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August 29, 2019

Hodusoft Announces Pay-as-you-go PBX Subscription Service

Subscription services are all the rage today. From consumer to business markets, they make it easier to obtain and utilize tools that are new, or otherwise out of reach. In the start-up market, where budgets are limited and maximizing return on investment is critical, a new hosted pbx subscription service has been launched that will make it easier for new businesses to have a full-featured PBX solution.

Hodusoft, a unit of VoIP software provider Ecosmob and a business VoIP solutions provider, is now making this possible via a pay-as-you-go model. Company officials say this isexactly what start-ups need to get around the high costs and investment required to have top-quality collaboration tools.

“Hodusoft's world class, full-featured hosted IP PBX is the perfect solution. It can be set-up and become operational in minutes,” explained the company’s vice president in a release.

“There is no reason why startups cannot go for full-fledged IP PBX since we offer it on a monthly subscription basis with as few as five users and the facility to scale up as you go along. The operational costs are far less than what startups would pay for regular PSTN lines or for mobile telephony. Our team provides complete installation and support and we even offer basic training if required.”

In addition to advanced business VoIP features that users can access from a desktop or mobile phone - like caller ID, call forwarding and call recording, the IP PBX software from Hodusoft also includes WebRTC to further boost collaboration efforts for teams.

For small, start-up businesses these tools are invaluable and help them to compete with the bigger enterprise companies their respective markets.

Other benefits for new businesses include the option to add a CRM system into the PBX to assist with capturing leads and growing users and also a terrific way to gather data (with call recording) from which to further improve operations in the future. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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