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November 13, 2012

TenHands WebRTC API Powers Real-Time Conferencing in Any Browser

A new technology, WebRTC, is poised to revolutionize the mobile communications industry, changing the landscape. The idea of WebRTC is to put voice and video technology directly inside the browser or device.

Today, TenHands, Inc., a platform provider that powers free, easy video collaboration, unveiled its API and SDK to add real-time video collaboration to any browser-based application. Web and mobile applications can easily integrate real-time video and audio conferencing in lock step with the existing workflows that users are already familiar with.

Founded in 2011, TenHands’ personal video collaboration service is based on Google's WebRTC initiative to get real-time video and audio into the browser, and is virtualized and cloud-based in Amazon's Elastic Computing Cloud. Using TenHands’ real-time communications platform, application providers can enhance asynchronous communications streams to enable organizations to benefit from productivity gains, reduced travel costs, accelerated globalization, environmental savings in Co2, agility of human resources, and enhanced business continuity.

TenHands is at the third phase of its video communications called “ubiquitous access”, according to CEO Mark Weidick.  “In the past, video conferencing was confined to special purpose rooms, took place in a separate application or was enabled with fragile Flash based offers. Now, TenHands API allows for real-time video communications to take place in app, in work flow, in the browser and in the cloud,” he said in a statement.

The API allows for point-to-point and multipoint calling, screen share and chat for Mac and Windows. In the next few weeks, TenHands plans to add customization options, recording and support for mobile platforms. All applications that embed TenHands powered video or audio will gain access to TenHands Amazon-based cloud infrastructure for managing media, presence information, administering users and delivering a commercial service. 

“CRM and collaboration apps have needed something like TenHands for over five years. Users of these applications should be engaging in real-time communications in the context of the business information they need to do their jobs and the TenHands API enables exactly that,” said Denis Pombriant, managing principal of Beagle Research Group, LLC. 

For one company, Retrieve, the integration of TenHands video creates immediate benefits for customers like architects who need to collaborate via video conferencing to meet delivery dates or educators who want to enhance Retrieve’s archived video content with real-time video that fits into Retrieve’s user experience, according to Dave Arnold, CEO of Retrieve.

 For English as a second language provider, Eleutian, its language instructors and students need to communicate via video within Eleutian’s application workflow. “After assessing the market, we’re excited to evaluate real-time video communications powered by TenHands as the best way to deliver a great language learning experience,” commented Spencer Lewis, VP Engineering & IT for Eleutian.

TenHands, a Gold Sponsor of the upcoming WebRTC Conferencing & Expo, is based on the WebRTC standardization effort to transform the Web browser from an information retrieval application to a real-time communications application.

Edited by Jamie Epstein


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