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Doug Mohney, a principal at Cidera Analytics, has been working and writing about IT and satellite industries for over 20 years. His real world experience including stints at two start-ups, a commercial internet service provider that went public in 1997 for $150 million and a satellite internet broadband company. Follow him on Twitter at DougonIPComm or contact him at dmohney139 (at) gmail (dot) com.


Latest Articles

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11/23/2015 Real Time Communications Hot in 2016
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11/12/2015 Microsoft Building Key Value-added Services Applicable to WebRTC Developers
11/03/2015 Moving Real Time Communications to More Immersive Experiences
10/29/2015 6 Big Value-added Services for Real Time Communications
10/26/2015 WebRTC Future Awaits - Even with Apple
10/20/2015 Unified Communications, Meet the Era of 'Collaborteam'
10/19/2015 A Look at Mobile Growth in Latin America
10/12/2015 Enabling Quicker Sales Contact via Connective Ink and IoT
09/24/2015 Public Service At Your Service Through Smart Cities
09/18/2015 Healthcare Innovations: Getting Better, Faster with RTC
09/08/2015 Make Mine Mobile: Why Size Will Not Matter
09/02/2015 Real Time Communications Ready to Meet Bitcoin Blockchain
09/01/2015 International Calling: From Phoning Home to Stimulating Business
08/26/2015 Hyperconnected Internet of Things Driving New Wi-Fi Standards, Google & Intel Dreams
08/18/2015 Cheaper Computing Power Driving Need for Faster Software Development
08/11/2015 New Fingerprint Tech Unlocks the Internet of Things
08/07/2015 Small Teams Leveraging Big Technologies: WebRTC, Cloud
08/06/2015 Got a Service? APIs Required
07/31/2015 Enhancing Gaming with RTC
07/28/2015 Strategies for Staying Sane in an Always-on, RTC World
07/20/2015 Gamification Goes Beyond Advertising
07/16/2015 Everyone is Pushing Open and Ubiquitous Web Environments - But How Far?
07/13/2015 Why Offline Can Be as Sexy as Online: Not Just A More Productive Ride at 20,000 Feet!
07/10/2015 From SIP Trunking to SBC as a Service
07/09/2015 New Math for the All Software Real Time Communications World
07/02/2015 Rumors of the Death of the Desktop Phone Continue to be Exaggerated
06/30/2015 The Evolution from UC to RTC - and Back Again
06/25/2015 Can OTT Make Money for Service Providers?
06/24/2015 The Subtle Ad Lure of Geofilter Digital Stickers
06/23/2015 Will Wi-Fi Finally Put Cable Into the Mobility Business?
06/22/2015 When Will Ad Sponsored Communications Services Take Off?
06/11/2015 WebRTC Enrolled for Suicide Prevention
06/11/2015 Extending Real Time Communications to the Next Billion
06/09/2015 From UC to ME with eZuce
06/09/2015 New Opportunities Abound with Real Time Communications
06/08/2015 Lies & Statistics for Real Time Communications
06/03/2015 Iran: The Next Startup Revolution?
06/02/2015 UC, RTC, and Broadband: A Virtuous Cycle
05/29/2015 GENBAND Integrates WebRTC into IBM Enterprise Social Platform
05/28/2015 GENBAND Perspectives 15: Polycom Hot on Hosted Voice
05/20/2015 Call Centers Gets Smarter with WebRTC & Smart Voice
05/20/2015 Call Centers Get Smarter with WebRTC & Smart Voice
05/19/2015 WebRTC and Gaming
05/13/2015 How Far Will Comcast, Cable Go with WebRTC?
05/12/2015 The Real Time Messaging Revolution in Enterprise Communications
05/07/2015 UAE High-Tech Oasis: From Real Time Communications to Mars Satellites
04/30/2015 From Consumer Mobile to Business Apps
04/30/2015 All Service Providers Can Benefit from WebRTC
04/29/2015 Asia Goes to the Cloud for UC, OTT
04/22/2015 What Will We Do with Billions and Billions of WebRTC Devices?
04/16/2015 Real Time Communications Gains Favor for UC Replacement, Telemedicine
04/15/2015 Europe's Love Affair with Real Time Communications
04/10/2015 Rural Communities and Real Time Communications are Bound to Meet
04/09/2015 The Google and Firefox Race for WebRTC Apps
04/07/2015 The Connected Home, Community and Real Time Communications
03/30/2015 WebRTC and the Social Media Continuum
03/27/2015 Some Must-See WebRTC Tools and Apps for the Enterprise
03/25/2015 The End of Internet Explorer, the Ramp to WebRTC Anywhere
03/24/2015 The 'New Worker' Challenges Traditional Office Structure
03/20/2015 Fear Microsoft, the Phone Company
03/16/2015 Service Providers and Enterprises: It's Complicated
03/11/2015 Winter Weather Advisory: High Chance of Cloud UC
03/10/2015 Rebooting Business Email in RTC Rich World
03/10/2015 Rebooting Business Email in an RTC Rich World
03/02/2015 The RTC World is Federating Crazy
02/26/2015 Matrix Promotes Open Source Signaling Standard for WebRTC, Internet of Things
02/25/2015 Expect a lot of NFV and RTC out of MWC
02/24/2015 Digium Pitches WebRTC Service as Developer Goodness
02/19/2015 Making Mobile Apps More User Friendly
02/13/2015 DIY WebRTC - It's Not That Hard
02/11/2015 Deeper Educational Engagement with Real Time Communications
02/05/2015 At The Intersection of 'Martech' and Real Time Communications
02/03/2015 Real Time Communications and the Connected Car
01/22/2015 WebRTC Mobility in the Enterprise: 2015 Is The Year
01/16/2015 Wearables Slide Toward Enterprise, WebRTC
01/15/2015 Facebook at Work: Part Real Time UC, Part Deja Vu


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