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June 24, 2019

Tips to Optimize UX Using Web Chats on Mobile Devices

The internet is nearly ubiquitous nowadays, and that means many things. In regards to customer service, it means that people are using the web to interact with customer services specialists and find the answers to the questions they have.

Customer chats are now considered better than traditional customer service methods like telephone calls because there is less investment, there’s a written record of the conversation, and both the caller and the customer service provider can multi-task. With chats becoming a popular way to interact with their client, customer service providers must look for new ways to optimize their UX capabilities and make web chats easier and more convenient on mobile devices. The following are a few ways to do this.

Link to the Chat on the Contact Page

A recent study showed that most people who are looking to speak with a customer service specialist look under the contact and help pages to find the chat option. For some reason, many companies make it hard to find.

Putting a clear “chat” button on the contact page or under the contact area, clients are able to find the chat button more easily and won’t be as annoyed when they finally talk to your operators. Not only will this speed up the process overall, it will lead to satisfied customers.

Decrease the Amount of Actions

When people are using mobile devices, they don’t want to have to go through frivolous actions and ineffective interactions. Like linking to chat on the contact page, decreasing the number of actions will make the mobile device app easier to use.

Design a Clean UI

Including content in a shorter space will help any developer cultivate an effective space for people to ask questions about products and services. According to MoneyPug, which is used to compare mobile phones, say that a cleaner design is almost always preferred by mobile device users. Visualizing the space in which the app is created and working towards making it as clean and user-friendly as possible will increase customer satisfaction. 

Use In-Chat Broadcasting

One way to increase the productivity of interactions in the chat option is to use in-chat broadcasting. This allows people to see the customer service representatives and facilitates communications overall. Not only does this provide peace of mind, it can make each interaction faster and more efficient.

Use Live Chat

Live chat features include special interfaces to help users collect feedback and offer a better online customer service experience on mobile devices. In the chat you can offer features like avatars and icons to personalize the experience. Dynamic panels showcase popular options and will reduce frustration if they are not serviced as fast as they want to be. Live chat can provide creative options to facilitate user experience and lead to greater satisfaction.

Link to Chat on Product Pages

While you can have links to products in the chat, you can also link to it through product pages. If a customer has a question about a mobile device, they will want to ask about it right away. Supplementing the online material with an accessible chat button will help you answer questions quickly and sell more products. This way they don’t have to navigate elsewhere and will be able to pull the trigger on the product. You don’t want their eyes wandering elsewhere.

Keep Users Updated

You should always try to cut down on wait time for any customer service request, you can also keep your clients updated on how fast they will get a response. Periodic messages communicating what the customer services representative is doing will give the users an idea of what is going on and how long their request will take. Telling customers which number they are in the queue is less helpful than an estimate on time. If people know how long they are going to wait, they will be less angry to do so.

Use Separated Chat Windows

New tab windows aren’t always good for selling products, but they can be helpful for chat sessions. It will encourage the user to keep a product tab open and continue looking at its specs and details. This makes it easier for the customer to explore options, purchase items, and look into services when their questions have been answered.

There are many ways to optimize the experience of your mobile device patrons, but it is key to keep in mind that people don’t like to wait, they like to know what’s going on. If you are efficient and communicative, you can enhance UX abilities and increase productivity.  

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