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The Extrusion Process in Different Industries
The extrusion process isn't new. The first patent of this method dates from 1797 by English inventor Joseph Bramah. The original purpose of this process was to create pipes from soft metals. Nowadays,…

5 Best Coding Apps for Beginners
Coding is not just the building block of the technology that powers many modern devices, but it can also be a very useful life skill. Knowing how to code can help children build their problem-solving …

Protection Security Software Pack For Safeguarding Business Networks
Data security is constantly becoming important as business data is a valuable part of any organization. If your business has something important, it is more likely that someone will still do it. Every…

Five tips for back-office support outsourcing
Several back office support tasks like record maintenance, clearances, accounting, and IT services can be time-consuming and stop you from focusing on more essential business practices. Although these…

6 ways to prevent content theft from your website in 2021
How to protect your content from stealing? Some of the best methods include internal linking, Google Alerts, plugins, and watermarks. Get professional tips from SEO and content-making specialists.

What's the Difference Between Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting?
When first hosting your company's website, maintaining your own dedicated server is not the most cost-effective way to start. But while a shared server may be cheaper and easier to use, it's missing t…

How To Become A Successful YouTube Vlogger
A successful blog or vlog takes care, effort, maintenance, work, and time. If you are ready for difficulties and continuous improvement, let's figure out how to become a popular YouTube vlogger.

5 Ways Technology Can Enhance the Performance of Your Business
Today modern technology has become an indispensable part of every business and how they work online or offline. Also, as technology is constantly evolving, a lot of businesses are reaping the benefits…

Digital Lessons From Online Casinos for Businesses
Online casinos in this digital age are at the forefront of success. Not only do they attract a global audience to their platforms, but also the online gambling sector is one of the most lucrative sect…

How To Optimize Your Online Presence
Today every business, regardless if it has an online store or it operates as a brick-and-mortar store, needs to develop a valuable online brand. Thanks to the internet, the barriers for entry are low,…

Data Annotation: Why We Can't Take the Human Out of the Loop
So much of machine learning appears, from the outside, to be grounded within quantitative data sets and code, that those who exist on the periphery could be forgiven for assuming that this represents …

Five Keys to Growing your Blog Ranking
In the SEO-focused advertising world of today, search engine ranking is vital to the growth and success of your blog. Whether it is a personal or professional blog, it is important to ensure that it a…

A Brief History behind the Ever-Changing Tech in Online Gambling
Gambling was for a long time done in conventional casinos where you had to visit a casino to play physically. This is until technology started changing the way people would gamble. Modern tech has mad…

6 Creative Ways to Improve Social Media Conversion Rates
Improving conversion rates on social media is vastly different compared to improving conversions on your website. After all, people who visit your website are already interested in your company, wh…

A Brief Guide on Car Tracking Devices
In this day in age, the safety and security of you and your family need to come first. Investing in a car tracking device should be a standard addition to your kit. Click here to find out why.

How To Transform Your Business To The Digital World?
When running a business, you want to make sure that you are ranking well on Google and achieving your goals when it comes to ranking on Google. Not only will this improve the amount of organic traffic…

Top-7 WebRTC Companies to look out for in 2021: The Best WebRTC Service Providers
WebRTC companies allow real-time communication capabilities to be added to your applications. Developers can create powerful customized solutions for your web conferences, customer messaging, and docu…

Three Keys To Growing Your YouTube Presence
The world of content is fractured. You can thank the Internet for that. Decades ago, millions used to sit and watch the same network television show in unison. Today, consumers latch onto their own in…

Web Hosting And Its Types
When a hosting provider allocates space on a web server for a website to store its files, it hosts a website. Web hosting makes the website (code, images, etc.) available for viewing files online. All…

7 Reasons Why Your SEO Ranks Slinked After Redesigning Your Website
Are you planning to redesign your website? Probably, you have been postponing the idea. The reason for this is the fear of losing you're your SEO ranks. Making it to the top positions in the Google se…

