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January 29, 2019

How to Develop an Effective Office Relocation Strategy Using the Latest Apps?

Office relocation is a nightmare. It takes a joint effort from the whole team in order to pull one off. And once you set the machinery in motion, you are past the point of return. While it's true that an office relocation can never be one of those easy things that don't require your utmost devotion, it also doesn't have to be something to dread. Thanks to the latest apps on the market, your business can go through minimal disruption in the days to come, and you can get on top of your upcoming duties. To develop an effective office relocation strategy has never been easier than today, when you have a world of options in the palm of your hand. 

Plan your move from start to finish 

In this day and age, there are apps for every task imaginable. From office productivity tools to simple calendars with a wide array of additional options, your life can be made simple with just a few clicks. The easiest way to develop an effective office relocation strategy and keep track of your tasks is by installing Move Planner if you are an iOS user, and Moving Planner if you are an Android user, respectively. The prices for these two apps are symbolic and they won't take more than a few dollars off your bank account. But they will provide massive help. 

Have you decided to move your office from crowded and rather expensive Manhattan to Brooklyn, a more affordable area where businesses have been flocking lately? No worries, it won't be as complicated as you think. These two handy little inventions will allow you to input all of the tasks leading up to the big day, and you can even assign them to different departments and set due dates. Do you think a certain manager is more suitable for finding the best Brooklyn professionals for commercial moves while another employee will be better at getting your documents in order? From the comfort of your home, you can easily assign the tasks as you see fit. With the possibility of making checklists, taking special notes, and even color-coding your tasks, planning an office relocation has never been easier than it is today. 

Moving Van will help business owners develop an effective office relocation strategy without any hassle

Relocation is synonymous with packing. It implies packing and stacking up boxes and boxes filled with office supplies and documents of importance. In the old days, before the technological advancements ruled the world, people were forced to label their boxes manually. For any relocation, it's imperative to know the contents of a box, as that will lead not only to an easier unpacking process, but also to additional safety of the items. Today, you don't have to do things the old-fashioned way, although you can if you like. You have Moving Van waiting to be downloaded and installed. 

This app helps you catalog which items are in which box. Not only can you have a concise and thorough view of all the items you stored in a box, but you can also input the intended destination of that box. Will a box go to your new office kitchen, or do have affordable storage solutions somewhere in Brooklyn in mind? Either way, Moving Van will help everyone involved in the relocation process see your plans and act accordingly. Imagine how much time and effort you will save by not having to search through the contents of each box just to find a paperclip. That is why you are creating an office relocation strategy in the first place - to save time which could be better spent on work-related assignments. 

Take your office relocation strategy to another level and download BuildApp Pro

If you are moving to a smaller space than the one you used to occupy, you are probably anxious to see how it will all work out. Will you be able to fit your personnel and office supplies without cramping up the office? Why would you wait to find out when you can build your own 3D office, and set the office layout as you see fit without even moving the first box? Slowly but steadily, VR is changing the face of the business world, and this is just one of the examples.

With this app, you can experiment and change the color of your walls, add furniture, etc. The app might seem like a more suitable ally for the days after your moving day, but in reality, it is the perfect app for the before period, too. You will successfully and easily plan the new layout of the office and the business can pick up quickly after everything is unloaded into your new office. If you want to create an effective office relocation strategy, you need to see the bigger picture and look at the relocation process as a whole.

Simplicity will never go out of style                  

With all the technology and options available today, it's easy to see why people think that more complicated equals better. In practice, that's not always the case. Take Evernote as an example. This free app is known for its cloud-based notebooks but is frequently overlooked as an organizing tool. Little did you know that, with some effort, you can streamline your entire office relocation by using Evernote only.

But WebRTC World knew! Create to-do lists and department-specific notebooks, and even sync them with other devices. With added function of Work Chats, you have a place for communicating with others during every part of your move and an ability to save that conversation for future use. 

Should you decide to use only one or all of the apps on the list is up to you. While you can develop an effective office relocation strategy without using any apps, one thing is for sure – you can do it much faster if you rely on the benefits of the age we live in.

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