen more than 1 million downloads, and the official launch of this offering is scheduled for late September. - 08/15/2016

Why Context Is King
In a world where everybody and everything can be connected, when machines and humans can interact in an exponential variety of ways, the opportunity to understand behavior better and serve up more useful and entertaining experiences is becoming the r… - 08/15/2016

GENBAND Adds Sponsorship to Women in the Channel Event
The issue of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers is one that's been a hot-button for some time now. Several new initiatives have come out to help drive this forward, and recently, GENBAND got involved in such a de… - 08/08/2016

GENBAND Offers Mobile Carriers Guidance on Virtualization, VoLTE
In addition to the ever-growing demand for bandwidth and spectrum to support rich media traffic like video, mobile network operators are challenged with implementing VoLTE, which is a whole new thing considering it involves voice running over IP conn… - 08/08/2016

Firefox 48 Released With Mandatory Add-On Signing and Multi-Process Support
Every new iteration of a browser has multiple features added to address the performance, functionality and security flaws of the previous version. For the new Mozilla Firefox 48, the updates have been called the most important the browser has receive… - 08/08/2016

Enghouse, GENBAND Align for Omnichannel Contact Center Solution
The Enghouse Interactive Contact Center: Enterprise version 9 is now integrated and interoperable with version 11.2 of GENBAND's Application Server. The combined solution can be deployed in cloud, hybrid cloud or premises-based environments. - 08/04/2016

IceLink 3 Delivers Real Time Streaming and Development Boost
Real time is transforming collaboration; from healthcare to Elearning and beyond, the opportunities are abound. And the Real Time Web Solutions show taking place this week at NYU's Kimmel Center has opened the door to the leading edge in Real Time in… - 08/03/2016

transcosmos Offers WebRTC Video Chat to Improve Customer Support
transcosmos announced this week that they are launching a WebRTC video chat service to improve customer service. They just signed an agency agreement for "Moshi Moshi Interactive," a WebRTC customer service solution provided by NEURONET Inc. This agr… - 08/03/2016

Getting in Shape with Real Time Communications
Getting in shape isn't fun - especially if you have a lot of work to do. For most of us at least, it involves pushing your body, exerting energy and sweating. If you don't have a particular outdoor activity you're interested in, things can go stale p… - 08/03/2016

REVE-ling in Real Time
Primarily based in Singapore, with development teams in India and Bangladesh, REVE Systems has carved out a niche in mobile VoIP, SIP and the much hyped WebRTC. The firm has a presence in 11 countries, and is poised to push further. In May, REVE put … - 08/03/2016

The Real Time Engagement Opportunity
Should you incorporate real time into your app? The short answer: yes. Regardless of industry, real time is redefining engagement and development, giving firms a powerful tool to add to their customer care arsenal. A Tuesday panel discussion at Real … - 08/02/2016

Ingate's SIP, WebRTC Lineup Now Powers Primo Connect App
Primo Connect has an exciting new plan for those looking for a new force in over-the-top (OTT) voice and messaging services in the form of its semi-eponymous new release, Primo. In releasing the new tool, it's turned to Ingate's line of session initi… - 08/02/2016

Blacc Spot Media Joins Roster of Sponsors, Speakers at Real Time Web Solutions Show
Currently taking place out in New York is the Real Time Web Solutions 2016 show, an event which brings together developers and other interested parties in the growing field of real time Web solutions like Web-based real time communications (WebRTC). … - 08/02/2016

Real Time Transformation Taking Place: You in?
If asked to define the real time web, my response would be one word: transformative. Today's always on, always plugged in world is a far cry from a few short years ago. And, as more developers dabble in the real time sandbox, the sky is the proverbia… - 08/02/2016

It's Kandy for CANTO Going Into CODE 2.0 Hackathon
Most people might not think of advancements in telecommunications when thinking of the Caribbean. The natural beauty of the region is generally what comes to mind first. The Caribbean Association of National Telecom Organizations (CANTO), however, is… - 08/01/2016

How Videoconferencing Technology is Helping Save Lives
No one wants to take a ride in an ambulance. That's a fact. If you're in an ambulance, that most likely means that you are having a health issue, which could be caused by a variety of things. It's not fun to think about, but it happens to a lot of pe… - 08/01/2016

Vertical Communications Talks Value of RTC
Vertical Communications was founded in 2004 and "is inspired by the always-connected, data-driven enterprise that embraces the new ways of working made possible with mobile and cloud technologies. [It] replaces the traditional business phone system w… - 07/28/2016

Comings and Goings: Temasys Makes Roster Moves Before Real Time Web Solutions Event
Few companies can go long without making at least some changes in the lineup. Elevating qualified individuals to higher points on the ladder, removing some rungs altogether...it's a fact of modern business that these measures take place. Temasys is n… - 07/28/2016

Voice4Net CEO to Speak at Industry WebRTC Conference
Off the top of their heads, experienced information technology enthusiasts such as TMC readers may be able to list a number of industry conferences from memory. For this writer, the Mobile World Congress and Black Hat Hackers Conference come to the f… - 07/27/2016

CafeX CMO Explains the Value of Real-Time Web Solutions
Sajeel Hussain, chief marketing officer of CafeX Communications, is a straight shooter. As he recently wrote for INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine, WebRTC may not be the panacea some project it to be. But he does believe that this technology provides a sol… - 07/27/2016

SIP Trunking Challenges Don't Have to Derail Real-Time Communications
What are the typical challenges that you encounter when trying to leverage real-time communications in your environment? For some, it's gaining a clear understanding of needs from the user base. Not all users are completely transparent in what they n… - 07/27/2016

Kandy Unwraps Video Communications
Last week, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas played host to the All About the API event. The inaugural event produced enthusiastic, educational sessions discussing the bleeding edge in one of tech's most popular arenas today: APIs. APIs are nothing new, bu… - 07/26/2016

Presetec to Use Kandy Visual Attendant for Web-based Support Calls
Presetec, a distributor of network services to communications service providers in Chile, announced this week that it will begin using the Kandy Visual Attendant on its website. - 07/25/2016

Dialogic Talks Real-Time Communications in Action
Communications-enabling applications are well on their way to becoming mainstream, as Alan Percy, senior director of product marketing at Dialogic, notes. He points out that Snapchat, Uber, and WhatsApp are all examples of this, and that they have he… - 07/25/2016

OnSIP to be Silver Sponsor at Real-Time Web Solutions Conference
Real-time communication without limitations and propriety technology has been the goal of WebRTC since it was first developed. With most browsers now on board or finalizing their support for this API, access to voice, video and data communications on… - 07/22/2016

Talkspace and Agora.io Partner to Provide Affordable Mental Health Care
Agora.io, now partnered with Talkspace, is a global leader in Communications as a Service (CaaS) for real-time video and voice, and will be used to provide Talkspace users with high-resolution, real-time voice and video calls during therapy sessions. - 07/21/2016

Voice4Net: 2017 Could See Real-Time Applications Tipping Point
Voice4Net, which supplies customer interactive telephony solutions, will be among the exhibitors and presenters at next month's Real Time Web Solutions event. In preparation for the gathering, which is set for Aug. 1 through 4 in New York City, we ch… - 07/20/2016

