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June 24, 2013

WebRTC World Conference and Expo - Rapid Acceleration Comes to Atlanta

As I continue to work in the industry, and even as I put together the speakers and content for the WebRTC World Conference and Expo, I was amazed by how far we have come in the last 6 months. WebRTC is rapidly moving from being a geek science project to having real world impacts. While there will be a lot of blue sky discussions, what I think will be interesting is how quickly innovators, entrepreneurs, and companies are defining ways to create new value with the technology. From click to call for contact centers, to white-labeled video sites, as well as new mobile strategies and the augmenting of major existing deployments, WebRTC is without a doubt being implemented across the industry.

One exciting thing happening at the show is the demos. In the SSF event, there were about 15 demos; some were really polished, but not all. They did show the state of the art at that time in WebRTC.  Here in Atlanta, there will be 35 demos, and having seen a few of them, I think people are going to be blown away by how fast we are moving. While doing 35 demos will take some time spread over two evenings, all the attendees can be assured of a good time as there will be adult beverages and food during the demos and some exciting giveaways.   My one piece of advice to the demo teams is to make your demo engaging and energetic.

Another exciting development is the move beyond evolving existing communications with WebRTC to a whole new paradigm. As I indicated in my last post, new apps like Cube Slam show that adding communications as an ancillary value to a primary use can have great value. We will have companies talking about new business modes for services that WebRTC enables that you cannot do today with any technology. I expect a couple of big surprises at the event as some of the out of the box thinking begins to bear fruit.

Finally, I expect to hear a few exciting announcements about WebRTC products, platforms, and tools. When you get the eco-system together at this type of an event, it is the ideal opportunity to position yourself and build the relationships to succeed. The last 6 months have been the maturing of a technology. This event will begin the process of maturing and building an industry. Hope to talk to all of you in Atlanta and I hope all of you come away with at least one ......"Wow that is amazing!!!"

Edited by Stefania Viscusi


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