SidesMedia Review: Is it Legit?
With so many social media platforms out there these days, it can be so challenging to divide your attention between them all and make sure you're seeing real growth on each one. In fact, it's dizzying…

Uniswap as a Leading Gas Guzzler on Ethereum
Decentralized exchange Uniswap, is considered today is considered to be the primary and the most popular today gas guzzler on Ethereum. It deals with more than 30% of all the transactions that have be…

5 foolproof ways to know if an app is safe to install
Between banking, social media and online shopping, apps have made our lives easier - but how do you know if an app is safe to download? Since our phones contain huge amounts of personal information, h…

How Real Time Communications Aid the Printing Industry
The printing industry has seen a steady growth in the past five years at an average rate of 2.1%. According to IBISWorld report, the revenue generated from the global printing industry is expected to …

RTC technologies behind live casinos
All the technological developments over the years have contributed massively to many industries, and live online casinos are no exception. Security is one of the vital parts of a casino, and so are…

Simple Tech Apps Making a Difference
Today, applications are the spearhead of progress. They not only make life easier, they also empower individuals to reach those who are miles and miles away. Digital technology is a significant pla…

Casino Streaming and How it is Growing in Popularity
A lot of people like to play games with their friends and online with people across the world. But the latest trend is streaming. This is when you record yourself playing your favorite game and allow …

How to get real Twitch followers and viewers
Gaining a following on any platform can be tough at first and Twitch is no exception. When creating an online persona on any platform, the most important rule is to be authentic. That way your true pe…

Protect Your Android Phones from Viruses with these Methods
Gadgets nowadays are susceptible to viruses. Even with absolute meticulousness, your phone may still not be safe online. Oftentimes, the websites that the phone visits contain different kinds of harmf…

Is Video Conferencing the Future of Communication?
Since the dawn of the internet, we've been turning to technology for insights into how to communicate better with the people around us. Originally, it started with forums and basic social media sites,…

I Tried Growthsilo. Here's My Review
Managing an Instagram account is a full-time job. You need to continually update new content while at the same time keeping an eye on follower growth. Therefore, you need a strategy that will help you…

The Role of WebRTC in Online Casino Streaming
Live dealer casinos have gained huge popularity recently. By video streaming games in real-time, they are a perfect solution for those who want to experience the atmosphere of a brick-and-mortar casin…

The Impact of Connected Vehicles
Connected vehicles are a scientific breakthrough that is starting to become very popular nowadays. The automotive industry is no stranger to innovation, and that is obvious with the introduction of se…

Is it Efficient to Order Background Checks Online?
One of the most significant functions of Human Resource (HR) is recruiting new employees. It is typically a time-consuming process, taking the average Australian company about 28 days to complete. Dur…

How Can WebRTC Advance the Changing Face of the Gaming Industry?
WebRTC has already demonstrated a high value for the new era of cloud based gaming services - but what does the future hold? Click here for more.

10 Benefits Of Using A Digital Work Order System To Enhance Productivity
The necessity of a digital work order system has become clear with the massive market place competition & fluctuating economy. With tons of high-tech wizardry, the work order system has evolved over t…

Basic tips for editing PDF files
PDF is one of the most popular formats for creating, distributing, and printing e-books, letterheads, forms, documents, etc. The main advantage is that it allows you to display documents in the same w…

Effective SEO Strategies to Boost Your Site's Organic Traffic In 2020
In the past few months, thousands of businesses all over the world have folded due to the pandemic. Majority of the businesses that survived were those who have adapted by taking their business online…

Use these four video conferencing techniques to boost remote employee engagement
It's no news that employee engagement notably improves productivity in the workplace, which in turn results in better service offering and increased revenue. However, keeping the staff involved and em…

How to Be Innovative in Your 2020 Marketing Strategy
It's never been so important to create a digital footprint than it has in 2020. With the whole world trying to make their mark online, businesses need to be increasingly innovative, so they aren't dro…

