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June 24, 2013

Look who is coming to WebRTC World this Week

This week will bring people from about 260 companies together including over 100 CEO’s in Atlanta to participate in WebRTC World. That alone should be telling you something about the critical level of importance this technology has for companies attending the show.

One example is Google, who has created the next game changer for communications, and many companies are ready to take advantage of it. As I have discussed before, making WebRTC a signal-less solution has not hindered the adoption. And I suspect that when the delegates at WebRTC World start talking amongst themselves, we will see the diversity of the opportunity.

I invited one friend to the event who asked if his clearinghouse would find a home in WebRTC. The quick answer is without a signaling protocol, it could - if his existing customer’s wanted it. However, for the Web types, I would need to see the smartphone implementations before I promised him new markets.

New markets are going to be clearly abound in the demos we are going to see at WebRTC World as well with the companies that are going to participate.

I personally intend to listen for my favorite idea - a SIRI-like WebRTC service. Guess I will take transcription as a close second for now.

In among the crowd will be product managers, IT and carrier strategists also looking for the path to implementation.  For some of us, the codec debate will be the place where the implementation obstacles will be well understood. For others, the strategy will be based on business development and partnerships.

On the video side of the equation, the momentum is already happening. It may be that we will find the clearinghouse opportunity after all. Regardless, I am looking forward to making new acquaintances and connecting with old ones. If you do not know who you want to reach out, look for me and I will try to guide you. I hope to see you all there.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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