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August 22, 2019

The Best Website Niches That Will Skyrocket You to Financial Freedom in 2019

Who doesn’t want financial freedom and a bank balance that allows for the best lifestyle possible? It is something we all strive for…to be debt free and most of all successful in our chosen field.

When it comes to the online world, there are a number of niches and areas of expertise in which you can first of all make money to add to the earnings from your day job, run your own company or make changes to your lifestyle that will have a positive impact on your bank balance.

The niches to make our shortlist are some of the areas that are seeing significant growth in 2019. Although they are competitive areas requiring expertise in the field to succeed at, if you can find a unique selling point then you can beat your opposition and head to top of the tree.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most popular ways to make money online is by becoming an affiliate marketer. In short, the role of an affiliate is to drive traffic to major websites or by selling the products of other companies. In return you will receive advertising fees or a percentage of the sales price from companies like Amazon. If you have your own website, consider reviewing products or services and add links to them, use your social media channels to send followers towards products or, if you have an email database, send daily or weekly newsletters promoting deals. Focus on reviews, price comparisons and promotion codes or offers, because that is what people want. The more effort you put into your marketing, the greater the return of your affiliate revenue will be.


There is no doubting that online dating is a boom area – and one where plenty of money is spent. From your well established and incredibly popular websites like Flirt.com to more niche sites offering a specific kind of dating, the area might seem well stocked with options. Online dating has, after all, been around for a couple of decades or so now. But the ever changing world and the growth in use of mobile phones means that online dating is a continual boom niche. In the time-poor lives that most of us live, we don’t have time to date in the old fashioned way. But we know what we want still, and finding a site or app that can deliver it is key. Focus on the most popular search engine queries and set up your own site to fulfil the needs of what daters want. Alternatively, work with dating sites to make money from advertising their services or even embark affiliate marketing on their behalf.


Pets have become as much a part of the family as children, and the amount of money people spend on their pampered pooches or feline friends is increasing by the month. Focusing on the pet industry can help you make some serious dollars. Consider a review site comparing products, make your own accessories and sell them online, create an advice service for fellow animal lovers, or set up a social media page or group for dog lovers and cross-promote products to followers. Using the popularity of the pet sector is a no brainer.

Weight Loss

In a modern day world where likes and shares are what some people measure their popularity by, a person’s looks and appearance has become an all-to-important factor. Don’t get me wrong, looking good has always been something we have liked to be regarded by. But with social media so prevalent, it has grown exponentially. And that is why weight loss is a serious niche of growth. Social media has helped (quite badly) create a world dominated by appearance and has resulted in so many women, more than men, focusing on weight loss campaigns to be like size zero models. And if you kind find a unique weight loss programme to promote or have your own method or exercise regime that would be of interest to others, then grabbing a slice of the pie – pardon the pun – is very much worthwhile.

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