WebRTC for Live Casinos
It may be difficult to fathom that online gaming has been around almost as long as the internet itself. It was one of the first online services that launched in the mid-90s as the activity became lega…

Break into Freelance App Writing
Is it really possible to make a living as a freelance app writer? Sometimes it seems like all the good ideas have already been taken, so it's easy to get discouraged. Lots of prospective writers of ap…

How to Make Business Meetings Interactive
You can make virtual meetings productive and engaging. Using mobile video conferencing is an effective and inexpensive way to meet with your employees or clients. It saves in travel costs, as well as,…

Online Casino Software Providers that are Leading the Game
When it comes to online casino gaming, some software providers are ahead of their time. Creating innovative content with unique features and theming is a goal of many software providers such as Betsof…

What Makes TikTok One of the Fastest-Growing Social Networks in the World?
TikTok is currently one of the fastest-growing social networks in the world that could shake up Facebook, Instagram, and other older social networks with its popularity. In fact, it already has. Altho…

How Has Tech Changed the NFL and Where Will It Take the Game Next?
Perhaps it's not surprising that with its bulging rule book, huge rosters and multiple timeouts, the NFL was one of the first sports to adopt technology.

Tools Everyone in the Node.js Program Industry Should Be Using
With the emergence of Node.js, it is now more convenient for software developers to generate a simple, stable, and adaptable web application with far lesser lines of code. Ryan Dahl developed Nodejs p…

Go Offshore: Why You Should Choose Ukrainian Developers
Businesses often reach a point in their development when they have to hire remote experts to fulfill their needs. The larger a company becomes, the more clients it has and, consequently, the more prod…

10 Best Construction Management Software Solutions
For most the project managers or person-in-charge in the construction project, the construction management software can be a great game changer. It is not a new thing that the construction management …

Great Tips to Build a Successful Ecommerce Store
Creating a profitable ecommerce venture takes time that not everyone has. But if the dream to start a personal business is still strong, and you cannot afford as much time, taking the efficiency route…

Best Games You Can Play on Mobile Right Now
The gaming industry has been pushed into the mainstream by video game fans from all over the world. It's safe to say that video games are no longer just for geeks as they're currently a massive part o…

How to Push Your Small Business Toward Success
It can be unfortunate how many small businesses end up failing to realize their potential due to a single bad business decision. While many companies might be able to weather the storm when it comes t…

7 Steps to Go Through Before You Choose Your Hosting Plan
Choosing your hosting plan is an essential step before you start your website. The type of hosting plan will have direct implications on your website performance as well as the way you run it. It is i…

Why you should be using Infographics in Your Content Strategy
Choosing the right content is crucial for maintaining a successful business. However, it is also essential how you present that content to viewers. Even if you have high-quality content, you might fac…

Why SSL? The Purpose of Using SSL Certificates
SSL is what facilitates secure internet as it protects sensitive user data. Regardless of whether or not a website handles sensitive data like credit cards, SSL is tasked with protecting a website. It…

The Best Mobile Apps for Soccer Fans
Soccer is without a doubt the most followed sport in the world. The number of fans has always been on the up, and so is the growth of football leagues around the globe. It has become almost impossible…

Pros and Cons of Using Video on Your Brand's Website
You've probably heard a lot about the power of video marketing - but is it right for your website? When it's done right, video can take your brand to the next level and offer a second-to-none engag…

Oculus VR GO Headset Sales Made Up Largely of Adult Users
Technology is moving things forward nowadays. How we perceive the world around us can soon be changed with virtual reality (VR) technology. This technology is continuously expanding and showing no sig…

Types of Modern Communications Devices
The advancements in modern technology allowed people to communicate with each other no matter where they are in the world, regardless of the time zone differences. Apart from simply keeping in touch, …

Webinar software platform - a great way to gain attention of new customers
Nowadays, the company which wants to sell some goods need to be well-prepared and use out of ordinary selling and presenting methods to meet the customers' attention and encourage them to be owners of…