Frozen Mountain's Venema Emphasizes the Importance of Compatibility
Frozen Mountain Software delivers commercial software libraries for real-time applications. For example, its IceLink offering is a collection of libraries that enable developers to create reliable UDP media streams between peers, regardless of the pe… - 07/20/2016

Temasys Offers Insight on Real-Time Web Solutions
More than 2,500 developers and businesses rely on Singapore-based platform-as-a-service company Temasys to provide WebRTC-based solutions. The company says it is committed to being a key player in the expanding ecosystem surrounding real-time communi… - 07/20/2016

A Whole New World: APIs Are Here to Stay
The world of APIs has opened up. Just about everything today can be tied to an IP address and work with digital communications to make life easier, better - and sometimes more fun. - 07/19/2016

Research Expects UC Market Growth to $96 Billion by 2023
The most recent report from Global Market Insights shows that the unified communications (UC) market is expected to continue growing through the first few years of the coming decade. - 07/18/2016

WebRTC to Become the Future of Video Interviews
Today, we live in a global, connected world where it's not unheard of for someone from Connecticut to apply for a job in California. Years ago people would have to fly from coast to coast in order to interview for the job, if they were even considere… - 07/11/2016

Keep with the Times: Bringing the Workplace into the Digital Era
Remember the last time you went to the office, spread the day's newspapers across your desk before pecking away on your IBM Selectric for a bit before heading off to a relaxing oyster and martini lunch? I sure don't! It's because today, the way we co… - 07/11/2016

Temasys to Play Central Role at All About the API, Real Time Web Solutions Events
This summer is shaping up to be a busy and productive one for Temasys, which is serving as a platinum sponsor and a key participant in the All About the API and Real Time Web Solutions gatherings. - 07/08/2016

GENBAND Having a Sweet Year So Far
It's been a sweet year so far for the folks at GENBAND, a company that specializes in real-time communications software solutions. The company has been focused on education, producing several events designed to inform customers, partners and prospect… - 07/06/2016

REVE Systems Talks Real Time Web
Real time web solutions are becoming a hot topic across industries today because they are transforming the way businesses and users communicate and operate. WebRTC is not just improving operations, but also driving revenue and creating a perfect oppo… - 07/05/2016

GreenJobInterview Launches WebRTC-Supported Recorded Video Interviews
GreenJobInterview was one of the first companies to provide video interviewing solutions for organizations. The company's platform simplified the way businesses could conduct interviews remotely without inconveniencing potential candidates and the HR… - 06/30/2016

CEO Explains Why Kandy is Better Than Twilio
If you want SMS messaging, Twilio cloud is probably an obvious choice, Pluschkell says. But if you're a company like AT&T, IBM, SAP, or Verizon, Kandy is an ideal choice because it allows you to get the real-time communications capabilities you need,… - 06/30/2016

FreeSWITCH Version 1.6.9 Brings New Features to Popular Tool
Thanks to WebRTC connections, FreeSWITCH can offer a complete video conferencing system, but it can also function as a complete central telephone system. FreeSWITCH got its start back in 2006, and was routinely used as a means to route voice over Int… - 06/29/2016

GENBAND Recognized Globally for Real-Time Communications
Organizations have to be able to easily integrate or embed voice, video, chat, screen-sharing and collaboration capabilities into their existing business, Web and mobile applications. Without these features as part of their overall communications sol… - 06/21/2016

CenturyLink Adds GENBAND to Government Contract Services
The extension of CenturyLink's contract here has the potential to replace the function that Nortel communications equipment provided in its equipment that has been in use within the government for some time. CenturyLink noted that the Nortel equipmen… - 06/13/2016

TokBox Interactive Broadcast Solution Delivers Powerful Production Tools
The new TokBox Interactive Broadcast Solution for media will give producers the tools they need to create and host their own video-enabled talk shows on mobile and web platforms. - 06/13/2016

GENBAND Brings Ottawa a New Cloud Center of Excellence
Reports suggest that the Kandy Cloud CoE will comprise 70,000 square feet, and serve as a complement to existing GENBAND facilities already in Ottawa. It will come with a complete lab with all the latest, state-of-the-art materials, and will host not… - 06/08/2016

RTC Shaping Our Future: GENBAND CEO & Kandy Head to Canadian Telecom Summit
GENBAND CEO David Walsh to lay out "The Exchange of Everything" vision at Canadian Telecom Summit. - 05/31/2016

GENBAND Helps XO Communications Improve Contact Center Capabilities
XO Communications selects GENBAND Nuvia for its recently announced cloud-based XO contact center service. - 05/24/2016

Ovum Awards JurisLink for Connecting the Physical World
The only step necessary now is for correctional facilities and legal representatives to get on board with the product. Public defenders, for instance, can save their offices thousands of dollars by making the switch. Larger facilities also stand to b… - 05/23/2016

Google Launches New Video Chatting App
Last week, Google announced the debut of Duo, a simple one-to-one video chatting interface that is similar to Apple's popular Facetime feature. The app will be available on both Andriod and iOS devices and will be rolling out this summer. Like Faceti… - 05/23/2016

VoIP Service Demand Driving Demand for Media Gateway Systems
The demand for VoIP services is getting so great that there's a big new demand for media gateway systems worldwide as well. - 05/19/2016

American Well Launches Telehealth Exchange
Healthcare organizations will be able to redistribute their services online to new patient populations for the first time. American Well and its partners have built best-in-class telehealth programs over a number of years, working with what it calls … - 05/17/2016

Solgari Takes Aim at the Office Landline
Dublin-based communications provider Solgari announced last week that it will be launching Solgari Connect, their take on Real Time Communications. The service is compatible with many browsers, including all of the most widely used ones (Chrome, Fire… - 05/16/2016

Telinta Rolls Out White-Label WebRTC Solution
Telinta which offers cloud-based solutions for VoIP services launches white-label WebRTC solution for CSPs. - 05/10/2016

i3 is Merging with OVCC: Visual Communications Opportunities Extended to the Enterprise
As a founding member of i3 Forum, which is now merging with the Open Visual Communications Consortium (OVCC), it will be possible for international carriers to successfully interconnect over IP for a number of different services including video, voic… - 05/10/2016

Parker's Airtime Aims to Improve with Help from vLine Acquisition
Famed Silicon Valley Sean Parker has had his share of ups and downs. He is, of course, most famously known for his venture Napster and the legal troubles that created for him, and his work with Facebook, which was depicted in the hit movie The Social… - 05/09/2016

GENBAND Lands More Medical Kandy, Gets SAP Expansion
Perspectives 16, Orlando, Florida - MBODY360 has selected GENBAND's Kandy service for development of secure instant messaging, voice and video real-time communications feature this week. GENBAND also announced an expanded relationship with SAP as Kan… - 05/04/2016

Perspectives16: Avotus Reminds Businesses about Importance of Usage Reporting
Organizations today are faced with a potentially serious problem when they are deploying UC solutions that are intended to help - not harm them. - 05/03/2016

