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November 19, 2013

WebRTC Session Control in the Enterprise

On the subject of WebRTC, discussion of which market segment comes first, can get pretty fascinating. For instance, in speaking with friends about ROI and the various business models, the viewpoint they expressed was that in terms of savings, Enterprise Call Centers are the easiest to quantify.

CafeX’s Allan MacGowan’s rationale, however, is very different, as he has made it clear that his business customers only want to talk about real cost reduction, on which monies can be saved on ports and people.

Meanwhile, PKE Consulting’s Phil Edholm, is an advocate for the cost savings and value of context, believing that over half of the customers out there are using the web, and thus utilizing WebRTC is a great way to deliver the customer to the right call agent.

With the ability to deliver information from the web though, interaction must also be considered a big data opportunity and one in which improvements can be made to scripts and to monetization strategies.

Priologic CEO, Doug Pelton, told me that he sees great prospects in working his company’s PrioPhone softphone together with Oracle’s session controller. He shared the release, in fact, which reads:

The PrioPhone softphone calls out to the traditional phone system through the Oracle WSC which provides a highly secure and scalable platform for WebRTC and a gateway to existing systems.  WebRTC allows peer-to-peer communications including video chat and text messaging. PrioPhone is designed to integrate with enterprise directory systems making it ideal for simplifying internal communications. 

Priologic is a leading WebRTC company having released a series of open source and commercial offerings over the past year.  "The PrioPhone is one of our first commercial WebRTC offerings and it targets large enterprises. As a company we've spent the last 10 years providing software development and integration services for large enterprise and we're an Oracle Gold Partner, so it's a great fit," says Doug Pelton, CEO of Priologic.

Since up until now Priologic has been primarily a tool company, the Oracle combination with PrioPhone may represent an opportunity for businesses to better integrate their systems and introduce the benefits of voice and video.

Lawrence Byrd’s take on the business case for WebRTC may have hit the mark of Doug Pelton’s vision.  Lawrence points out that WebRTC is just a tool and that the business case is actually based on the use cases.  

I believe that there are few tools available that can produce the contextual experience that WebRTC provides, but it is possible. WebRTC as a tool, though, reduces the chance of error when integrating an array of different instruments. As such, the ROI of the use case may be in the development strategies themselves, and whether WebRTC succeeds in capturing the attention of web developers and if Priologic and others deliver the essential tools.  If that ends up being the case, WebRTC will be a no-brainer for everyone.


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Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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