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May 10, 2019

How to Get and Run a VPN

Encrypted surfing ensure added safety to your browsing and protects you from cyber attackers who want to bridge your secret browsing. You don’t have to wait until your system is attacked by hackers so you can start using a VPN, no! Safety should come first. Getting a VPN could be a hassle for some. Maybe you don’t know the processes to follow before you can get a VPN, install and start using it.

Well, all the VPNs do not have the same user interface but basically, for a cooltechzone.com, there is what you expect before downloading, installing and using any kind of a program. There are processes and one has to come after the other.

Here are the general processes you need to go through to get any kind of a VPN:

1. Switch on your computer and get connected to the net

This time remember that you don’t have any encrypted network, so if you are connected on WiFi such as restaurants, cafes and other places apart from home, ensure that you don’t browse to your private accounts or in short don’t open data that you’d not want anyone else to access except you.

2. Do you need paid or free VPN?

Before even choosing the private network that you want to download, it is good that you do some evaluations. If you need a VPN just to surf and by-pass some web stuff such as Netflix, you don’t need a so much complex VPN. You can just decide to use a free one. If you need to encrypt more complex information or get entry to high-end websites then you need to consider a paid Private network.

3. Download your choice (VPN)

After you have made a choice, hover into your desired VPN’s website. You will definitely see a download option and so just download. Here you just consider your device OS and choose the right one. If it is for Mac, make sure you click the Mac version, if for android or any other, click the right one.

4. Check and read the terms of use.

It is always good to know the kinds of agreements you make with your Net providers. This is about how they will secure your information. Some VPNs will come with third-party apps which may be isn’t your preference. Here is where you get to learn all that.

5. Launch your VPN and follow instructions.

You have your software ready, now it is time to open it. The VPNs will direct on the kind of information they require. So, you just follow their instruction and boom! You have a VPN.

6. Run it

After you are done with all the processes, now it is time you enjoy secured surfing and uncontrolled access to let’s say restricted websites. You are on VPN. Choose the IP you need to switch to and you are done now. Getting a VPN is as easy as that. Just a few decisions here and there, downloading, installing and finally using it.

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