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February 20, 2013

F5 Networks Launches New Mobile App Manager

F5 Networks has launched a new mobile management solution that will enable employees of companies implementing the bring your own device trend to separate their personal and professional lives.

The cloud-based solution called F5 Mobile App Manager provides enterprises with the ability to solely manage corporate information and applications on an employee's mobile device without interfering with any personal content.

“As more employees want to use personal devices in the workplace, enterprise IT has had to make tough choices: support BYOD initiatives despite having limited security controls, impose complete control over employees’ personal devices using MDM solutions, or reject BYOD initiatives altogether,” Mark Vondemkamp, vice president of security product management and marketing of F5 Networks, said in a statement. “F5 Mobile App Manager enables IT to make intelligent BYOD choices that benefit both the company and employees; it gives IT the control and flexibility it needs to protect corporate resources without restricting an employee’s use of the device or infringing on their privacy.”

In addition to allowing employees to maintain their privacy, F5 Mobile App Manager produces numerous other benefits for enterprises. These benefits include better security, such as through PIN-protected and encrypted applications; improved user experience for employees because the App Manager can't restrict functions of the device including the use of the device's camera, and requires minimal storage space allowing employee's to preserve the battery life on their mobile devices; reduced financial and time investments; and the ability to scale the App Manager to meet organizations individualized needs.

The F5 Mobile App Manager will be available for Apple iOS and Google Android mobile devices in June, however, a demonstration of the solution will be shown during the 2013 RSA Conference in San Francisco from Monday, February 25 through Friday, March 1.

Besides F5 Networks' new Mobile App Manager, the company has also unveiled a new version of its Traffix Signaling Delivery Controller.  SDC 4.0 will enhance the performance and capabilities of LTE networks.

Edited by Jamie Epstein


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