GENBAND'S Kandy Gives TeleMedCo New Array of Functions
Better communications tend to improve any system, and GENBAND's Kandy is out to provide that improvement in communications. TeleMedCo offered some demonstrations of just how well it's delivering on this promise at GENBAND's Perspectives16 conference.… - 05/03/2016

GENBAND President & CEO David Walsh Introduces Exchange of Everything
While an expansion of the current description of the connected world, whose buzz phrases are Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of Everything (IoE), it is a characterization that should resonate and hopefully can gain traction. - 05/03/2016

Drum Selects Epsilon Co-location Service to Boost Web Meeting Service
Drum, a developer of applications for telecommunications companies, has selected Epsilon's co-location service to help expand the reach of its Drum Web meeting service. - 05/02/2016

Intelecom Updates Contact Center With WebRTC Calling
This development was created to allow contact centers to become more resilient while also providing agents with a sense of empowerment over their work environments. Børge Astrup, the managing director of Intelecom's Contact Centre Division, commented… - 04/28/2016

Yealink IP Phone Portfolio Newest Addition to GENBAND Endpoint Armory
From its Platform as a Service, Kandy, and WebRTC gateway, to providing unified communications and network transformation, GENBAND is an industry leader in offering real time communications and beyond. Not just because the proper infrastructure needs… - 04/26/2016

Mitel Enhances its Products to Meet the Needs of Today's Workforce
Mitel outlines enhancements to its real-time communications offerings with focus on contact centers, cloud and security. - 04/21/2016

GENBAND's Bita Milanian Dishes on Perspectives16
Getting together with others in the industry to foster innovation and network is as important as ever today. Especially in the tech space, where innovation comes from partnerships and collaboration - the need to talk about new ideas and learn from ot… - 04/18/2016

SmartShow Taps WebRTC for its New Remote Real Estate Showing System
More information is generally better when making a major purchase. While this doesn't really help in every case-only a live showing, for example, can tell a potential buyer about any unusual odors in the house-it's going to do quite a bit better than… - 04/18/2016

Vidyo Adds New WebRTC Functionality
Yet another indication of the continued growth of WebRTC is today's announcement by Vidyo of a new release, Vidyo Server for WebRTC 3.2, which expands the support of WebRTC. The new product enables guest access for participants in a Vidyo conferencin… - 04/14/2016

Interest in IoT Grows
The Internet of Things, or IoT, has been a hot topic ever since it made its way onto the scene. The ability to communicate with and control objects and devices has already been working to transform medical, retail and manufacturing sectors across the… - 04/14/2016

Is a Custom App in Your Future?
The pace of digital transformation is accelerating, and in this world of fast-paced change slow and steady does not win the race. For this reason, it seems logical at first to grab an off-the-shelf app. However, trying to customize it after the fact … - 04/14/2016

NetNumber Sponsoring Perspectives16, Will Show TITAN
Boston-based NetNumber offers signaling control solutions that make it possible for carriers to quickly implement new services across multiple generations of networks - not only simplifying the core network, but also reducing operating costs. - 04/13/2016

Smart Homes, Security & Real-Time Communications
New technologies take on a special focus when they have the potential to help us achieve what was once impossible. Tools to monitor our heart rates, alert us when we have new incoming communications and allow us to meet with people face to face via v… - 04/13/2016

Apple Finally Crosses the WebRTC Bridge
Before the community pops open champagne, WebRTC features for WebKit are not in production yet, but just available for developers. How soon Apple moves a WebRTC-integrated version of Safari out for general release is an open question and dependent up… - 04/13/2016

GENBAND to Demo NFV Media Processing for Real Time Communications
Like many companies in the communications space, GENBAND has a vested interest in supporting network functions virtualization (NFV) deployments. After all, the way NFV improves telecom efficiency, it's well on its way to permeating every network on t… - 04/13/2016

Overcoming Resistance to Real-Time Communications and Marketing Efforts
There are some who have yet to see the value of gaining attention and market share using real-time communications. They may be focusing on marketing efforts that are outdated or simply becoming harder and harder to use successfully. - 04/13/2016

Is it Time to Bank on Real-Time Communications?
Real-time communications is transforming industries today for its ability to relay information as it happens. From better, more personalized interactions, to faster services, the power of information in real-time has become undeniable. - 04/13/2016

GENBAND Advantage Partner Program Gets Five-Star Rating
Real-time communications solutions provider GENBAND now has yet another recognition to put on its wall of achievements thanks to a recent 5-star rating for its Advantage Partner Program. - 04/13/2016

WebRTC Market Expected to Reach 4.45 Billion by 2020
The latest report from market research company Markets and Markets examines the real-time communications industry and shows that could experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 50 percent through the end of this decade. - 04/12/2016

CafeX's Dave Phillips: Don't Underestimate WebRTC in Business
Phillips' upcoming discussion will focus on the value companies have realized by putting its Live Assist program-which draws on WebRTC for a lot of its operational backbone-to work, particularly when it comes to insurance and financial firms. It won'… - 04/12/2016

HR VP Discusses GENBAND's Culture of Connectedness
So how does a fast-moving company like GENBAND that's all about helping businesses, communications services providers, and over-the-top players deliver real-time communications do that from an internal standpoint? We spoke with GENBAND Vice President… - 04/11/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Business Continues to Transform
This week in real time communications related news, we took a look at UC, unified messaging, and the reasons WebRTC is becoming necessary. - 04/09/2016

New Report Examines OTT Messaging Plays
The telcos took a big hit when over-the-top players like Facebook, Google, and a variety of other companies (some of which these OTT giants now own), got into messaging services. More recent moves by Amazon, Facebook, and Google indicate that will be… - 04/08/2016

'Unified' Messaging is Still a Long Way Off
If you want a half dozen simultaneous headaches, think about the concept of "unified messaging" across platforms. If everyone is in the same over-the-top (OTT) island, all is good and happy, but the minute you start talking about cross-platform and c… - 04/08/2016

Real-Time Communications Are Most Effective in Context of the Right Workflow
If you're of a certain age, you'll remember the days when it was acceptable to make an important business call, leave a message on voicemail or with an assistant and wait a day or so for a call back. Perhaps it was an official communication, in which… - 04/08/2016

WebRTC - It's Now Mission Critical
For anything involving customer contact, audio and/or video, WebRTC's time has come. The only question is the best way to apply it to your business needs and applications without getting bogged down into a discussion down other, more expensive and pr… - 04/07/2016

WebRTC a Technology to Watch, According to New Study
A new report paints a positive picture for WebRTC, but the technology is not without its challenges as companies like Google, Facebook and Twilio seek to make it the industry standard for real-time communications. - 04/06/2016

Real Time Communications Complements and Furthers the BYOD Trend
Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is a business trend sweeping across organizations the world over. Enabling and evolving BYOD is the concurrent trend toward easy real-time communications. - 04/06/2016

Verizon Says the IoT Has Already Gone Mainstream
While many companies are still looking ahead to the IoT future, a new report from Verizon suggest the Internet of Things is in fact already here and thriving. With an addressable market that includes over 50 million cars that aren't yet connected, ov… - 04/05/2016

