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September 19, 2012

What is WebRTC?

What is WebRTC? Why is there so much excitement about a technology and concept that did not exist a year ago? Why are so many leading technology companies and web gurus getting excited about WebRTC? Should you be paying attention to WebRTC?

Simply, it is because WebRTC is believed to be a major game changer in how the World Wide Web and the Internet enables people to work and play. WebRTC is, at the core, putting a standard media engine into a browser or other elements of the client devices.   The media engine is the technology that manages microphones, cameras, and speakers and gets audio and video onto and off the internet. By putting the media engine in the browser, a major change is happening.

Instead of real-time communications being closed, requiring both parties to have similar devices, two browsers can simply connect to a server and the server can, with a few lines of Java Script, turn on real-time between the browser end points. In a telecommunications world where real-time has been controlled by large organizations this enables a true transformation.

Just like the browser changed the compute world in the 90s, WebRTC opens the same changes in the real-time world. Before the browser, individuals needing information from another user had to design complex mechanisms to get their servers to talk to each other. In fact email is the dominant form of communications that is still left from the early 90s. The browser changed the world in that an end user pointed their browser at the server that had the information they needed. In a similar way, communications today is server to server based.  My carrier or PBX negotiates with your carrier or PBX for a connected session. 

With WebRC, merely connecting to the same server enables us to talk (or video chat) with each other. The world of possibilities is endless. From adding real-time to virtually any applications to making current communications simpler and more personal, WebRTC will change the landscape. In addition to the transformations, WebRTC enables server to server communications as well as integration to legacy technologies such as the TDM and SIP.

WebRTC World and the WebRTC Expo are dedicated to educating, enabling, and accelerating the adoption of WebRTC. The WebRTC World team believes that this technology can transform not only today’s telecommunications, but, just like the web and the browser, will create a broad new range of capabilities, business models and companies. The WebRTC World team is dedicated to helping the industry realize the incredible value in the technology, the standards, and the implementations. We ask you to join us on this journey, as leaders, developers or passengers. Now is the time to get involved in WebRTC, either at the technology level or understanding how it can transform your business.

Edited by Stefanie Mosca
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