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September 20, 2019

Bitdefender: Best Anti-Malware Software

One of the tiers in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is safety. Humans need to feel safe and secure in their surroundings at all times. It’s the reason why thousands are spent on top-of-the-range security systems for their homes by those who can afford that luxury. For those who cannot, basic things are put in place in order to safeguard that our beloved possessions remain safe. Today, where people spend their lives on some technological device or other, they run the risk of being attacked by a malicious intruder in the form of a cyber attack. Needless to say, in the same way that we would need to protect our physical surroundings from harm, we need to place just as much value on protecting software on our devices from cyber-attackers whose aim is to spread malware.

So what is malware and what kind of a threat does it pose? Malware is defined as software which comes with malicious intent. It seeks to corrupt or destroy files. The cyber-attackers who make the codes for these viruses may have harmful or criminal intentions. Whatever their motivation, it would be in your best interest to install anti-malware software which can create a barrier of protection around your beloved software so that no harm can come to it. Today, most laptops come with anti-malware software built-in. Windows Defender is one of them which isn’t the best protection you could have but is definitely improving to be better.  You can find it available on Windows 10 devices. If you are willing to pay a little, Bitdefender is the better option. It offers better overall protection but it is not built-in. They do offer a free trial for you to see how their protection would meet your needs, however after that, you will have to pay for the premium version. Their promise is to remove 100% viruses or you get your money back, along with a list of impressive features over and above mere threat detection, such as protecting multiple devices, free customer support, password manager to mention a few. I would suggest you go have a look at their website to see if what they offer fits your needs and accommodates your pocket. Bitdefender is a malware protection favourite in 2019. Founded in 2001, they have managed to top the list as the best antivirus with features which offer you password management, a subscription that includes frequent updates, an option for integrated VPN, and so much more. Their packages can protect from one single device to the whole family if the need arises. It is no wonder they are ranked at the top.

There are many different malware protection programs and internet security software available online today and for the sake of the protection of the software on your device, it would work well for you to research them to see which would tend to the needs you may have. Whatever your choice is, make sure that the least they offer would be to detect, protect and remove threats which may disrupt the software you have, allowing you to continue to safely use the device you have come to know and rely on.

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