SEO Taking Law Firms To The Next Level
Every company or firm needs to have a strong online presence that can attract more people and potential clients. Law firms are no different when it comes to making themselves known in the digital worl…

How to Make the Most of a WordPress Webstore?
If you have a small business with a website and webstore, the chances are you use WordPress as your content management system (CMS). However, simply having a website is not enough, you need to make th…

How to Monitor Website Rankings Effectively
Once you've set up your website for search engine rankings success, it's important that you are able to tell whether or not you are achieving the results that you want. Marketers and business owners n…

Know Who Should Use Cloud Hosting and Why?
When you add your business online of course, you are hoping for great things, all of which essentially come down to traffic. Visitors bring money so if your site is down or running poorly, it quickly …

Technology advancements in Online Gaming
Online gaming involves an interactive aspect that not only makes them entertaining but also realistic. Today, the best online games allow you to interact with other gamers, making real-time communicat…

Why Keyword Research is So Important
If done right, SEO can benefit your business. You should, therefore, keep up with SEO strategies that offer a good return on investment. Keyword research is one of the white label SEO services you sho…

Common Mistakes in Cloud Migration
For good reasons, you will want to migrate your data to the cloud as soon as possible to reap the benefits. It is a great thing to determine the way to improve your business efficiency and productivit…

How Modern Technology Has Changed the Betting Industry
We live in the most dynamical era of human history, at least when it comes to the development of new technologies. There are constant leaps forwards and the world is changing as we speak. Many industr…

Is WebRTC as good as it seems?
WebRTC is an HTML 5 specification that is considered one of the best by top developers. It comprises of components that make the job of a developer easier. However, they are several arguments that it …

This is how you run multiple webshops at the same time successfully
Many people generate extra (passive) income by running a webshop. But what if you take it up a notch? Can you make more money running multiple websites at the same time? Sure you can!

What Should a Great Mobile App Look Like?
Since the arrival of smartphones and mobile devices such as tablets, phone applications have become one of the most important tools for businesses to use. There are currently over 2 million apps on th…

3 Tips for Marketing a Product or Service to Generation Z
As any semi-experienced marketer can tell you, there are different marketing techniques that are effective for each demographic you choose to target. Of course, the same advertisement isn't going to e…

Humans - The Weakest Link in Any Security System
For the entire history of humans we have been developing systems to protect our property from others. The Egyptians built the pyramids, many European civilisations built castles, humans the world over…

Effects of the U.S. Stock Market on the Japanese Economy
Financial markets in the global economy influence each other. Considering the advanced trade relations of the modern-day world, the effect of big corporations and multinationals on economies around th…

The New Foldable Samsung Phone now Has a Name
A lot of news outlets reported that there was going to be a new Samsung phone brought out. The phone itself would be foldable and it would also be in a clamshell design. The phone is going to be relea…

8x8 Launches WebRTC-based Meeting Rooms Solution
8x8 launched its WebRTC-based 8x8 Meeting Rooms solution to take the complexity out of business collaboration and conferencing solutions.

TMC Announces 2019 WebRTC Product of the Year Award Winners
TMC today announced the recipients of the 2019 WebRTC Product of the Year Award, presented by INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine and WebRTC World.

Bitdefender: Best Anti-Malware Software
One of the Maslow's Hierarchy of needs is safety. Humans need to feel safe and secure in their surroundings at all times. It's the reason why thousands are spent on top of the range security systems f…

Voyant Acquires Acrobits to Drive a Truly Integrated UCaaS Experience
Voyant acquires Acrobits to enhance mobile experiences and integration for its UCaas and CPaaS customers.

