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February 16, 2016

Bit6 Announces Commercial Media Relay Services

Bit6 is making a network of Media Relay Servers available for WebRTC deployments as-a-service for developers and organizations that are deploying real time Web Solutions. Media relay solutions are required where there are barriers in the network for peer to peer traffic. Historically, developers building applications with WebRTC, VoIP or video calling capabilities, ran into a fundamental real-world challenge – how to quickly and efficiently stream media between two endpoints without building and managing their own media relay solution. 

Although the STUN protocol is effective in most situations, approximately 15 percent of WebRTC media traffic is relayed through TURN servers. In such cases, close geographic proximity to a TURN server and low latency connectivity become increasingly important. The Bit6 STUN and TURN Service intelligently optimizes the media path to ensure seamless streaming performance.

The Bit6 STUN and TURN Service utilizes a geo-distributed network of STUN and TURN servers around the world to deliver enterprise-class scalability, reliability and performance with simple, usage-based pricing and no additional hardware or software. This enables the Bit6 STUN and TURN Service to deliver the low latency required when leveraging WebRTC or similar Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities in the absence of peer-to-peer connectivity. The result is that developers can rapidly deploy their WebRTC-based solutions globally, without the cost or effort of building their own media relay nodes.

"Few WebRTC developers have the time, expertise or financial resources to build their own global, highly available STUN and TURN platform, so we built a solution that lets them stay focused on their core business," said Alexey Goloshubin, founder and CEO of Bit6. "Although our solution is deployed across 14 locations around the world, we are excited that the Bit6 STUN and TURN Service is very price competitive while still providing enterprise-class features and performance."

For more information about the Bit6 Media Relay Service, please visit http://bit6.com

Learn more about developing and deploying web based communications solutoins at the Real Time Web Solutions Conference in New York City, August 2-4, 2016.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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