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March 02, 2015

Mavenir Acquisition May be Just the Start of WebRTC Driven Acquisitions in 2015

Today, Mitel announced they were acquiring Mavenir, a leader in mobile systems with about $130M in annual revenue. While Mavenir has been focused on mobile technology, they have also been a leader in WebRTC integration, both at a browser level, but also at a mobile platform level. With the Mavenir WebRTC gateway, a key part of the options offered have been extending the IMS/mobile environment into other devices using WebRTC or to include WebRTC based mobile clients in apps.

While the acquisition of Mavenir by Mitel shows that Mitel is focused on both a broader stage than just enterprise Unified Communications and Collaboration.  Mitel is moving both into the carrier world as well as potentially enhancing the mobile integration of its core portfolio. The WebRTC component may have been a critical element looking forward of delivering solutions that can enhance both service providers and enterprises. As Mavenir is focused on both WebRTC and IMS implemented mobile solutions, they can provide an ideal mechanism for integration between the two.

2015 is shaping up to be the year where WebRTC emerges from the trough of disillusionment (to use a Gartner term) and becomes a critical platform for communications delivery.  In 2014, a significant number (if not the majority) of new mobile application based communications solutions used the WebRTC stack as the core techno.  While the focus of WebRTC has often been on the browser world, the number of implementations of WebRTC based communications in devices OS specific apps has exploded, with probably 300M active users of these apps today, and growing weekly.

For companies with WebRTC expertise and technology/implementations, the message is clear: your technology, knowledge, and capabilities are critical for an exploding marketplace. With communications becoming a core part of an ever growing number of mobile apps, with Microsoft moving forward into browser based communicants with the ORTC version of WebRTC, the industry giants are looking for the right elements to augment their capability to compete in this market. This is the time to expose yourself and be recognized as a leader in the WebRTC universe. WebRTC World Conference and Expo in Miami is an ideal opportunity to showcase your capabilities and solutions. The event is the premier WebRTC focused event and the ideal place to demonstrate leadership.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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