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October 12, 2015

Real Time Web Solutions China 2015

2015 has been an exciting year for WebRTC and the movement to the web paradigm in communications. Microsoft has announced the intent to provide WebRTC capability in Edge through ORTC. Google is introducing h.264 into Chrome. And everyone is looking to VP9 in 2016 as an interoperable codec standard. The result is that WebRTC will emerge as a well implemented standard in 2016. 

The next step in the webification of communications is the implementation of a wide range of existing capabilities in the new web paradigm as well as using the new capabilities for new applications and solutions. With this evolution, the focus moves from the technology of WebRTC alone to the range of solution elements and components necessary to deliver a complete fully functioning applications and solution to the market. Another key component is how those components are integrated into a complete solution.

In recognition of this transformation from the early adopter technology phase to the mass adoption phase of the web communications paradigm, WebRTC World is extending the popular WebRTC Conference and Expo into the Real Time Web Solutions Conference and Expo. Real Time Web Solutions  will include the full range of solutions elements and integration capabilities that are required to take advantage of the new web communications paradigm.

The new Real Time Web Solutions events will enable companies to showcase their capabilities to enable real time web applications. For organizations moving to use the new paradigm, the events will enable a clear view of the options, ranging from internal development to advanced platforms as well as the services available to help in the journey.

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Real Time Web Solutions events promise to be the premiere events for participating in the web communications transformation. The first event also breaks new ground by being the first web communications focused event in Asia. On November 10-11, 2015, Real Time Web Solutions China will premier in Beijing China. The event will be hosted in Zhongguancun, the Silicon Valley of China. The event will include both a technical component with a WebRTC University program led by Dan Burnett and Alan Johnston as well as a number of sessions focused on the market segments and business solutions provided by the real time web. In addition to the China event, WebRTC World announced an event in New York City in August. This event will enable the range of web based content and applications companies in NYC to bring the real time component into their solutions.

2016 promises to be the year where WebRTC and the real time web emerge as a transformation of communications. The Real Time Web Solutions events will provide the best environment for understanding and implementing the full range of elements and solutions for a successful implementation.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere


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