San Diego Padres' Real Time Communications System a Grand Slam
Sports and real time communications tools have been increasingly spotted together as stadiums start including the systems to improve the overall fan experience. The San Diego Padres recently came out with such a move, bringing in Mitel to bring a com… - 04/04/2016

Communication in Customer Service
Real-time metrics (e.g., calls in queue, average response time, etc.) are valuable assets for organizations to consult when determining best operation practices. The data provides agents with the information necessary to communicate closely with thei… - 04/04/2016

Office Spaces Gain Flexibility Along with UC
Ultimately, the shift away from a more structured work environment to one where workers can choose how to be most productive will have a positive effect on their happiness, according to Jenn Lim, the chief executive and co-founder of Delivering Happi… - 04/04/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Kandy & More
This week in real time communications related news, we took a closer look at the UC and cloud markets, where they are headed and what it means for communications. We also took a closer look at some of GENBAND's offerings. - 04/02/2016

Unwrap a Treat with Kandy Wrappers
It's pretty easy to liken GENBAND's Kandy with the actual treat that you eat because it does so many sweet things for communications capabilities. - 04/01/2016

UC Changing Amidst Mobile, Cloud Advancements
50 percent of employees will be required to use their personal smart device on the job by 2017, as predicted by Gartner. And with more business processes being mobile-enabled, as opposed to being overseen by people, this helps to accelerate productiv… - 04/01/2016

Onslow Memorial Hospital Adopts PatientSafe Mobility Software
Onslow Memorial Hospital, an acute care facility located in Jacksonville, N.C., recently faced the situation where its collection of outdated on-site communications was beginning to catch up with the speed and quality of care it could deliver to pati… - 03/31/2016

GENBAND Solution Enables Service Providers to Expand Reach
The age of real-time communications actually arrived a few generations ago when individuals gained the ability to make a direct call over a landline. These individuals no longer needed to wait for postal deliveries or seeing someone in person in orde… - 03/31/2016

Does WebRTC Need Fixing? Well...
As an evolving and not "fixed" standard, a lot of people are trying to make/expect/ask/demand WebRTC do things above and beyond its baseline capabilities. The developer buzz is that WebRTC "can't" do certain things or needs to be "fixed" to do certai… - 03/30/2016

5G: What You Should Know About This New Communications Titan
A Dilbert strip once featured Wally out to sabotage a new vice president as part of a surprisingly cogent plot from the Pointy-Haired Boss. Wally fed said VP false information, culminating in the revelation that 4G was called 4G "because it's G-G-G-G… - 03/30/2016

Snapchat Adds Voice and Video Calling in 'Chat 2.0' Update
For starters, Snapchat users can now place audio and video calls. In addition, over 200 stickers have been added to the app's existing repertoire, allowing users to send stickers of aliens, ghosts, animals and more to their contacts via chat. These n… - 03/30/2016

To Build a Better Landing Page, You Need WebRTC
The challenges for the average marketer are many - attracting the right individuals; ensuring the campaign hits the target the first time; demonstrating value when the customer journey is very long. The list could go on and on, yet that doesn't mean … - 03/30/2016

WebRTC: An Important Key to Operator Relevance
The rise of the app in communication and collaboration is continuing, giving WebRTC momentum as operators roll out offerings to compete with over-the-top (OTT) threats. - 03/29/2016

First Responder Real-Time Video Access Made Available by Eagle Eye Networks
When first responders, such as police officers, arrive at a location, there is nothing more valuable than information. This allows them to assess the situation and take the appropriate action without endangering themselves and the people they have sw… - 03/28/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, HireRush, March Madness
It's been quite a week for real time communications, and though the Easter holiday means it's a bit shorter week than normal for a lot of people, there was still plenty of news to go around. So before packing up for your church service, ham dinner, o… - 03/26/2016

Real Time Communications & Skype for Business
The business communications landscape has been transforming as new solutions and digital networks continue to transform at break neck speeds. In the past, businesses had to pay for different conferencing solutions and their legacy PBX phone systems w… - 03/24/2016

Business UC Necessary: Why Are Some Managers Still Hesitant?
Unified Communications is more than a hot trend. In the businesses space, it's a necessity for survival. UC makes it possible for employees to collaborate and work without borders. However, even with all of these benefits clear, there are still manag… - 03/24/2016

WebRTC Market a 'Blue Ocean' Full of Opportunity
WebRTC will make these gains thanks to sheer versatility. With users able to use WebRTC as a means to attract new customers and keep the old-it can be used to provide at least one part of an omnichannel experience, and arguably, others as well-WebRTC… - 03/24/2016

Providing Unified Communications to Remote Workers is a Challenge
It's logical to assume that, with remote workers and unified communications (UC) gaining prominence in the enterprise, many of the problems of the former could be mitigated by the latter. However, the results of a recent survey from Dell suggests tha… - 03/24/2016

Kandy Receives WebRTC Product of the Year Award for Visual Attendant
Kandy.io is an award-winning communications platform as a service (cPaaS) from GENBAND. It celebrated its one year milestone back in September and managed to achieve impressive success in only a year. It combines the simplicity of Web and mobile appl… - 03/24/2016

HireRush Lets Web Browsers Do the Calling for Local Service Providers
HireRush is offering an exciting new idea to help contractors get noticed and get work, as well as a way to make finding contractors easier for those looking for such services. That indeed seems to be a win-win situation for contractors and clients a… - 03/23/2016

Visual Collaboration in the Next Generation Workplace
To realize maximum productivity, enterprises must integrate video communications into their unified communications architectures. A wider adoption of standards-based protocols such as SIP, H.264, and WebRTC allows end users to mix-and-match across di… - 03/22/2016

Talk Fusion's Video Chat Wins WebRTC Product of the Year Award
All-in-one communications solutions that provide data, audio and video transmission are key in addressing the collaborative environment of today's workforce. While there are many solutions in the market place, in most instances compatibility issues b… - 03/22/2016

Healthcare is About to Go Mobile While Hanging Out in the Cloud
Have you noticed that healthcare is changing? What was once an industry focused on waiting to see a doctor to treat symptoms is now morphing into one where the individual has more control over his or her wellness in the long-term. Still, whether an i… - 03/22/2016

New-School UC and Appification Will Define the Future Enterprise
If one wants to glimpse the future of enterprise communications, look no further than how we use personal devices. As we continue into 2016, the "appification" of the enterprise will continue apace, as cloud-based unified communications and collabora… - 03/21/2016

Commonality Between March Madness Office Pool and Unsanctioned Real Time Communications
A majority of organizations use two or more real-time messaging applications, according to a recent survey by BetterCloud. Some use 5 or more -- what's wrong with this picture? - 03/19/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Telecom Italia Sparkle, Digital Trends
That was the week that was in real time communications, and it was a pretty big week. We looked at today and tomorrow's developments, and it was clear this market had a lot going for it. Our global online community had its work cut out for it, bringi… - 03/19/2016

GENBAND, Polycom Make for a Powerful Combination for Federal Users
While many regard the United States government as a bastion of intrusion, waste and ineptitude, there are large portions of it that run quite well and produce value for all concerned. Improvement is possible at every level, and leading the charge for… - 03/18/2016

