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June 22, 2018

WebRTC Ventures Unveils Expert Consultation Platform

Telephony has for some time been experiencing transformation. Whether it’s cloud, WebRTC or mobility, the smell of change is in the air, but while innovation is introducing opportunity there is a gap when it comes to guidance – more specifically, “How do I employ this technology to best engage my customers?” or “How can this technology best help my business?”.

To fill this market void, WebRTC Ventures announced the arrival of a real time video and audio expert consultation platform that can be marketed and licensed under a company’s brand. Businesses realize they need to give customers what they want, and that’s user-friendly face-to-face, more personalized manner.

WebRTC Ventures offers the example of telehealth, noting the common threads in these solutions are providing the ability to choose a medical professional, schedule an appointment and enable a virtual appointment via WebRTC .

What about the back office? Those deploying the solution can manage consultation requests, post availability and prices, obtain reviews, connect clients through a professional profile and securely store shared files and conversation records.

Arin Sime, Founder & CEO of WebRTC Ventures said,“While talking to potential clients, we noticed a need — expert consultants including medical professionals, counselors, lawyers, tutors and accountants are looking for an online way to meet with, support and engage clients. They want a custom solution but don’t want to wait months and months for a finished product. So, we have an already-built platform which can be easily customized and quickly released to market.”

The Expert Consultation Platforms provides business of all shapes and sizes, across verticals a flexible and customizable solution fit to meet engagement demands.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle
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