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September 14, 2012

The Time is Near and Real in Communications

This week I attended IIT’s Real Time Communications event in Chicago with friends and associates that want to support the young minds of today interested in telecom.

One of the ways they are being helped is through Dan Burnett’s and Alan Johnston’s new book “WebRTC: APIs and RTCWEB Protocols of the HTML5 Real-Time Web.”

Like so much of what is going on with HTML5 now, the story is in the JavaScript and this book helps frame the discussion for those of us who have been in the telecom world.  On the Web as Jeff Pulver would say, “no one cares if you are a person or a dog”.   WebRTC could very well end up being the next Skype-like phenomena to hit the net with thousands of websites adopting the technology for call center-like conversations and augmented chat.  

The analysis of WebRTC’s impact has at its core the reality check about coder’s capabilities.  We have 50,000 people in the world that can code SIP properly, 1M people that can code Java well, but when it comes to JavaScript we probably hit 100M easy.  And speaking of easy as a scripting language it’s fairly forgiving.  

The book is written for those 100M. It’s an easy read and does its best to provide the important information about how to use WebRTC and the rapidly moving coding that is going on in its development.  Google has led the way on much of WebRTC but Microsoft and Firefox are seeing the value and working to progress solutions.  

Much of the embracing of WebRTC is part of the PSTN’s twilight. In talking with Tim Patton of Voxeo Labs and Christian Hoene of Symonic GmbH, I came away from the conversations understanding that the move to WebRTC takes us out of telecom and truly into the Web community.  To Dan Berninger’s point, the Information industry’s $1T in revenue (vs. the telecom $1T in revenue) gets a 4x evaluation in the market. So migrating communication to the web is inevitable.

So let’s get on board and see where the wave of WebRTC takes us.

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Edited by Stefanie Mosca
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