It's 2016, and We Still Lack Preference for Virtual Meetings. Here's Why.
With the mobile workforce revolutionizing businesses, both small and large, it's becoming more conventional to meet our clients and business partners for a quick chat over the wire. While it's pretty cool to think back to where we were just ten years… - 03/18/2016

Real-Time Messaging: To Be or Not to Be Productive
Consensus rings in. With lack of training and discipline when using tools that connect people in real-time, there will obviously be distraction and loss in productivity. Let's not label this as a technology fault. This is a factor that organizations … - 03/18/2016

Global Enterprise Mobility Market to Top $510 Billion by 2022
The mobile market has been on a steady upward climb for years now and there's little reason to think it will stop any time soon. Practically every facet of the mobile space is set for growth as mobile devices continue to permeate our home and work li… - 03/18/2016

Stop Eating and Pay Attention During Video Conferences
While the mobile workforce concept has given quite a bit to both employee and employer-ask a mobile worker about the last time he wore a tie, for example-there are also some important points to note about video conferencing etiquette. Many of these p… - 03/17/2016

Most Organizations Will Need to Make Major Changes to Manage Tomorrow's Networking Requirements
It's a familiar scenario. You download an app on your smartphone because it promises to make life easier for you. You open the app, attempt to engage with it and find that it doesn't meet your expectations, so you never use it again. According to a s… - 03/17/2016

TokBox Ready to Hit SXSW with New WebRTC Telehealth Option
Tokbox recently provided an object lesson of just how much SXSW has grown over the years by bringing its Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) based Telehealth Solution to the event. - 03/15/2016

Telecom Italia Sparkle Gets Communications Sweet Tooth with GENBAND's Kandy
GENBAND's Kandy solution has already delivered a lot of value for users, and now, one more has been added to the roster. Telecom Italia Sparkle-a portion of Telecom Italia (TI) Group that handles international services-recently brought Kandy on board… - 03/14/2016

Grandstream Harnesses WebRTC for IPVideoTalk Conferencing Service
With the launch of cloud-based video, audio and web conferencing service IPVideoTalk, Grandstream is directly harnessing the capabilities of WebRTC for the first time. - 03/14/2016

WebRTC-based Identify Authentication May Be Easier than Remembering Your Second Grade Teacher's Name
Think about the last time you stood in line for something official: at a bank, to open an account or to get something notarized. At the DMV to renew your driver's license. Perhaps you waited while sitting, at the doctor's office, for example, or to g… - 03/14/2016

GENBAND Wins Stevie Award for Customer Service
Real-time communications solutions provider GENBAND has announced that it won a Gold Stevie Award in the Customer Service Department of the Year - Telecommunications category. - 03/14/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Braidio, NetFortris
That was the week that was in real time communications, and this week was heavily about applications. For those companies looking to expand on current platforms, there were plenty of cases this week where real time communications showed impressive ne… - 03/12/2016

Simplification, Savings at the Core of Marcatel Choosing GENBAND, NetNumber
To complement TITAN, NetNumber offers a service bureau through which service providers can access such industry information as number port data, calling name data, toll-free assignment data, and the like. The back-end process for service providers to… - 03/10/2016

NetFortris Updates Cloud-based UC Software
Updates to the NetFortris cloud-based communications product allow it to take full advantage of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) and separate container clients, as the company has called the various segments of its product, to handle voice… - 03/10/2016

Unified Office Introduces WebRTC Management Portal for Visual Performance Suite
Unified Office is a managed services provider offering hybrid cloud-based unified communications and virtual office services through a variety of channel partners that has experienced a good rate of growth lately. With growth comes expansion in terms… - 03/09/2016

GENBAND Partners with Zift Solutions to Combine Marketing, Real-Time Communications
Real-time communications provider GENBAND has announced it has partnered with Zift Solutions, to offer the Zift Platform, a channel marketing and management platform to GENBAND's customers. - 03/09/2016

NCA Chooses GENBAND's Nuvia Platform to Support UCFlex
With the help of the Nuvia platform, UCFlex provides NCA customers with a full suite of unified business communications and collaboration tools. This includes HD voice, video, multimedia messaging, mobility, conferencing, web collaboration, desktop U… - 03/09/2016

GENBAND's Cloud Offerings a Hit with XO Communications
When XO Communications found itself interested in getting more cloud-based contact center services into user hands, it's not surprising that it found itself looking at GENBAND's line of products. Several parts of GENBAND's lineup, at last report, are… - 03/08/2016

Braidio Picks GENBAND Kandy to Bring Real-Time Communications to HR Platform
Braidio is working with GENBAND to integrate its learning and talent development platform with the Kandy Platform as a Service. That will bring communications and collaboration into the Braidio cloud-based solution. - 03/08/2016

GENBAND, Polycom Complete Interoperability Testing for Department of Defense
While communications systems are critical to most any operation around, when it comes to military communications, it's often a matter of life and death. Recently, a new move for the United States Department of Defense (DoD) underscored the value pres… - 03/08/2016

WebRTC's Challenge: Large Scale Broadcasting
For all the hype and momentum surrounding WebRTC, there is something it doesn't do very well out of the box without additional help. In the case of large scale live broadcast, it needs a lot of help. Issues such as distribution, latency, and mirrorin… - 03/08/2016

Agora.io's New Agora Video Brings Video Communications to Wide Use
More and more tools are coming into play that allow users to put video communications to work right from the midst of an app, as we've heard would soon be possible since the earliest days of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC). One of the new… - 03/07/2016

Glip is Popular Among RingCentral Customers
RingCentral has had a lot to celebrate lately. The cloud business communications and collaboration solutions provider recently outlined the massive success of the RingCentral Connect Platform, which surpassed one million API requests per day in only … - 03/07/2016

ownCloud 9.0 Will Implement WebRTC Teleconferencing System
Video communications is the future, and when 5G networks are fully deployed, it will be as common as SMS. Until that time, telecoms, CSPs, network operators and developers are using the current infrastructure and technology to make it happen without … - 03/07/2016

Distributed Workforce a Reality Thanks to WebRTC
As communications systems have become more intelligent, we're seeing huge transformations in the workplace as we know it. In the past, it was common for businesses, regardless of size, to operate out of one building, but technology has made it possib… - 03/07/2016

End the WebRTC and ORTC Divide
SDP is often described as an unnecessary "blob" of text. ORTC proponents say you don't need the complexities of SDP and the SIP protocol and can handle media with a smarter stream API that handles communications at a lower level. SDP also is a signal… - 03/07/2016

GENBAND to Display Multiple Products at Trade Show
At Enterprise Connect, it will display Kandy Wrappers, pre-packaged RTC applications, and Smart Office unified communications (UC) clients that are meant to easily distribute to desktop and mobile devices within an enterprise. The applications repres… - 03/07/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Yorktel, Kandy
It's been another great week for real time communications, and this technology is showing up in a lot more places than ever, some of which were downright unexpected. It's not always easy to keep track of all those developments, so now that we've got … - 03/05/2016

