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June 21, 2019

Top 10 Enterprise Related Benefits of ASP.Net That Is Driving Demand for Trained Professionals

ASP.Net is a one-stop framework for building robust, dynamic and feature-rich enterprise web applications. It combines proven web development models that have the potential of creating complex applications which can cater to the myriad needs of business in an agile manner. Despite the presence of many choices to web developers, ASP.NET MVC (Active Server Pages .NET Model View Controller) is among the most popular frameworks.

Core Benefits of Using ASP.NET MVC Framework

The ASP.NET certification would entitle you to some of the highest paying jobs in the IT industry. This is because organizations worldwide have realized the tremendous leverage ASP.NET framework can provide in building dynamic web applications that can empower them to cater to clients and maintain internal processes more efficiently.

ASP.NET offers an unparalleled array of advantages while building enterprise-grade applications.

Some of the key benefits that ASP.NET gives developers:

1) MVC based Architecture

As a developer, you can go about coding, debugging, or testing your web application or its components in model, view or controller modes. All the three modes are clearly separated which makes developing customized web APIs and apps really easy. Efficient workflow is promoted which makes it simpler to develop, text and compile codes in any of the modes.

2) Prominent Client-Side JavaScript Frameworks Supported

In-built templates are offered by ASP.NET for two of the most popular single page application development frameworks/ runtime environment i.e. AngularJS and React JS. Consequently, you can develop completely functional frontend web applications easily.

3) Support of Razor Pages

The page based programming model, Razor Pages, came bundled up with ASP.NET Core 2.0. It facilitates the creation of a web user interface in an easy and productive manner.

4) Cross-Platform Framework

The ASP.Net framework has a cross-platform architecture which means that apps developed on it can be deployed in MacOS, Linux and Windows without encountering any snag. This expedites the time to market for an app. Also, the Visual Basic IDE (Integrated Development Environment) permits different development teams to work on operating systems of their preferences and then later collate project components.

5) Dependency Injection’s Support

The dependency injection is in-built in ASP.NET Core MVC since the launch of the 6th version. You need not rely on 3rd party frameworks like Ninject or AutoFacor for availing this feature.

6) Improvement in Productivity

Large enterprise web applications can be developed with lesser lines of code. Since the volume of code is limited, debugging and rectification become easier.

7) Robust Framework

The process of application development is fast-tracked as complicated actions like the authentication of clients, the configuration of sites, and submission of forms can be executed with ease within lesser time.

8) Ease of Maintenance

Since the codes can be reused, you can manage and modify web applications with relative ease. Also, the appeal of the framework lies in its server side, event-driven programming model.

9) Secure and Reliable

Since ASP.NET is a server-side framework, the codes of the application are not visible in the browser. Hence, any malicious user cannot intently modify them to compromise the performance efficiency of the application. Security is further enhanced by built-in Windows authentication as well as per-application configuration.

10) Top-notch Performance

Early binding, caching services, native optimization and just-in-time compilation boost performance of web apps built with ASP.NET. Applications can be customized for embedding more features. Since components need not be registered due to in-built configuration information, applications can be deployed easily.

How to Become an ASP.NET Expert?

The demand for ASP.NET, the open source server-side web development framework is growing exponentially. You can gain expertise in this by enrolling for ASP.NET training from a renowned institute. Practical exposure to live projects under the guidance of discerning instructors with sufficient industry experience would help you develop your programming instincts. You will become an expert in leveraging the various dimensions of this framework with the right training.

Your conscious decision to go for ASP.Net training would have a positive impact on your career. Enterprises are actively looking for trained professionals who can steer the course of their web initiatives. This would translate into better salaries and career progression opportunities for you. More than 5807+ jobs for ASP.Net developers are available on Indeed.com as on date. Start building dynamic and fast APIs for web and mobile with ASP.NET and take your career to the next level.

Just glance through the below stats and you would be convinced of stellar career prospects as an ASP.Net developer.

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