Hodusoft Announces Pay-as-you-go PBX Subscription Service
Hodusoft, a unit of VoIP software provider Ecosmob and a business VoIP solutions provider, is now offering a pay-as-you-go model. Company officials say this isexactly what start-ups need to get around…

Why You Should Outsource Your Call Centre Services
Many businesses today, especially as they grow from a small business into a larger enterprise, will need to expand their communications infrastructure. Ensuring that customers are able to easily reach…

The Best Website Niches That Will Skyrocket You to Financial Freedom in 2019
Looking to boost your earnings and enjoy financial freedom? Focusing on niche websites can help skyrocket you to a whole new level of success.

Start-Up Business Management: Hassle-Free Ways to Improve the Odds of Success
There is no denying how challenging it can be to maintain a start-up company and try to keep it afloat in a competitive business landscape. While it might have taken a lot of time, effort and resource…

Edify Labs Revolutionizes the Contact Center
Edify Labs has taken the complexity of the contact center and smashed it with a rock, and then took the rock and broke apart the way we used to pay for contact center solutions.

VirtualPBX Unveils Web Phone 2.0
VirtualPBX announced enhancements to the Dash Business Phone System with the release of its Web Phone, Version 2.0. All Dash users can now access the WebRTC-based solution via mobile and desktop brows…

Beware: Your Home May Be Hacked
We all want to feel safe in our homes. Today, with technological advanced modifying all aspects of reality, houses are filled with electronics. So-called smart devices, like high-tech baby monitors or…

The World of Torrenting and the Most Important Things to Know About It
Internet users and movie lovers have heard of internet piracy and copyright infringement… if you're not too familiar with it, you've at least seen the FBI Anti-Piracy Warning Seal that's displayed bef…

This Tech Uses Cell Signals to Help Drivers Not Run Over Pedestrians
Present-day car safety technology is right about warning drivers before they hit other cars. The startup has added new tech that warns drivers before they hit people. This tech is as valuable as havin…

New Tech May Allow People To Live On Mars
According to Nasa's scientists in Pasadena, Mars is the next best planet for human life besides earth. However, high ultraviolet radiation and low temperatures on the planet's surface currently impede…

How to Make Your Online Business Stand Out
There are three things every online business needs to stand out from the competition. Find out what they are here.

How do you grow a marketplace?
It all starts with the idea to connect producers or service providers with the people who need those goods and services. Then comes the part where you have to work out the ways to bring sellers and bu…

8 Necessary Steps to Take When Building a Website
When it comes to building a website, it can feel like a task can be difficult for some. There are many people who struggle with understanding the concept of building a website and what it takes to do …

Tips to Optimize UX Using Web Chats on Mobile Devices
The internet is nearly ubiquitous nowadays, and that means many things. In regards to customer service, it means that people are using the web to interact with customer services specialists and find t…

5 Pure Ways Tech Products Have Improved Our Lives Today
Over the past couple of year, technology has changed the way we do things. It has revamped our lives for the good because it has created useful resources and tools which are handy. There are many tech…

Top 10 Enterprise Related Benefits of ASP.Net That Is Driving Demand for Trained Professionals
ASP.Net is a one-stop framework for building robust, dynamic and feature-rich enterprise web applications. It combines proven web development models that have the potential of creating complex applica…

Top 7 Ways in Which Python Might Be the Best Career Move for You
Being a programmer, your linguistic kit is never complete without a language like Python. Python is one of the most popular programming languages which is free, open source and runs almost anywhere…

Beginner's Guide to Starting an Online Business
So you have finally decided to end your 9 to 5 job job and start your blogging or e-commerce or any online business, but starting an online business is not that easy, especially if you do not have the…

What Does Hostmonster Hosting Offer New Bloggers?
Hostmonster is a web hosting company that's been around since 2005. They operate out of Provo, Utah as one of several different web hosting companies owned by a single corporation. Under the same bann…

4 Things You Should Know About ERPs
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software helps companies manage their businesses efficiently. It standardizes, integrates, and streamlines disparate business processes in a variety of departments, …

Are You A Tech Wiz? Try Working From Home
Have you always wanted to work from home? There are many advantages to working from home including the fact that you get to choose your own hours and save money on things like travel. For those in the…


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