GENBAND Makes NFV, SBC and fring Alliance News at MWC16
As carriers look to compete with OTT voice and video solutions, GENBAND is helping them via their new fring Alliance Revenue Engine Apps. As a reminder, the fring Alliance is a group of carriers working collectively to, for all effective purposes, la… - 03/03/2016

Twilio Client Now Supports ORTC for Microsoft Edge
For those in the WebRTC space, the name of the game is progress. Indeed, hardly a week goes by in which a company or developer isn't announcing a new update to one WebRTC-based solution or another. This time it's Twilio, the WebRTC-based cloud commun… - 03/03/2016

Twilio Allows Developers to Create Videoconferencing Apps that Connect Web, iOS Devices
Python has become popular for web development because of its clean syntax and large numbers of libraries available. Swift is a language developed by Apple that attempts to offer a safer alternative to the Objective-C language initially popular for Ma… - 03/03/2016

Connected Health Device Ownership on the Rise
Exciting news from Parks Associates- households with broadband Internet access are increasingly getting into connected health devices. From just 2013 to 2015, the numbers saw a fairly hefty spike, going from 24 percent of households to 33 percent, wi… - 03/03/2016

RevTwo Offers Real-Time Communications Edge to Mobile Apps
With RevTwo's SDK, several major new options come into play. With a push of a button, users will be able to make phone calls from an app to another user, or even share a screen with that other user, using simple interfaces that should prove easy to u… - 03/03/2016

Survey: Business Needs Will Eventually Play Larger Role in Mobile App Development Decision Making
According to a recent study commissioned by Red Hat, the perception on what drives decision-making when it comes to mobile application development is changing. Although a plurality of respondents feel that IT drives such decisions currently, they fee… - 03/03/2016

Yorktel to Show Off Next Gen Work Place
A workforce that is increasingly mobile, whether it's just working from home, or from the business' headquarters, or it's actively moving from place to place as part of the job, needs the right tools to get the best results. Communications tools must… - 03/02/2016

Mobile CDNs Aim to Optimize Mobile Video and Content
The embedded middleware platform is engineered to integrate with existing CDNs and uses Quickplay's software-defined head-end to ingest, package and publish content, making it possible for on demand content to be distributed over any LTE network thro… - 03/01/2016

Telehealth Hits the Road with Yorktel's FeatherMed
Telehealth has already gained a lot of notice thanks to its ability to work just about anywhere, but thanks to a recent development from Yorktel, it's gotten even more portable. That development is the Yorktel FeatherMed system, a tool that allows re… - 02/29/2016

Doing WebRTC - How Soon, How much?
Any business that has to communicate with customers, regardless of vertical or horizontal categorization will come to WebRTC sooner or later, with three questions at the core: How soon do I need WebRTC? How fast do I need to roll it out? How much ser… - 02/29/2016

Kandy Visual Attendant for Carriers Delivers Easy Way to Monetize Click-to-Call
The telephone landscape is changing thanks to VoIP and emerging technologies such as browser-native real-time communications technology, WebRTC. This doesn't bode well for telecom providers unless they find new revenue streams. - 02/29/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Envelop VR, Avotus, Xura
With Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 coming to an end, that brings with it a whole new flood of news about new developments in the real time communications field. - 02/27/2016

Chime: 'Making Together Happen'
CafeX has developed Chime, a solution poised to revolutionize business collaboration by bringing the promise of WebRTC to fruition and reduce total cost up to 70 percent. - 02/25/2016

Which Video Streaming Option Fits You Best: On-Premises, in the Cloud, or Both?
As the demand for anytime, anywhere video content becomes more and more mainstream, so will on-demand viewing and live streaming components that are delivered globally across devices and social media channels. This presents the challenge of determini… - 02/25/2016

Collaboration at Heart of Connected Enterprise
Collaboration technologies have brought innovation and made success possible for businesses of all sizes. Thanks to Internet-connected devices and technologies like mobility and UC, businesses are now entering new territories and their employees are … - 02/24/2016

Multi-Billion Market Ahead for Smart Homes
There's something so gleefully futuristic about a smart home; the idea of a house that allows lights to be turned on indoors from a user's car, or allows the user to watch what's going on inside when not home, even to be able to answer that nagging q… - 02/24/2016

Summit Tech Makes VR Calls a Reality
Mobile World Congress (MWC) currently being held in Barcelona includes a number of hardware manufacturers and software developers at the congress showcasing new products and services that will likely change the way we use information and communicatio… - 02/24/2016

Xura Elements Gives Businesses Greater Control Over Real-Time Communication
Xura Elements aims to integrate simplicity, mobility and the social aspects of real-time communications with business process optimization. The result: reduced contact center costs and the ability to create new customer engagement experiences simply,… - 02/24/2016

TelmedIQ Delivers Secure Mobile Medical Communication to Capital Region Medical Center
Medical professionals have relied on pagers after the general public moved on in the '90s, but the medical community has caught onto modern mobile devices. These devices are handy because they let staff access the increasingly common electronic healt… - 02/23/2016

Avotus: Keeping Businesses Productive and Protected
Telecommunications management plays an important role for businesses today as employees continue to embrace new technologies and make use of all the innovative communications tools being offered. - 02/23/2016

Voice4Net Talks WebRTC, Call Center Success at ITEXPO
Voice4net provides contact center technologies for numerous industries. The company's custom interactive telephony solutions make it possible to streamline business communications and offer the tools needed to succeed in today's market. - 02/23/2016

To VP9 or Not to VP9 with WebRTC?
VP9 is the next-generation open source video codec created by the WebM project and designed for use by the Alliance for Open Media. Since Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla and Netflix are participants in the alliance, VP9 should turn u… - 02/22/2016

Envelop VR Brings in New Business Development VP
Virtual reality (VR)'s comeback as a technology may have been a long time in the making, but now, it's starting to gain a foothold as the powerful display system we all kind of thought it could be. - 02/22/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Empire Access, Voxvalley, GENBAND
It's almost a foregone conclusion that the week in real time communications will be a big one. This week was no exception. - 02/20/2016

As Traditional Media Consumption Shifts, So Do Trends in Social Media Engagement Strategies
A recent study by PQ Media, a market research agency focused on competitive intelligence as it relates to some of today's top media and technology organizations, disclosed findings that highlight the future of traditional media and how the shift is b… - 02/19/2016

mHealth Users to Triple by 2020
Digital health initiatives continue to ramp up, and increasingly, mobile tech is a big part of the picture. In fact, the number of individuals using mHealth information services is set to exceed 157 million users by 2020, more than tripling the 50 mi… - 02/19/2016

WebRTC Could Help Put a More Personal Touch into Advertising
Real-time communications are taking the business world by storm. Using technologies such as WebRTC, a standard that allows for browser-to-browser voice and video communications without the need to download anything, workers today are engaging in conf… - 02/19/2016

Wheelings & Dealings: Orion Snags $9Mn for Voice-First Comms
With this round, San Francisco-based Orion has now raised $16.25 million in funding. The company said that it will use the funding to further build out its research and development, engineering and marketing capabilities. This new round of funding wi… - 02/18/2016

