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June 11, 2014

The Way I Am Reading Apple, WebRTC is Behind Yosemite!

First of all, some names throw me off.  Digium uses Penguin breeds to name their conference rooms, TMC uses event locations for naming things and now Apple uses the name of deserts for their browsers.  To me, Yosemite is followed by Sam, so I was looking for a Warner Brothers vs. Disney connection.

So after that folly, I started understanding that Yosemite is going to be a more interactive browser with the ability to make phone calls, send text messages, etc.  Sound familiar?

Typical of Apple, everything that comes near a standard is somewhat obscured in their terminology and enhanced to be cooler.  Using Bluetooth, they have developed a handoff capability that will allow users to switch devices and developers to move app experiences into software systems.  (Once again, proving that Apple wants to win the enterprise without  capitulating to the requirements.  I imagine many IT managers getting lectured by their management about the coolness factor and forcing, as second code base, for some front end of the enterprise systems.)

Another aspect of this WWDC reporting that should be considered is the migration away from Silverlight for Netflix, to work on Apple gear.   I have not heard enough about this to understand if Netflix has just enabled transcoding or if there is something more specific going on, but it seems to point to a further isolation of the alternative codecs and may mean that H.264 is going to gain more momentum.

However, the ability to manipulate call control from Yosemite indicates that we are going to see a new era of development for Apple VoIP implementations.

Right now, the WebRTC community has worked to make plug-ins for Safari (Temasys) and Internet Explorer (Temasys & Priologic). Now comes the question, does the implementation in Yosemite represent an end to requirement or a new phase of adaptation?

My guess is that Apple is not going to make it easy for us.  When we are down in Atlanta next week, I will check the with the industry leaders to determine their analysis.

In the meantime, the good news about Apple’s WWDC is its always full of interesting ideas.

However, just remember that many of the ideas were sparked by the code and concepts not invented in Cupertino.

Will we see coders do things with WebRTC based on Apple’s Yosemite? Yes.

Will we see Apple do things to emulate WebRTC? Yes.

It’s like one infinite loop. ;<)

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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