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November 19, 2014

The Tell Tale Signs of WebRTC Banking

I was somewhat annoyed when my favorite local bank branch got rid of its tellers. They were replaced by two huge NCR terminals that featured a phone set, a screen, a camera, a credit card pad and ATM unit. A lot of hardware, but the core was the video call capability with the remote teller.  Now, to ease my pain, this branch is open much later than the other branch nearby. So when I found myself running to a branch with the video I was happy—even happier that I got all my transactions done.

This experience came to mind when speaking to Tobias Goebel, Director Mobile Strategy at Aspect Software about the announcements they are making at WebRTC this week. 

Aspect Software is taking that remote teller solution and enabling similar experiences with WebRTC on your phone, tablet, computer, etc. Adding the ability to support the customer at the contact center has been the key motivator for the banking community. For Aspect it was their banking customer that drove them to offer a beta trial http://bit.ly/ASPECTRTCBETA of the WebRTC platform. The WebRTC solution is a derivative of the current offering for solutions like my remote teller experience.

Aspect enables both cloud and premises-based solutions and their beta program supports both types of customers. The platform on the server and desktop side is addressable in JavaScript with APIs. The platform includes additional abilities to screen share, annotate and push content. They also have plugins that enable IE and Safari end users. On the mobile side, their SDK supports Apple IOS and Android.

While the platform is in beta they are offering to support customers through their professional services group in case the customer does not have the time or staff to get up and running on their own.


Edited by Maurice Nagle
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