GENBAND Heads to MWC with Kandy and fring in Tow
Next gen collaboration capabilities, are happening now. People are already making use of their mobile devices and apps to communicate in new ways for both work and play. The importance of mobile services and the companies creating these solutions is … - 02/18/2016

GENBAND and NetNumber Help Cellact Move Toward NFV
As a follow up, GENBAND is now providing mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Cellact Communication an HLR/AuC-enabled platform in partnership with NetNumber. The platform is already deployed and will support Cellact's transition to a software-base… - 02/18/2016

Voxvalley Helps Businesses Address the Mobile Trend
Voxvalley Technologies is a VoIP software solution vendor that aims to help businesses in that quest. In a video interview with TMC CEO Rich Tehrani at the recent ITEXPO, Mike Storella, director of Voxvalley Technologies, explained how. - 02/18/2016

How SMBs Can Scale Quickly With Cloud Alternatives
The most successful SMB's integrate cloud systems into their business practices because such systems allow for a platform that stimulates rapid growth. - 02/18/2016

If You Don't Real-Time, You Won't Last
For now, the organization is content that they at least received a call the next day. Given that they have already invested considerable time and money into this platform, they're willing to take a few more steps before making a change. Yet, the soci… - 02/18/2016

Mitel Seeks to Enhance Mobile Productivity
Aimed to meet the growing requirements of a mobile-first world, Mitel has revealed new mobile solutions for real time communications. - 02/16/2016

Bit6 Announces Commercial Media Relay Services
The Bit6 STUN and TURN Service utilizes a geo-distributed network of STUN and TURN servers around the world to deliver enterprise-class scalability, reliability and performance with simple, usage-based pricing and no additional hardware or software. … - 02/16/2016

Using Real Time Communications to Jump Start Business
What's the key to all this? Real-time communication, facilitated by WebRTC, just works "better" in today's networked cloud world to provide quicker setup and addition of services, seamless integration with CRM systems, one-click voice (and moving to … - 02/16/2016

Empire Access Ditches Legacy Systems, Implements GENBAND
GENBAND, provider of real-time communications solutions, recently announced the release of a Network Transformation solution through Empire Access, a state-of-the-art provider of fiber optics. The Network Transformation tool, a software-based solutio… - 02/16/2016

Here's a Workaround for Testing .Y4M Files in Chrome
WebRTC has already proven itself to be a wonderful technological breakthrough, enabling the creation of applications with rich, high-quality Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities developed for browsers and mobile devices. Using a common set of … - 02/16/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Bubble, MindMe, ThinkingPhones
Is there ever a week in real time communications that isn't a huge week? I've yet to see it, and frankly, I don't want to. All this news can make things a bit confusing in terms of what's most useful, so now that we've got a weekend on hand, let's ta… - 02/13/2016

Building AR Apps with WebRTC (and More)
While real-time browser-based communications like adding click-to-call to an instant messaging app has become a solid use case for the likes of WebRTC, some developers are working on more advanced fare, like augmented reality (AR) hooks. - 02/12/2016

MediaRecorder Makes Recording Debut for Chrome and Firefox
MediaRecorder is the most starred Chrome feature that has yet been seen in the history of Chrome, current reports note. With interest going as far back as 2012, and 2,877 people starring the issue to implement the tool, the move to make it a part of … - 02/11/2016

Lost Opportunities: Real Time Communications in the 2016 Primaries
In a Twitter-driven world, with people hanging on every comment from the current crop of (ever shrinking) presidential candidates, why hasn't anyone embraced more real-time communications channels? The @realdonaldtrump handle has out gunned everyone … - 02/11/2016

A Better Call in Google Hangouts Now Available with P2P Infusion
Peer-to-peer (P2P) is a phrase that's given technology developers hope and terror alike. While P2P has been one of the most prized developments in mobile payments, it's also been the potential death of the recording industry. For Google Hangouts, it … - 02/11/2016

ThinkingPhones, Now Fuze, Gains $112 Million in Funding Round
ThinkingPhones, a startup that has developed a cloud-based voice and video streaming service, has announced the raising of $112 million as part of a recent investment round. - 02/11/2016

Crucial Funding Needed for Suicide Help App That Uses WebRTC
The partnership has developed a state-of-the-art mobile application system called "MindMe" that allows vulnerable individuals to break the cycle of suicidal thought and ideation through a therapist -guided approach that includes instant messaging and… - 02/11/2016

Zycoo Zooms into 2016 on Innovation
Zycoo is a Chinese IP PBX manufacturer, targeted at SMBs with a clear focus on development. One third of Zycoo's team is Research & Development (R&D), and at ITEXPO Florida the firm had much innovation on display and promises much more to come in 201… - 02/10/2016

Bubble, Ziggeo Get Together to Tell Stories with Video
A picture, so the saying goes, is worth a thousand words. Thus a video can tell stories like no other medium can, and Bubble and Ziggeo have gotten together to put together a new means to use video to tell the stories of our lives. - 02/10/2016

VP9 Joins the Roster of WebRTC Video Calling
Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) is a market that's been making constant gains and changes for the last several years. One more change was made recently, as those placing video calls with WebRTC can now turn to the VP9 codec for video call… - 02/10/2016

Customers Expect Personalized, Omnichannel Interactions - Can You Deliver?
The expectations around customer service are an interesting challenge for those companies that serve a variety of consumers. For those who only pay attention to millennials, it's easy to assume they want real-time communications through technologies … - 02/10/2016

Report Expects WebRTC Market to Net 36 Percent CAGR, 2016-2020
A new report from market research company TechNavio surveys the global Web-based real-time communications (WebRTC) market and expects that it will experience a compound annual growth rate of more than 36 percent between 2016 and 2020. - 02/09/2016

WebRTC Expected to Grow as Companies Seek Competitive Advantage
WebRTC hasn't fully saturated the market or enjoyed mainstream adoption. While a number of solutions have been introduced into the market to support the demand for real-time connections, not all companies have jumped on board. Likewise, not all consu… - 02/09/2016

The API Opportunity
An API, not to be confused with the American Petroleum Institute, is an application program interface. In layman's terms, it's a collection of tools, routines and protocols for building software applications. And according to expert Andy Abramson, op… - 02/08/2016

Service Providers - It's Time to Step Up to the Digital Plate
How have your communications needs changed in the past few years? Have your habits dictated the way you get in touch with others or has the development of innovative technologies simply offered you a better way to get things done? Either way, the dem… - 02/08/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, ITEXPO, Cisco
Real time communications is a market that's still got a lot of room to run, especially as the mobile workforce grows. That means plenty of news about developments in this market, and this week brought a lot of new ground to cover. So settle in and pu… - 02/06/2016

Polycom Releasing RealPresence Debut in More Global Markets
Attempting to capitalize on the growing need for reliable audio and video equipment in huddle rooms - the intimate meeting spaces that bring together handfuls of employees - Polycom has introduced RealPresence Debut and is now bringing that combinati… - 02/04/2016

GENBAND Gives Partners a Marketing Advantage
For any company that offers services and solutions to a network of resellers and partners, there is an assumption that those offerings will not only be cutting edge and reliable, but that they will also be designed with specific needs in mind. Nothin… - 02/04/2016

