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August 13, 2014

Myers Sees WebRTC as Future for TeleSpeak

Chance Myers, co-founder and CMO of TeleSpeak, didn’t know much about WebRTC 18 months ago. Now, he sees the free technology as the future for his company.

TeleSpeak delivers cloud-based communications, contact center solutions and collaboration tools to SMBs and also owns its own chain of contact centers. The company’s stated mission is to provide businesses with leading-edge platforms that help make them more efficient. That mission statement is in many ways the driving force behind the TeleSpeak’s focus on WebRTC for its new line of platforms. In looking at the business landscape, Myers said he realized scalability was becoming a major issue for his customers, particularly in the contact center space. 

“It gets impossible for SMBs or small enterprises,” Myers told Webrtcworld on Monday at ITEXPO.

During Myers' search for an alternative for his company, a long-time friend suggested WebRTC to the CMO. As he began to look into the functionality WebRTC would enable, Myers grew increasingly excited at the possibilities. Now, as his company begins to gradually introduce its AnyWhere product line, Myers believes he has a head start over “the big guys” in moving TeleSpeak into what he sees as an inevitable future.

“With Google behind it, it’s going to be successful,” Myers explained to Webrtcworld. “I was asked by an analyst recently if I was risking my company’s future and I said, ‘No. I am ensuring it is going to explode.” 

The Anywhere line is built primarily on three products, each aimed at a specific vertical:

Classroom AnyWhere: A virtual learning environment that allows educators to create engaging classroom multimedia experiences with narrations, animations, interactivity, and simulations to e-Learning courses. Teachers can use this tool without any programming, as Classroom Anywhere leverages extremely intuitive open source technology.

Contact Center AnyWhere : A fully-featured, virtual and scalable contact center software suite that delivers a next-generation IP enabled contact center platform at considerable cost savings.

HealthCare AnyWhere: A VoIP enabled virtual clinical space that allows physicians and clinicians to meet their patients via voice and video in a virtual office. Using this platform under a self-insured employer model, an employee feeling under the weather could log in from a desk to chat with a physician who could then write a prescription.  

Myers is particularly excited about HealthCare AnyWhere because he recognizes telemedicine as a burgeoning trend already picking up steam. TeleSpeak worked with a partner to ensure that Healthcare AnyWhere is already HIPAA-compliant, an often tricky hurdle the company has already cleared.

“Telemedicine is actually not just a concept,” Myers said. “It’s a reality where thousands of people are using technology to meet virtually with doctors all over the country.

Myers said TeleSpeak will be “quasi-debuting” Contact Center AnyWhere at ITEXPO, as the company wants to ensure it doesn’t give away too many secrets and forfeit what it believes is a major advantage it will have for at least the near future.

“I believe WebRTC is the future,” he said. “And I don’t want to lose the runway lead we have.”

Edited by Adam Brandt


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