Cisco VNI Shows Huge Mobile Population
If it seems like everybody has some kind of mobile device these days-or at least almost everyone does-you're not alone. The 10th annual Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) came out recently, and its predictions for mobile confirm our anecdotal eviden… - 02/03/2016

GENBAND SBCs Help Brazil Carrier Switch to IP Call Centers
GENBAND continues to be as active as ever, having recently been selected by Oi to help lower costs and improve efficiencies for the Brazilian provider of telecommunications services. In particular, Oi has deployed GENBAND's session border controllers… - 02/03/2016

Ensuring Video Quality for WebRTC in the Contact Center
WebRTC has great promise for sales and customer support. For individuals using a browser that supports WebRTC, it adds another real-time communications channel that is fast and easy, and very personalized. Many companies that have considered offering… - 02/03/2016

WebRTC Reveals the Obsolescence of Most UC Systems
The new model for UC is embodied by WebRTC, the real-time communications standard established by Google and currently being adopted by the standards bodies, WC3 and IETF. WebRTC connects users in a UC environment with the click of a link. No need for… - 02/03/2016

IDEA Showcase @ITEXPO Illuminates with Innovation
ITEXPO played host to the cutting edge in business transformation technology, and while many in tech see the big getting bigger it is startups that serve as incubators for innovation. In that light, the IDEA Showcase @ITEXPO was welcomed into the sho… - 02/02/2016

What Progressive Web Apps Mean for the Web
As a developer, I approach new platform features with a healthy amount of skepticism. A trendy technology which the greater web community has been pushing heavily over the last few months is progressive web apps. I'll defer to an article from Google … - 02/02/2016

Mahindra Comviva Adds WebRTC to Portfolio through Radisys Partnership
Radisys has announced that mobility solutions provider Mahindra Comviva has integrated Radisys MediaEngine products with the Mahindra Comviva value-added suite of products, including Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT). - 02/02/2016

Accenture Predicts $2 Trillion in Worldwide Tech Growth
An interesting report emerged recently from Accenture, and it has put a tangible perspective on the effects of technology on global economic output. The report indicates that by the year 2020, an additional $2 trillion in global gross domestic produc… - 02/01/2016

Benton Communications Taps GENBAND's Network Transformation for Upgrades
Network upgrades are a fact of life for most any communications provider. Customers want those upgrades-even when the network was recently upgraded already-and businesses want to provide those things which can be profitably provided. To that end, Ben… - 02/01/2016

GENBAND Helps Johnson Telephone Company Upgrade its Network
Provider of real-time communications software solutions GENBAND recently announced that the Johnson Telephone Company selected GENBAND's Network Transformation solution to upgrade its communications infrastructure. The GENBAND Network Transformation … - 02/01/2016

Hybrid to Native with WebRTC Apps
Hybrid apps relying on third-party code offer a number of advantages. Apps can be quickly build by standard web developers using their knowledge with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so you can build an app as fast as any other HTML5 application. Apps can … - 02/01/2016

3CX Partners with TekVision to Streamline Product Testing
Reportedly seeking an increase in testing space and a possible increase and capital and operational savings, software-based private branch exchange (PBX) provider 3CX has announced the beginning of its partnership with TekVision. - 02/01/2016

GENBAND's Greg Zweig Talks Future of Collaboration, IBM Connect
Embedded communication and collaboration tools are growing in importance because they bring together traditional communications methods (think IM, web conferencing) with new applications and web environments (think WebRTC and real-time). - 01/30/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: DigitalGlue, Developerprogram.com, ITEXPO
It was a big week not only for real time communications, but for technology in general thanks to ITEXPO's arrival. Taking Fort Lauderdale by storm, the event at the Broward County Convention Center offered a huge amount of information, interaction, a… - 01/30/2016

Mitel, FieldAware Implement Joint Field Service Management Solutions
FieldAware users will now enjoy a host of Mitel features, including adaptable ETA figures sent to customers; increased sales tools; and intelligent dispatch technology. Field operators can expect to use these tools in Q2 2016, though a hard date has … - 01/29/2016

Intel Releases Collaboration Suite for WebRTC 3.0
Hardware processors play an important role in the puzzle of making real-time communications work well for everybody. Although much of up-and-coming standards such as WebRTC see the light of day as software implementation, the underlying hardware has … - 01/28/2016

Sansay Helps Phone.com Enhance Network, Implement WebRTC Services
Cloud communications services provider Phone.com recently realized significant improvements to its network's reliability thanks to a collaboration with Sansay, provider of high performance, scalable and highly reliable session border controllers (SBC… - 01/28/2016

10 Years into the Future of Communications
How will we talk to each other a decade from now? Will we even talk? Many have predicted the demise of the phone call, followed by the demise of voice communication as it is replaced by chat - or is chat replacing email, since email is dead? It's har… - 01/28/2016

Car Dealerships Can Build a Personalized Digital Relationship with Customers Using WebRTC
We live in an "always on, always connected" world today. For most customers - at least those laying down a hefty purchase price - there are few times when the idea of customer support being "closed" for the day is acceptable. Thanks to technology, wh… - 01/28/2016

French Start-up Aircall Offers Feature-Rich Real-Time Customer Support in an App
Business used to be predictable once upon a time. Companies were started in garages and were built up in brick and mortar buildings. The need for sales, marketing and customer service expanded slowly, and was usually fairly predictable. Customers wer… - 01/27/2016

Snapchat Leak Shows Several New Features
Recently, some enterprising folks found exciting new features for Snapchat in an unlikely location: the app's currently-existing code. Contained within was the groundwork for an array of new features to come, and if the code actually rolls out to the… - 01/27/2016

Callstats.io Brings WebRTC Monitoring to Jitsi Meet
Callstats.io, a product of Finland-based startup Dialogue.io, monitors and manages the performance of video calls in a WebRTC application. Recently, callstats.io introduced integration with Jitsi Meet, an open source WebRTC application. - 01/27/2016

ITEXPO Keynote: The Promise of Progress in Visual Collaboration
The market is, over time, converging to provide visual experience. Technology is not just offering the freedom to work when and where we choose. And it is not just technology transforming the way we work. ITEXPO's first keynote today on visual collab… - 01/27/2016

Shifting UC, WebRTC and the Business World
Unified communications and WebRTC are shifting the way the world does business bit by bit. Just a few years ago, it was all about UC sitting in the office, with a loose bundle of IM/presence, group chat, voice, and video that may or may not have work… - 01/27/2016

Wheelings & Dealings: Aircall Gains $2.75 Million in Seed Investment Round
A primary focus of enterprise-focused application development teams is the business team itself. Developers are creating team-connecting apps such as the new Aircall - a mobile and desktop app that gives individuals a method of keeping in touch with … - 01/26/2016

Developerprogram.com Delivers All Companies Need to Support Developers, Partners
You may not have heard of developerprogram.com, but you've probably heard of Avaya, Cisco, Harman Kardon, Sprint, Vodafone, and many of the other customers for which the company supports developer and other partner programs. - 01/26/2016


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